Mamiffer: Statu Nascendi LP (clear with gold haze) and one good example of proper mailer for vinyl records


Picked this up from the post office few hours ago. For me it’s quite hard to categorize this album in any genre. Maybe this is just doomed shoegazing, droned & experimental dream-pop? Well, we don’t care about genres here and this album sounds awesome, it’s hazy, experimental filled with ethereal vocals, perfect record for my headphones. Missing few releases from this band but I’m going to get those.. This is limited to 500 copies (150 copies on clear /w gold haze and rest 350 on black vinyl) according to SIGE records but Anost in Europe says that there are 700 copies.. who knows.. For those who prefer colored variation, head straight to SIGE BigCartel Store and purchase your copy while there ia still copies left (of course there is also regular black copies available) . Europeans can purchase their copies (black) from Anost. Recommended vinyl release from this awesome duo.

and these are mailers (with crash/bumper zones) MerchTable is using, I like these.