Lightmaker: Lightmaker LP (red/blue pinwheel)


This is Lightmaker from States with their self-titled debut album. Hell yeah! Doomed stoner with haunting vocals, what else can you ask? Due to the situation all over the globe, it took nearly 2 months for this to arrive at its final location (my hands) but I have to say that every minute was worth the wait. This is a kind of record that will have a lot of spinning time in this household. Heavy as hell and at the same time so beautiful. Highly recommended. Released by DHU Records and there’s still “Band edition” (half black / half white) available from the source. Kozmik Artifactz also has that version if you are interested. And both color variations still available via Band on their BandCamp site!

Lucifer’s Children: Devil Worship LP +7″ (black)

lucifer's children

DOOOOM. Do I need to write anything more? Well, maybe a few sentences.. Lucifer’s Children comes from Paraguay that’s almost all I know about this band and traditional doom is the thing in this quite amazing debut album. It’s been a very long time since I have listened this kind of doom and the feeling is, purified. Looking forward to hear from this band in the future. And thanks to DHU for releasing this. Sold out from the source but some copies still available via Kozmik Artifactz.

Hmm.. listening to this record woke the good old doomster in me so now I have listen to one of the greatest doom records ever made “Into The Depths Of Sorrow” by Solitude Aeturnus. Thanks Lucifer’s Children, you just stole a piece of my darkened heart!

Satánico Pandemonium: Culto Suicida LP (oxblood/yellow swirl)

satanico pandemonium

Satánico Pandemonium and their debut album “Culto Suicida” released by DHU Records. This is doom (with little stoner in it) from Mexico. Invasion of South-American doom/stoner bands continues. I don’t remember owning any records from Mexican bands before this one so it’s quite a good start. I like this record and hope to hear more from this band in the future. Still available from the source (band edition on black wax), DHU Records. Recommended one if you are into doooooom.

Lightsabres: Darkness On My Trail LP (white/black)


Lightsabres will never let you down. This is the sixth full-length from John Strömshed aka Lightsabres that I managed to include in my collection. From the very first full-length, Demons, I have bought all new albums without hearing a single note beforehand from those albums. Yeah, Lightsabres is that good. With mixing grunge, stoner, punk and psychedelic is a concept that can’t go wrong. Check out this one, and all his previous releases and you know what I’m trying to say. Released by DHU Records (one of my favorite record labels if you haven’t noticed..) and still available from the source & artist himself. Love & respect!

Sibyl: The Magic Isn’t Real 12″ (blue)


Woah! Just listen to those vocals on this twelve-inch record and you’ll understand why I have purchased this beauty. Strong psychedelic vibes on this doomed release by the band I haven’t heard of before, Sibyl . This release has been on heavy rotation lately and the only minus about this release is that it’s way too short. I want more! Thanks to DHU Records for introducing Sibyl and most of all, releasing “The Magic Isn’t Real” on vinyl. Still available from the source, DHU Records.

Häxan: Aradia LP (gold with white)


Woah, yet one super cool sounding release from DHU Records. I bought this one via Kozmik Artifactz just because missed this one while it was available from the source (sorry!). The band seems to be from Canada and that’s quite everything I know about this group (have use google just to find out some more information). The thing that stole my attention on this album is the singer and her voice that intertwines every note together, creating a whole that approaches perfection. Sold out from the source and seems to me that it’s quite hard to find a copy within EU borders now, but don’t worry because Fuzzed And Buzzed (CA) still has some copies available!

Rough Spells: Ruins At Midday LP (pink/purple)

rough spells

Some love from DHU Records & Fuzzed And Buzzed. Here’s one hell of a record from Canadian heavy rocking stoner group, Rough Spells. I’ve known this band for a while now but haven’t actually checked their releases before this came out, what a shame. Really happy I bought this beauty. My loyalty to DHU Records forced me to purchase this DHU exclusive version,  even though there were Fuzzed & Buzzed and Band’s versions available. Sold out from DHU but Fuzzed And Buzzed have all tree variants still available. For EU citizens both record labels variants still available via Kozmik Artifactz (only one copy of each).

Shrooms Circle: Asylum LP (red/black merged)& 7 inch

DSC_6569 (4)

If I remember right, this was the first record I received via Postal delivery this year. Once again DHU Records managed to surprise me with an awesome release. I bought this one on cassette version a few years ago and if I remember right, there was some kind of crowdfunding project around this album (vinyl version) back then. That project never achieved its goal and the vinyl version was waiting to be released by some proper label in a distant future. So thanks to DHU Records for bringing this alive! Beautiful doomed stoner/psych album! This sold out from the source pretty fast so it could be a little hard to find a copy if you’re after one.. correct me if I’m wrong


Black Road: Witch of the Future LP (black & purple with cornetto effect)

black road

uuuhh.. Yet another great release from DHU, this time full-length from Black Road. This Chicago based band has managed to sneak into my heart & record collection quite easily. Few years back Dark Hedonistic Union released Black Road’s twelve-inch EP and I’ve been waiting since that release new material from the band (managed somehow to skip their 7″ inch, shame on me). Bluesy, heavy, fuzzed stoner with Suzi’s hypnotizing voice. Timeless beauty this surely is. Vinyl versions of this album are long gone, but some cassette versions are still available via band’s BandCamp site. Thank you DHU, for bringing these records to my life. And thank you Black Road, I will follow you where ever you’re going.


Horehound: Weight 8″ EP (clear lathe-cut)



I know that this band has already released two albums but this eight-inch is the first I have bought / listened. Oh, and I’m loving it. DHU released this some time ago and after checking the band I had to have this (and obviously I’m going after those two full-lengths too). This awesome 8″ is limited to only 66 copies so I must say I’m lucky to have it. Have to admit that I was about to skip this release (shame on me) but came to my senses just before it was sold out. Nice one!


The Red Widows: Fuzzifixion 2xLP (striped beer/black/beer)


The Red Widows

DHU Records hitting hard once again. This time releasing a heavy fuzzed, doomed stoner album by The Red Widows. Actually, this one arrived some time ago but I’ve been sooooo lazy posting my new purchases here. Anyways, with this album, The Red Widows manages to wrap its haunting fingers around my neck while pulling me deeper and deeper into its fuzzed oblivion.. Great release from the great label. There’s a good reason why I keep purchasing DHU releases one after another, quality. This is DHU exclusive variation limited to 90 copies and surprise, surprise it’s sold out. You still can get your hands on other color variations from the label, straight from the band or from Kozmik Artifactz (for example). Go!


Sàbba: Pentacle 12″ (crystal clear/lathe cut) + CS


Doooooommmm.. got this one on vinyl & on cassette. Love this kinda ethereal doom or whatever you may call this. DHU Records released this on clear, lathe cut vinyl limited to only 66 copies (maybe that was little too limited run..). Aaarghh.. this must be one of the best releases I have heard by far during 2019. DHU Records has sold out this vinyl version (surprise) but Sludgelord still has this on cassette so you know where to go. Amazing release.



Doomstress: Sleep Among the Dead LP (DHU edition)


Little late with this one, have to admit. Ordered this debut full-length from Doomstress about 4 months ago from DHU Records but started spinning it just a few weeks ago (shame on me). Now that I have listened to this album numerous times, it keeps growing and that’s what I like. Great heavy Stoner album and great job from DHU that keeps releasing these beauties.  Available from DHU Records, DHU edition is sold out but there’s still Bones & Rust edition available (ltd. 150). Check this out.


Witch Ripper / Brume: Split MMXIX LP (DHU edition)


Hah, yet another split release (seems that I have to take back those previous words about not liking split releases). This arrived months ago and finally I have time to give this one proper spinning time. Quality package from DHU Records, once again. There’s still various versions available from the source, DHU. Get one (or more) while you still can because these will be gone sooner or later.

Son Of The Morning: s/t LP (purple/black merged)


Shame on me, this arrived months ago and it took way too long to give a proper spinning time for this beauty. Talking about Son Of the Morning and their same titled debut long-play released by DHU Records. Mixing doom, occult rock and stoner this band can’t go wrong. I like this record, that’s why I bought it, simple as that. Still available via DHU Records (EU) or from the band’s BandCamp site (US). Since I have listened way much heavier & darkened music lately, I’m more than happy to give this a spin at the end of the day. You should do the same.

Lightsabres: A Shortcut To Insanity LP (green/white)


My precious..  Fifth album from Lightsabres, this time released by DHU Records (favourite artist & one of the best labels there is). Made a deal with myself about six years ago when Lightsabres debut album was released that I’ll buy everything this artist will ever release (Demons was so brilliant, and still is). Love these garage/stoner/grunge/fuzzy/lo-fi albums John Strömshed keeps recording. Damn this latest sounds as great as all previous albums (got this on cassette version too). Even though I promised to purchase all Lightsabres related releases, I missed Strömshed so-called solo album “Absint” which was released yesterday, limited to 25 lathe-cut twelve-inch (I was an hour late and by the time I checked my phone it was gone..). Anyways, great record & great package. This DHU exclusive is sold out from the source but still you can grab it from Lightsabres BandCamp site (there’s 5 copies still available..) and for cassette lovers there’s few alternative to choose from at that very same address. Cassette version also available from Medusa Crush Recordings (CA).



Haunted: Dayburner 2xLP (DHU exclusive)


Easily one of the best albums released this year and that’s my opinion. Been listening this a lot recently (mostly from the tape I purchased earlier, just wanna save the vinyl later you know). Doomed this album is and those vocals.. I’m in heaven. Beautiful release from one of my favourite labels, Dark Hedonistic Union Records (DHU). Now that I’m under the spell of Haunted I have to dig out that debut album from my record rack. This color variation is long gone but you still can grab this awesome album on black vinyl from the source, DHU Records. Those cassette lovers can pick a copy for example from Twin Earth Records. To quote DHU’s slogan, Damned if you do doomed if you don’t!



Cassette mayhem… part II

Yeah. Time for some cassette update.. Sorry for those vinyl freaks (like I am) but lately I have found myself purchasing more & more albums in this format. Some of these I also got on vinyl but I love these handy little things as much I love every damn vinyl I have. Mostly stoner/doom stuff but there’s also some stranger tapes listed.


shrooms circle

Lovely cover! Shrooms Circle with their sludge/doom/stoner release. Really don’t know much about this band but sounds great. Ordered this tape via Golden Dawn Recordings months ago and from that source it’s sold out long ago. Limited to 50 copies and if you ask me, that’s way too limited..



Quite epic stoner/doom cassette, oh I love this. Self released tape limited to only 50 copies. One of my favourite ones lately. Sold out from the band’s BandCamp page but I really hope that they’ll find the way to get this released on vinyl too.



Well, got this on vinyl.. just couldn’t resist purchasing this on tape too. Psychedelic/stoner/doom/sludge/whateveryouwannacallit.. Nice one. Vinyl version still available via DHU Records and cassette (ltd.100) available via Doom Stew Records. Get one while you still can



Hmm.. Never been a great fan of live recordings but purchased this tape from Electric Wizard via Creep Purple. Limited to 500 copies on this grey colored cassette and just to let you know (if you didn’t already know) there’s a second pressing on black cassette too.. both sold out. Not bad at all.



Have to say that I haven’t had that much luck with Mephistofeles releases lately.. at least I got this cassette via Creep Purple a while ago. It was funny to see how much those flippers asked from this tape soon after release (originally limited just only 50 copies). But here comes the best part.. Creep Purple released a second run few months ago (this time 100 copies) and there’s no differences between these two runs. Well, it’s sold out anyways, both runs.



Alastor & Black Magic. Damn good tape this is, honestly. For a moment I couldn’t even remember where the hell I ordered this tape but the place is Graven Earth Records. Psychedelic stoner or something but sounds gooooood… Limited to 200 copies and still available from the source, Graven Earth.


eternal black

Of course I had to buy this one too even though I purchased this on vinyl few months ago. Doom/stoner/metal at it’s best. Cassette version is limited to 100 copies and was available via Hellas Records. If you want a copy, Twin Earth still seem to have some copies available. Vinyl version available via band itself on their BandCamp page.


void terror

Some death metal to your face. This is Void Terror’s demo tape and I loooovee it. Best thing about BandCamp is that possibility to came across some nice suff, like this tape. Cassette (limited to 100 copies) still available via BandCamp. Check it out.




Beastmaker.. Everyone probably knows this band. Band has released numerous EP’s on digital format recently and 4 first one are released on tape. Here I got first two. Purchased these from Toys of Disharmony Distribution.  Following two can be purchased via BandCamp where you can find that first two ones are also released on vinyl. Not bad at all.



Another doom/sludge beast released by Hellas Records. This time we are talking about Soyuz Bear and their evil sounding cassette. You can grab this one via Twin Earth if you are interested. Hell Yeah!!



Haaa.. some death/grind from Australia! I have this thing with Death metal.. I love the genre, mostly bands from the early days but sometimes it’s just great to come across with some new bands and Cryptivore is one of those. Limited to 100 copies, released by Blood Harvest and available for example via band itself



Blackened doom/sludge and one of my favourite cassette release. Limited to 75 copies and available via Graven Earth Records. One thing about that printed sleeve this cassette was hidden in, it’s so tight that I have to use some violence to get the cassette out (sleeve was left out of the picture above). Evil release indeed.



Have no idea of this band, this release or anything involved Thule Thule. This was released by Golden Dawn Records and is limited to 50 copies.. That much I know about this dark, psychedelic release from some dusty vault. Prizes of this tape on Discogs are hilarious…



Yet one nice darkened stoner/doom/sludge release. This time band is Slother and this demo release is named Die Slowly. Band is from Canada and that’s mostly I know about this group. Cassette is released on green (limited to 50 copies) and black (limited to 75 copies) cover. Recommended if you like your stoner/sludge dirty & evil. Available via Toys of Disharmony Distribution.


shrooms circle_asylum

Latest from Shrooms Circle, called Asylum. Band is from Switzerland and really hope that this will be released on vinyl someday. Stoner/Doom/sludge is the concept on this release too. Released by Golden Dawn Reordings & limited to 50 copies..



Well, we all know Danzig. Found this used tape from some local Facebook marketplace. Don’t even know if this is some bootleg version but I don’t care because I paid 3 euros from it. Nice deal considering the fact that the tape is in quite good condition & sounds good.


lunar funeral

If you like your stoner/sludge/doom seasoned with some garage, blues & psych, then you should check out Lunar Funeral’s Sex on A Grave. This is good one and I’ve been listening this a lot (and I really mean lot). Band is from Russia and tape has been released by Hellas Records but I have no idea where to get a copy anymore..



Got this on vinyl too but I had to have this on tape too. Acoustic neofolk is the thing here and even though I’m not familiar with this genre I really love this band. Album is sold out on every format nowadays.. Recommended, highly.



Second full-length from this experimental so-called black  metal outfit. Debut album is one of my all-time favourite This second one is still  under closer listening. Cassette version available for example from Earache and vinyl from various stores.



Joel Grind.. Man behind Toxic Holocaust and various projects etc. Obviously this sounds quite like TH in my opinion. Anyways, nice one and came with button & patch. Still available from Joel’s BandCamp site




And then something totally different. Came across with these tapes via BandCamp and it was love at first sight. Never been fan of Dungeons & Dragons or anything involved with role-playing etc. but these tapes are awesome. 8-bit dungeon synth bringing smile to my face. Just check out Heimat Der Katasthrope, they have tons of awesome tapes available.




Last but not least, two tapes from this freaking amazing band, Haunted. Perfect name for the band because the music.. it’s haunting stoner/doom with ethereal vocals. Latest one, Dayburner, must be the best stoner/doom record I have heard this year. First one still available on tape & vinyl from Twin Earth,  Second one, Dayburner seems to be little hard to find on tape but DHU Records released it on vinyl recently so you can grab this beauty from DHU (I already did).


Ancient VVisdom - 33 LP

Ancient VVisdom: 33 LP (DHU exlusive)


Ancient VVisdom. Years ago I bought their album “Deathlike” and I was amazed about how in hell they could perform this kind of music mostly acoustic. Amazing band but somehow, during this years I had forgotten the band even though that album still has special place in my record rack. Then one of my favourite record label, DHU Records, announced this newest one. Damn this album is beautiful! One of the best records I have bought during this year. This band, with every damn record, has managed to shake my mind with their way of performing this kind of evil music mostly acoustic. Recommended one & still available from the source, DHU Records. And I have to thank DHU for releasing this one, great record released by awesome label!

The Red Widows: Rising 12″ (DHU exclusive)

the red widows

This freaking damn good 12″ came with that latest Grajo album. Here we have a twelve-inch EP from The Red Widows. Unknown band to me but seems that DHU Records manages to surprise me release after release. Groovy 70s influenced stoner/doom rock with vocalist who has been kidnapped straight from the stars. This is good, more than good leaving me wonder when they are going to put out their full-length? This HU exclusive version is still available from the source, DHU Records Highly recommended one and if you don’t believe me, just check it out by yourselves. Hell yeah!! Pure DHU quality

Actually I ordered and got a copy some time ago but postal delivery managed to smash the cover (one corner of it). I uploaded a picture of that corner damage to my Facebook site, didn’t mention what record it was nor from what label it came. Didn’t took long from Robert to contact me and he wanted to send a replacement copy. I wanna point out here that I wasn’t after a new copy when I uploaded that image, I just wanted to show how postal delivery treat even most secured packages. So my humble thanks to Robert, I really appreciate this and know it!