Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: Black Earth 2xLP (RE, 2016)

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ‎– Black Earth

At last this beauty has been repressed and we are allowed to get our hands on this masterpiece of doomed-ambient-jazz. More than once I have been close to the purchase the original version but fortunately I’ve come to my senses. We all know that those prizes on Discogs & Ebay are ridiculous but finally we all can afford this one. I have no idea of limitation of this repress but I think that there are plenty of copies for everyone to get one. Available for example from Boomkat, Anost or Norman Records. Marvellous record!!


Shroud Eater: Face The Master 7″ (gray w/ blue and black splatter)


Damn nice to see/hear some new  stuff from this band. Biggest thing is that Shroud Eater has signed to STB Records (Yes! running around the house, naked). Two new songs and still love the way they express themselves. Doomed sludge/stoner/metal, so can you even ask for more? This color variation shown in the picture above is limited to 50 copies and sold out quite fast, Don’t worry there’s still few different variations available, transparent blue/black (damn, it looks delicious) limited to 100 copies and regular black that is limited to 125 copies. If this hits you hard, head straight to the source, Divine Mother Recordings, and make sure that you grab a copy!


Holy Serpent: Temples LP (Test Pressing..)


Picked this up yesterday from the post office on my way to work. Took the photo with some nice mushrooms and the test press of Holy Serpents upcoming album, Temples. I missed their debut album year ago just because I was out with the dog trying to make it shit. Anyways, managed to purchase this now and I’m quite happy with it (little sad that these Riding Easy TP’s are not that cool looking that they used to be). Actually this sounds damn good! It’s hazy, doomed, psychedelic stoner album. Thank god/lucifer that Riding Easy took this band under its wings and bringing this jewel called Holy Serpent into the light. Test pressing is limited to 30 copies (I just keep wondering why so much..) and sold out surprise, surprise. But hey, there’s plenty of different colored copies available to pre-order from the source, Riding Easy Records. Go!


Muscle & Marrow: Love LP (aqua blue in milky white)


Do you remember this duo? I do. Few years ago I purchased their debut album, outstanding “The Human Cry” and I was thrilled how damn intense it was/still is (you can listen now sold out album from their BandCamp site). Now it’s time for new album and it’s still there, that intense magical touch. This latest beauty is released by The Flenser and I’m happy that they find their way under The Flenser’s wing. Doomed, experimental, electronic darkened folk/metal or something but the fact is that this is freaking brilliant piece of art. Colored variation still available from the source, The Flenser, so go for it!


Wildernessking: Mystical Future LP (blue/white marbled)


Then we come to this South African band playing blackened, atmospheric metal. I came across with this band few years ago when they released their debut “The Writing Of Gods In The Sand” and now I have this new release on my hands.. freaking beautiful album this is. This album is much more than traditional, raw blackened metal, it’s progressive, melodic… worth every penny. Funny thing, there are still copies left of this jewel via SMGS Records and for your information, there are tree variants floating around (this blue/white marbled ltd. 100, white one limited also to 100 copies and 300 copies on black vinyl). Like I said before, money well spent. And surprisingly. recommended one this surely is.