The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble: I Forsee The Dark Ahead, If I Stay 2xLP (white)


While I usually skip all possible live recordings, with this I was forced to make an exception. The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble (aka. The Mount Fuji Doom Jazz Corporation) is one of those bands that I’ve followed for years and I will follow forever. Oh, this kinda music has nothing to do with stoner etc. maybe there’s some doomed elements hidden beyond these tunes filled with drone, experimental jazz. Awesome group, and If you want to open your stoned hearts for these kind of tunes, head to the Denovali Records website.

Hidden Orchestra: Dawn Chorus 2xLP (+ 10″ & CD etc.)

hidden orchestra

I Came across with Joe Acheson’s studio project (Hidden Orchestra) years ago, if I remember right it must have been on year 2011, via great Denovali Records. Since that moment I have tried to purchase/collect all his records under this moniker. This seems to be latest release of Hidden Orchestra and this time via Tru Thoughts. Hidden Orchestra is about downtempo, contemporary, experimental future jazz and I really love to listen these tunes over and over again. Beautiful album (third time on a row). This version I purchased is on ultra-clear black/white blob vinyl, along came ten-inch called “Source Materials” 24-page booklet and CD. Quite nice deal indeed. Can’t remember the limitation of this bundle but one thing is for sure, it’s sold out. If you’re still interested, you can purchase regular black version via Tru Thoughts (for example). Recommended artist, always.


A Cosmic Gift: Hologram LP (cosmic haze) + test pressing


Because I’m a big fan of Richard Houghten this was must buy for me. A Cosmic Gift is a duo by Houghten & Brandon Burger and this is their third album together.  Oh, and this was the very first time I managed to purchase A Cosmic Gift album (previous albums sold out within hours). Really hard to describe music on this record, it’s some strange mixture of ambient, electronic, downtempo & folktronica (like Houghten use to label his music). Six months ago I got single-sided test pressing of this record and as you can see from the picture below, there’s a hologram.


This “cosmic haze” one is limited to 100 copies (sold out) but here’s also 300 copies on black wax (limited to 300 copies) & less than hundred copies available from the source, SlyVinyl.


Hidden Rivers: Where Moss Grows LP

hidden rivers

Here’s an album from Huw Roberts. Huw uses Hidden Rivers as alias here on this beautiful ambient/downtempo record called Where Moss Grows. Don’t know about you but I didn’t know that he is also a one-half member of Nest (collaboration project with Otta A. Totland) and runs his own record label, Serein. It’s been a while since I have listened some ambient tunes and now I have to admit, boys & girls, experience is refreshing and mind melting. Recommended release from Serein (and Huw). Limited to 250 copies and first hundred copies came with hand-numbered 12″ print. Album is still available from the source.


John Lemke: Walizka 12″ (clear gold)


Even though this is just a twelve-inch EP with 3 tracks + 3 different remixes of those songs, I can’t get enough of this! I like the structure on these tunes and I totally love the way he handles the piano. This release earned to be engraved on vinyl and big thanks goes to his record company, (surprisingly) Denovali. Just give this release a moment of your time, it’s totally worth it. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both color variations are available from Denovali and while you are there, I suggest you to grab that full length by Lemke too.

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: Piano Nights 2xLP (+CD)


Finally, my first album from Bohren & Der Club Of Gore on vinyl (been a fan more than few years though). The one before this release, Dolores, went missing along few other LP’s during shipment few years ago (I don’t even want to reminisce that case.. ). Back to this album and present day. I call this dark jazz, seasoned with ambient and something unknown, brooding.. Smoother than The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble or The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (both are excellent groups), they just operate on their own realm of sound. Breathtaking beauty this surely is. Recommended. No idea of limitation but surely there are plenty of copies available (from Amazon for example) and that’s just good thing because their previous releases on vinyl were too limited..

Lamb: Lamb 2xLP (green marbled)


And this one.. Love at the first sight. Of course I was familiar with all these Portishead, Massive Attack and Tricky things back then, but hearing this at the first time was quite shaking experience. There will always be a place for this duo in my old and frustrated heart. Oh, now I have this beauty on vinyl (limited to 1000 numbered copies on green marbled vinyl). This has been repressed by MOV and I choose this copy just because of those high prizes they are asking from original copies on Discogs/Ebay. Recommended album, like all their albums after this amazing debut! Juno Records seems to have these green copies available, go!

Бalkansky: Orenda LP (clear red)


Seems that this day is dedicated to quite different music. First I got that Fabrizio’s album and then I picked this up from the Post office. Woah.. Even though it took long time this to arrive, it was worth that. I heard this album first time via BandCamp, listened a while and as usually when I like what I hear, I purchase. Nice mixture of ambient, electronic and traditional Balkan soundscape. This is the reason I love to explore music, just to find something beautiful I have never heard before, and today I got to awesome records. This album is limited to 200 copies and is available from their BandCamp site. They also got this deluxe package, limited to 30 copies (my copy is one of those) and I’m sorry to say that it has been sold out for a while now.

Emancipator: Soon It Will Be Cold Enough 2xLP / Safe In The Steep Cliffs 2xLP


Came home few hours ago and these two albums were here waiting for me. I’m really glad that these are finally released on vinyl.. I can clearly remember listening “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” when I was on gym lifting some iron (well, it was few years ago..) but anyways, both of these albums are awesome and I really, really like these. Purchased these from Bandcamp ( and about limitation, no idea.

And the whining part of this post. I asked to remove possible shrink-wrap etc. Both albums came on same package (obviously) and both were sealed (shrink wrapped) and both albums have bumps on few corners.. And on top of that, customs duty $20.. yep.

Make sure that You contact the artist and make sure how You want your albums sent to You. Well, like Ramones said “Merry Christmas, I don’t wanna fight tonight”.




The Smoke Clears: Listen LP (lime)

the smoke clears

Uuh.. this arrived today. Years ago (those lovely teenager years) I promised to myself that I will never ever going to listen some electronic music. Well, then I was introduced to Pan Sonic (those days Panasonic), Mika vainio etc. And here we are, metalhead listening ambient (thanks to Mika Vainio & Ilpo Väisänen). No matter for me if tunes are made stretching strings or bushing buttons, when it sounds good, it sounds good. Recommended. I do not know about limitation of this one but there is lime colored (sold out) and black copies available from the source, Further Records.



Emancipator: Dusk To Dawn LP (white)


Now! This record is.. real beauty. After listening all those metal/drone records lately this is like fresh summer wind blowing through open window. I really enjoy this one. This one is going to spin under the needle numerous times, indeed. This one (white) is limited to 100 copies and there is also good old black vinyl available (no idea of limitation). Seems that white version is sold out but you can purchase regular one either from Jakarta Records or from Loci Records.

Subheim: Approach 2xLP (black with blue haze)


Their first album, originally released on CD (2008). Denovali released this on vinyl couple of years ago. Since I had their second album already, I purchased this one without listening this at all. Thanks to Denovali for releasing this on best format ever. This is limited to 150 copies on this color and 350 copies on black vinyl. Black one can be purchased from Denovali (they also have “No Land Called Home” on vinyl for purchase).

Subheim: No Land Called Home LP +CD


Excellent titled album. Some strange way this reminds me of Dead Can Dance.. maybe just because of those ethereal vocals.. Lovely album I have to admit that. How limited this album is? I have no idea but if you love this like I do, this can be purchased straight from the source (and it’s quite cheap in my opinion) Ad Noiseam.

Hidden Orchestra: Flight 2×10″ (ultraclear with splatters)


Brilliant EP from Hidden Orchestra (Denovali release). There’s no problems to understand why this band has so big fan base. Denovali released this EP in two different formats. Normal version, 1×10″ limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Limited version is 300 copies on this color and it’s double 10″. Limited version is sold out but normal version is available from Denovali.

Hidden Orchestra: Archipelago 2xLP (clear)


Treasures of this morning. There simply are no words to describe this album, this is perfect.. I love music in any form (not opera that much..) and this record make me realize yet again how many records there are that I never have a chance to hear.. damn. Limited to 820 copies on clear deluxe edition and there are also black version limited to 1920 copies. Both versions available from Denovali and at least black version is available from Experimedia.

Nicolas Jaar: Space Is Only Noise LP

Excellent record even though I’m not that familiar of this kind of music. My version of this record is the one that has “I Got A Woman” (Ray Charles-sampling), this record was removed from the shops and released again without that song. Again one of those records that I’ll keep forever.