Electric Citizen: Light Years Beyond 7″ (clear)

electric citizen

This also came today, nice little one from Electric Citizen released by RidingEasy records. Got this one (on clear vinyl, limited to 50 copies) and now I’m just waiting for that debut album to be released (once again trying to get my dirty&hairy hands on test pressing..). So, the conclusion is that I really like this seven-inch and I want more, much more. As you can read above this is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl and already sold out. But don’t worry there are two other color variations available from The RidingEasy records (light blue, limited to 75 copies and regular black copies).

In The Company Of Serpents: Of The Flock LP (clouded black/white)


And little more metal with a hint of sludge and doom. This band is one of those treasures from BandCamp. I really like this overwhelming rawness that appears on this album. Slow and dark, like it should be. This album is limited to 500 copies (25 copies of those came with back patch and hand-numbered art sheet). This album is available from band’s BandCamp site and if you like what you hear, I suggest you to grab a copy, like I did.


Bloody Hammers: Bloody Hammers LP

This arrived today and I have to say that I’m positively surprised how good this album actually is even though this is their debut album. Good old school Doom rock!!. This is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and I ordered this from their Bandcamp page. And by the way, this is sold out from Bandcamp but this might be available from Soulseller Records, Plastic Head and even Finnish Recordshop X seems to have this on their site. Hurry, hurry..