Wojciech Golczewski: Dark Souls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP


Soundtrack, once again, even though I keep on promising to myself that I do not go for these. Then you go and find record like this while exploring BandCamp. I have no idea what this film is about, never ever heard about Wojciech Golczewski but so what. I listened some tracks and fell in love. It’s the atmosphere on this album that fascinate me but enough of this gibberish, maybe it’s just better if you listen some tracks by yourselves. Limited to 300 copies on black wax and available from Data Airlines.


36: Tomorrow’s Explorers 12″


Starting this weekend with latest release by 36 called “Tomorrow’s Explorers”. Smooth modern classical, ambient tunes painting beautiful soundscapes. One of my favourite artist’s when talking about this genre. This twelve-inch is my 11th vinyl release from this artist.. so it’s quite obvious I kinda like these tunes. Tomorrow’s Explorers is limited to 250 copies. I thought this was already sold out but there’s still copies available from hhv.de

Richard Houghten: Music by Richard Houghten LP & something secret..


Few weeks ago I got this beauty via post. I missed this one when it was available (all Richard’s releases sell out within hours). I really like this artist and I always try to grab whatever he is releasing but sometimes it’s really hard because of time difference. Few times I have woke up in the morning just to notice that something has been announced and sold out while I have been counting sheep. With this one I was more than lucky because Richard himself contacted me and wanted to send me something (he never mentioned what), I really didn’t expect this or anything else. Ones again pure diamond. Best way to describe Richard’s music is “folktronica” like he do on his BandCamp page. This is limited to 50 copies and well, you know it’s sold out. Maybe Richard should think little bigger pressing amounts? Check out his BandCamp site for time to time, you never know what treasures there might be!

Along this album came super secret test pressing/ single-sided prototype of upcoming A Cosmic Gift’s album “Hologram”.. more about this jewel closer to releasing day, but I can say that this will be a freaking brilliant record!!


Mika Vainio: Mannerlaatta 2xLP (clear)

Mika Vainio - Mannerlaatta

Few months ago I purchased Pan Sonic’s soundtrack album for Mika Taanila’s film “Atomin Paluu” and here we have another soundtrack for another film. This time we are talking about Mika Vainio’s (other part of the Pan Sonic) soundtrack for Taanila’s new film “Mannerlaatta” (A Tectonic Plate). Well, this is minimal, electronic & experimental, what else we could expect? Yet another masterpiece from this pioneer of minimal electronic music. Taanila’s film is a feature-length Lettrist film, made entirely without a camera and who else could have done soundtrack for it than Vainio? This clear version of the vinyl is limited to 250 pieces and still available from Boomkat. Nice work, like always,



36: The Infinity Room 2x LP (red transparent)


One of those artists I have been following for years now. I’ve been fascinated by his music since I bought his second full-length, Memories In Widescreen, about five or six years ago. Few releases I have missed during these years but certainly I’m getting those too, some day. With this one I was little late, didn’t wanted to order this from the states nor from Juno Records so I waited for copies artist himself was going to sell. Surprisingly I missed that moment too.. luckily Boomkat got some copies and I managed to purchase my copy via them. Been listening this a lot within last few days and of course I like what I’m hearing, that’s why I bought it. Limited to 300 copies on transparent clear vinyl and it seems that the album is totally sold out now.


Zeal And Ardor: Devil Is Fine LP (Box set)

Zeal And Ardor (Box set)

Ha, I just could not resist purchasing this box set. One of the most interesting albums this year and surely one of my favorite. In case you do not know what Zeal & Ardor is about, I suggest you just to listen few tracks below. This box set is limited to 40 copies and sold out quite fast (and yes, this is second press of this magnificent album. If you dig what you’re hearing there’s still white-colored vinyls (second press, limited to 100) available via Reflections Records.


Pan Sonic: Atomin Paluu (A Film Soundtrack) 2xLP


Haha.. Surprisingly I had to purchase this. Latest from Pan Sonic, my all-time-favourite experimental-electronic-group. Atomin Paluu (Return of the Atom) is a soundtrack for a document film about world biggest nuclear reactor Olkiluoto 3 (building started in 2005 and is still going on) located here in Finland. The whole project has been a giant failure..

With this recording, Väisänen & Vainio once again proofs that Pan Sonic is and will be one of the most powerful minimalistic electronic duo existed. I bought my copy along that Gagarin Kombinaatti compilation from Norman Records but you can grab this for example from Forced Exposure (US) and even Walmart is selling vinyl copies :D

And here’s the trailer of this film..



Zeal And Ardor: Devil Is Fine LP (transparent green, dlx version)


Yep, It’s Zeal & Ardor, this weird record mixing black metal, blues etc. First time I heard this I was more than confused.. Music that I’ve been waiting for years (unconsciously). I don’t know what else to say. Negro Spiritual & Black metal, what a confusing but awesome blend and those lyrics.. I bought this record straight ahead from BandCamp on mp3 and few days/week from that Reflections Records announced that they will bring this on vinyl. Must buy. This version I bought came with a badge, patch & t-shirt and transparent green vinyl, it’s so-called “deluxe version” and if I remember right there were 100 pieces available. There’s still these “regular” versions available, on black and on transparent green vinyl. Awesome album and it makes you want more! Go, go, go!!


Wolfmen Of Mars: The Witch, The Goat & The Malevolent Spirit LP (tricolor)


I got this awesome package from Poisoned Mind Records last week. Latest album from Wolfmen Of Mars and what a release we got here!  Electronical psychedelic space/stoner/horror instrumental beauty and what an eye/ear candy this release truly is. This Die Hard edition (limited to 82 hand-numbered copies) comes with die-cut jacket, enamel pin, sticker sheet, PMR logo patch etc. Sad but true, this version is already sold out, actually it sold out within hours. Even though TP & DH versions are gone there’s still two variations of this album available, white with black splatter (limited to 125 copies) and grey colored one (limited to 150 copies) so why don’t you just head to Poisoned Mind’s webstore and let these soundwaves blow all that wax from your ears!


Ø: Kantamoinen 2xLP (transparent blue)


Ha! At last this one is available on vinyl. Ø, better know as Mika Vainio and his third album under this alias. I have been preaching about this gentleman’s influence on my music taste since I started this blog and it’s obvious that I will never stop it. Of course I also realize that this kind of experimental music is way too odd for some but that is really not my problem. Available via Boomkat (initial copies on transparent blue vinyl). Great thing that I noticed about Boomkat’s shipping alternatives is that they now offer more secure packaging alternative if you are ready to pay little extra. Niice! Recommended album, surprise!



Muscle & Marrow: Love LP (aqua blue in milky white)


Do you remember this duo? I do. Few years ago I purchased their debut album, outstanding “The Human Cry” and I was thrilled how damn intense it was/still is (you can listen now sold out album from their BandCamp site). Now it’s time for new album and it’s still there, that intense magical touch. This latest beauty is released by The Flenser and I’m happy that they find their way under The Flenser’s wing. Doomed, experimental, electronic darkened folk/metal or something but the fact is that this is freaking brilliant piece of art. Colored variation still available from the source, The Flenser, so go for it!


Tape Loop Orchestra: Go Straight To The Light Of All That You Love LP + CD etc.


Latest vinyl release from Facture, Tape Loop Orchestra’s “Go Straight To The Light Of All That You Love”. This sold out in advance, when it was available to pre-order and near the official release date Boomkat sold out copies they had. I missed both dates. Yes, I bought my copy from some Discogs seller and paid little extra for it but this was “must buy” item for me. For those who are interested, this is a beautiful ambient/drone records surely not for every metalhead :) Album came with all kind of extras; CD, booklet, prints etc. all housed inside a hand-stitched glassine bag. Deluxe release indeed.