Hidden Orchestra: Flight 2×10″ (ultraclear with splatters)


Brilliant EP from Hidden Orchestra (Denovali release). There’s no problems to understand why this band has so big fan base. Denovali released this EP in two different formats. Normal version, 1×10″ limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Limited version is 300 copies on this color and it’s double 10″. Limited version is sold out but normal version is available from Denovali.

Hidden Orchestra: Archipelago 2xLP (clear)


Treasures of this morning. There simply are no words to describe this album, this is perfect.. I love music in any form (not opera that much..) and this record make me realize yet again how many records there are that I never have a chance to hear.. damn. Limited to 820 copies on clear deluxe edition and there are also black version limited to 1920 copies. Both versions available from Denovali and at least black version is available from Experimedia.

Nicolas Jaar: Space Is Only Noise LP

Excellent record even though I’m not that familiar of this kind of music. My version of this record is the one that has “I Got A Woman” (Ray Charles-sampling), this record was removed from the shops and released again without that song. Again one of those records that I’ll keep forever.