Insect Ark: Marrow Hymns LP

insect ark

Actually I bought this album months ago but just recently I have been listening it with thought (while warming a sauna in these early morning hours). Instrumental, doomed drone could be near the truth when talking about this latest from Insect Ark. Beautiful release from these two ladies. One more addition to my “Best of Fall 2018 Soundtrack”. Check out this one, it’s totally worth it. Available via Profound Lore’s MerchTable .


Ancient Lights: Ancient Lights 2xLP (cold with black splatter)

ancient lights

Been listening this one quite much during last few months. This is one of those records I have spotted via Creep Purple Promotion (great site spreading the word about upcoming stoner/sludge/doom releases). Atmospheric drone/doom/stoner album and a beautiful soundtrack for these darkening autumn nights. Really hope to hear more from this band in the future. Released by Ritual Productions and still available from the source on colored & regular black version. Note that I’m not here writing reviews, just want to spread the word about bands & records I put my money on and if you ask me, I only buy good ones.


Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux: Ignis 12″


Have to admit that I went trough some inner battle whether or not to purchase this release because after all it’s post-death release from Vainio’s material. Well, I bought it anyways just to realize that there must be so much unreleased material from Mika and his collaborations with other awesome artists, like this time with Franck Vigroux. I think that we are going to hear his beautiful sounscapes through numerous releases during upcoming years. My favourite artist among electronical music and I don’t have words to describe how much this artist means to me. Boomkat has copies if you’re interested.

Father Sky Mother Earth: Father Sky Mother Earth LP (white)

father sky

Doom & drones, two tracks, one per side crushing your mind. Earlier this year I bought their “Across the River of Time” on cassette and planned to purchase this one on tape too.. Actually I’m quite happy that I didn’t because as a vinyl lover I found out that this one was about to be released on vinyl too. So here it is, on white vinyl (ltd. 250) and still available via Dirty Filthy Records. Recommended if you find drone filled doom to be your thing. Perfect soundtrack for this sonic journey across this endless void.


Messa: Feast For Water LP (orange/black)


Well, I skipped this bands debut (can’t say why..) but then I came across with this one, their second full-length and I was sold. Don’t know how to describe this record.. it’s like doomed metal with some darkened jazz in it or something. Anyways, it sounds freaking good. Love the atmosphere on this album and those vocals.. Must get my hands on that debut album too. I bought this copy of mine via Aural Music (according to Discogs there should have been A2 double-sided poster included.. who knows) and surprise, first edition is sold out (orange/black color-in-color (ltd.200) & orange (no information of  limitation) . But don’t worry, Aural has second pressing now for sale with three color variations. I suggest you to check this beauty out!


Dead Sea Apes: Recondite 2xLP

dead sea apes

Dead Sea Apes.. I fell in love with their psych/drone inspired post-rocking instrumental music since I heard their collaboration album with Black Tempest called “The Sun Behind The Sun” five years ago. Oh, I think that I have all their vinyl releases so I can be called a fan or something. This double album is some kind of compilation but that didn’t stop me purchasing it (even though I’m not that big fan of compilations). I recommend this group if you need a place to escape from this hectic realm, these soundscapes will take you away.. at least for moment. Limited to 300 copies and seems that this is quite hard to find item at this moment. Surely you can grab a copy via Discogs..


Monarch!: Never Forever 2xLP (silver & black merge)


Oh, my first touch with Monarch! Have to say it’s not bad one. I really don’t know what genre I should place this record but at the end who even cares. Album is hazy, doomed, droned & shoegazing and all these makes it sound just.. awesome. Can’t even imagine better record playing on the background while sitting on the balcony and watching how the autumn sun slowly glides along the horizon. Nice one indeed. Available from Profound Lore’s MerchTable store (US), seems that Profound’s EU store has sold this already out. Recommended one.


Thisquietarmy: Democracy Of Dust LP (blue) + CD


I don’t even remember how many releases from Thisquitarmy I already have but this here is the newest one. Actually, just checked out that I have eleven recordings from this post-rocking drone master. I just can’t explain what is that thing I love the most when listening to this record, is it those soundscapes and all those emotions hiding behind these droned tunesm who knows. Thanks to Eric, your music has made my days easier to walk trough. This new one was released few months ago and I purchased this colored copy with CD immediately as it was available. Colored ones are gone by now (with limitation of 100 copies) but what stops you to grab this on black vinyl (this version also comes with CD) ? So get yours straight from the artist or from the label, Mirida Records.




Haare: Apocalypse LP


Let’s start this morning with some experimental drone from Finland. Bought this without hearing and because local record store owner recommended it. When it comes to drone/experimental music it’s way too hard to explain what is the thing here, is it these ethereal soundscapes or is just something we can’t understand and that fascinate us. This record surely has its place & time and for me it’s right now. Limited to 100 copies and if you are interested you can pick this up for example from Ektro Records. Nice.


Youki Noseyama: Matter And Life LP


Well, well, well.. this recording is all about drone. Genre which is very difficult for most of us, myself included. Some may say that this record has nothing to do with music, but as we all know that’s not true. This is actually the first vinyl release from Youki Noseyama, aka Diesel Guitar, that much I know. There’s three pieces of live performances recorded on this vinyl, strange and interesting tunes. Limited to 100 copies with handmade covers and still available via Soundohm. Just check out this one, you might find it interesting like I do. Keep your ears open, find something new to listen.



Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones: Astrild Astrild 2xLP (green/grey merge)


And here’s one of my favourite Denovali artists, Dale Cooper Quartet & Dictaphones and their latest full-length “Astrild Astrild”. Actually I missed this totally when it was announced but hopefully I found a copy via Discogs (and got this near original prize). This is my fifth album from this group and still I love their modern-cool jazz-classical music. It’s this atmosphere here on these albums I’m in love. This album was released on green/grey merge (limited to 150 copies), on red (limited to 150 copies) and on regular black vinyl. As you can guess, those colored variations are long gone but you still can get that regular version from example from the source, Denovali. Recommended one!


Mamaleek: Kurdaitcha LP


Five years ago I put this album on the top of my “wantlist”, five years it took to get it and yes, it was worth to fait. Mamaleek is a twisted shoegazing bastard child of blackened-doom-experimental-abstract-noise-drone scene.. This is kind of music you either like or you do not, there’s no shades of grey on this color palette. I love this. Thing that made this album little hard to find was obviously the limitation, only 100 copies floating around the globe. I got one and I’m smiling. I remember promising myself that if I ever find a copy of this record I’m done with collecting.. bullshit, I’ll never stop.