Nightcrawler: Strange Shadows 2×7″ (on shaped vinyls)


Then some darkwave electro-synth into your darkness. I really like these 80’s’-like synth/soundtrack/electronica releases. Oh boys & girls, these tunes reminds me of those ridiculous horror movies I use to stare at my friend’s home.. (at 80’s we got black/white TV at home and surprisingly no VHS player.. ). Fantastic release and  nice looking vinyls indeed. This is limited to 500 copies and if you are interested, you still can grab a copy for example from

Franz Kirmann: Meridians 2xLP (clear gold)


More treasures from Denovali. Kirmann, known as the other half of Piano Interrupted and his solo album “Meridians”. As always, I’m astonished about the fact that Denovali keeps releasing quality albums like this, one after another. I really enjoy the cinematic atmosphere on this album, same time sad but filled with some strange light. There’s still hope. Surely this album is going to get serious spinning in our household, I can promise that. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on clear blue vinyl. Nice!