Goddam Nobody: No Lust For Life 10″ (lathe cut) & few reasons why I have been quiet with this blog lately..

goddam nobody

Hi there! It has been a long while since I have even visited here on my blog, there are three reasons for that; I have been very busy at work, I haven’t receive records for some time now and the last and biggest reason is that our beloved cat, Kasper (picture of this little hero on bottom of the page), has been very ill lately. Well, seems that Kasper is going to survive (vet bill has grown as big as 1000€ now..). But here we are again.

Let’s start with this ten-inch lathe cut record (limited to 25 copies) from Goddam Nobody. Actually I can’t remember where I came across with this artist but that does not matter. Anyways I have enjoyed these dream/psych pop tunes quite a lot lately. There’s something lovely on little record. As mentioned, this is limited to 25 copies and seems that it’s sold out but if you are interested I suggest you to contact artist himself via, for example, facebook, BandCamp etc.

and here’s the picture of most awesome cat (in my opinion).


Grawl!X: Good Grief LP


Hey, there’s always some room for shoegazing dream pop and today there seems to be perfect few hour cap for some of these hazy tunes. This one I picked up from the post office few hours ago, debut album by Grawl!X (hmm.. quite strange name this solo debut of James Machin has). And as this is just a debut album, how awesome will his future releases be! Limited to 250 copies and first 25 copies came with this little handbound lyric book. Album is available from Time Travel Opps. Nice!

Tiger Dare: Wires Over, Wired In 12″

tider dare 01

First arrival this month. Little record from Tiger Dare filled with nice dream pop & shoegazing indie tunes. Perfect one for these early spring days. I have to admit that sometimes there is a place for records like this one, even though I do not listen this kind of music so much. Not bad purchase at all. This is limited to 150 copies and is still available from Wonderland Archives.

If you are going to purchase this one (this is for those who live out of the states), email them for secured packaging etc. Why? Just because my copy came packaged between two carton pieces (in my opinion not so secured when shipping records overseas). Surprisingly it came in quite good condition, only one corner of the cover has taken some minor damage during the way and in this case, I can live with that :)

tider dare 02

tider dare 03

tider dare 04