Christoph Berg: Conversations LP


For you to know, I still love to listen some ambient/modern classical/electronic music even though lately this blog has been full of stoner/doom/psych/space/rock/whatever posts. I have aways been a huge fan of releases by Sonic Pieces, these handmade cardboard/textile packaging & beautiful records from awesome artists. Latest release is this from Christoph Berg (aka Field Rotation). I have been following his recording history since 2011 and still I love these records, still I love to listen to these tunes. My way to escape from this hectic world, put my headphones on and let these tunes embrace. Sold out from various sources bu if you still fancy a copy, head straight to Anost (they still seem to hold some copies).


Lumisokea: Transmissions From Revarsavr LP


Here’s that 1/3  that came undamaged and will be added to my collection. Latest album from Lumisokea (finnish word and means snowblind). I really love these abstract, experimental tunes and listening this kind of music calms me down. At this very moment I’m sitting on the bus my headphones plugged tight to my ear canals, staring at that snow-covered landscape. Awesome travelling music. Grandma, here I’m come. This one is released by Opal Tapes and available for example from Boomkat, Norman Records, etc..


Charles Hayward: Anonymous Bash LP + DVD


Yesterday I got this little treasure. Never heard about this dude before and now that I have listened this record from start to very end, I’m very satisfied that I bought this album after listening only one song via BandCamp. This is experimental music (more or less) and I know that this could be hard to chew for some people. I like this on and that’s why I purchased this. This is limited to 150 hand-numbered copies with some extra stuff (surprisingly sold out) and 350 copies little less extra included. Available from Samarbeta.

Piano Interrupted: The Unified Field LP (electric blue)

Piano Interrupted

Surprise, surprise. Once again winner from Denovali catalogue. This Piano Interrupted’s latest album came few days ago and having heavy rotation right now as I’m writing this. Love their debut and I know right now that this love is going to last. Once again have to thank Denovali for releasing this kind of music. If some one is interested about limitation of this record, there are 150 copies on electric blue (here) and  350 copies on black vinyl (here). Choice is yours.

Terence Hannum: Spectral Life LP (+ Spectral Death Art zine)

terence hannum

Nice start for this week, experimental drone. I know that this “drone” thing is hard to handle for some people, but I myself find these sound waves relaxing and very interesting. There is always time and space for music/sounds like these. Oh, and if you are familiar with Locrian, this gentleman is involved with that band too. This is limited to 400 copies on black vinyl and first 100 orders comes with hand-numbered art zine (Spectral Death) by the artist himself. Recommended. Available from Shelter Press.

Christoph Berg: Paraphrases LP + CD


This came also today. I have been following Factures releases and they have been always winners. This record is made for silent moments, moments when you need time for yourself. This is hand-numbered and limited to 250 copies. Available for example from Discogs. Facture and Boomkat has sold this out already.