Dead Sea Apes: Sixth Side Of The Pentagon LP (blood red translucent)


One more Dead Sea Apes album to my collection, and even that arsehole living downstairs can’t swipe the smile from my face. Been following this band for five years now and will follow as long as they are putting these records out. Thing here is that this band is evolving, crossing genres record after record. When I started to listen this band I used words like kraut, psych and now I use words like dub, experimental, experimental. This red-colored version is limited to 150 copies and was available via Cardinal Fuzz & Sky Lantern Records (surprisingly it’s sold out by now). But don’t worry, you can still get your hands on regular black copies for example from Sky Lantern and Norman Records.

Al Cisneros: Empty Tomb / Sepulcher Dub 7″


Sorry about these crappy pictures.. but, Holy Hell! This one looks and sounds A-W-E-S-O-M-E! What a package.. it was like Christmas when I opened this with my shaking hands. Hand stamped, screen printed, letter pressed.. my eyes are sweating.. And the music, some kind of mixture of reggae/dub/rock and I love these distant, hazy, magical tunes on this seven-inch. This little record (and how it is presented) might be (well, is) the best little one I have. Limited to 1000 copies (so there are plenty of copies to purchase) and there is this “patch” version too available, I suggest that You purchase a copy from Samaritan Press (worth every penny!) Recommended, highly! Few more crappy pictures I took can be seen below..





even this stiffener has print on it..


Gnod: 5th sun 7″

I don’t know limitation of this 7″ inch and I truly do not care. Great little record and there’s a vibe in the air that this band is going to be something big, that’s my opinion thought. Sadly this is sold out from the source but you can find this from Discogs for example.