Lingua Ignota: All Bitches Die LP (clear with pink orb)


Little different album has been spinning today. This is very powerful, intense & emotional release from Lingua Ignota. Experimental, industrial, electronics mixed together and the result sounds dark & insane, even frightening. Listening this album through can be very exhaustive experience, it will leave you empty and still you want some more. Released on vinyl via Profound Lore and you can pick a copy of this haunting record from the source of course or for example from Profound’s EU Store. Note that there’s only black wax available any more. Recommended one.


Midori Hirano: Minor Planet LP


Today is a great day to listen this latest Sonic Pieces’ release, Minor Planet by Midori Hirano. Never heard about this artist before and this is what I love about Sonic Pieces, they always manage to surprise me. This Midori Hirano’s album sounds beautiful, it’s an album filled with ambient elements, some may call it modern classical, experimental electronics is what I say. Anyways, I really hope to hear from this Japanese artist in future just because this album surely leaves a mark on my blackened soul. Haunting beauty, limited to 450 copies. I really suggest you to grab a copy while you still can. Available from various locations and here’s some of those places, Anost, Norman Records, Sonic Pieces (at this very moment their site is down because of overload of recent orders)


Gagarin Kombinaatti: 83-85 2XLP

gagarin kombinaatti

Finally I “managed” to purchase this awesome compilation from Gagarin Kombinaatti. These tunes were recorded on tape back in 1983-85 and now (at last) we are able to hear these tracks from vinyl, thanks to Mika Vainio (Panasonic, Pan Sonic, Ø, Philus, Kentolevi.. etc.). And yes, Vainio plays drums & synths on this industrial, experimental group called Gagarin Kombinaatti. This record shows that there was very lively underground scene of experimental & industrial music in Finland back then, even though only few knew about it. As some of you may know, I’m a huge Pan(a)sonic & Vainio fan so this record was absolute-must-buy-item for me. Recommended if you like early industrial & experimental/electronics or if you are just a fan of Vainio’s material overall. Got my copy via Norman Records, they seems to have few copies left..


Pye Corner Audio / Dalhous: Run For The Shadows EP 12″

pye corner audio / dalhous

Then some mind meltng electronics by Pye Corner Audio & Dalhous on this twelve-inch disc. I’m more than familiar with PCA’s music and that was the main reason for purchasing this ep. What really surprised me is that B-side and those two beautiful tracks by Dalhous. A side is fueled with darkness and on the B-side we still can see the sun even though it seems to be little dark… Stunning release! Limited to 250 copies and the source, Lapsus Records has already run out of copies. But hey, if you’re lucky enough you can grab a copy from Forced Exposure (US) or from Sounds of the Universe (UK). Recommended!


Locrian & Christoph Heemann: s/t LP (Black in Transparent Sea Blue)


Haa.. This came few days earlier. Finally I managed to pull my self together and purchased this collaboration album by Locrian & Heemann. And what to expect from this album? Drone, electronic, noise and beautiful noise. Yeah, I like this and I don’t usually buy records I do not like. Once again I have to point out that Locrian has grown to be one of my favorite bands, surprisingly. This album is limited to 500 copies, half of those came out on black vinyl and that other half like mine. Recommended one, surprisingly