Bersarin Quartett: III 2xLP (white)

Bersarin Quartet III

This latest album from Bersarin Quartett is a great example what happens when you receive your purchase with damaged cover. I bought this white-colored version from some Discogs seller few months ago and it arrived with nasty corner damage (because of lousy packaging). I gave some feedback with pictures to the seller, never heard of him since. Solution, I bought a regular copy of from Denovali and changed the covers. Damn I hate people who don’t have any idea of packaging vinyl records.

That issue is now over and done with, so let’s focus on this particularly enchanting album. Third in the row album from this artist who truly can paint most beautiful ambient soundscapes. White-colored vinyl is limited to 250 copies and it is sold out but there’s plenty of regular back-colored  available from the source, Denovali.


Funeral Moth: Transiencene LP (clear)


Second album from this Japanese experimental/ethereal/doom metal group and first one I have heard from them. Released on vinyl by Throne Records and as usual outstanding package. Actually I came across with this band while checking out new Throne releases. Transience is very intense, atmospheric, ethereal doom record and this surely ain’t background music. Just put on your headphones and let this record show you the way. This clear one is limited to 75 hand.numbered copies and is still available via Throne Records. Go, while you still can.


Muscle & Marrow: Love LP (aqua blue in milky white)


Do you remember this duo? I do. Few years ago I purchased their debut album, outstanding “The Human Cry” and I was thrilled how damn intense it was/still is (you can listen now sold out album from their BandCamp site). Now it’s time for new album and it’s still there, that intense magical touch. This latest beauty is released by The Flenser and I’m happy that they find their way under The Flenser’s wing. Doomed, experimental, electronic darkened folk/metal or something but the fact is that this is freaking brilliant piece of art. Colored variation still available from the source, The Flenser, so go for it!


ANAMAI: Sallows LP


This.. this little record has turned out to be one of my favorite ones. Actually I would have passed this one (just because of shipping costs..) but with the help of one certain gentleman from Germany I now have this beauty on my hands. It’s quite hard to describe what this record is about but with ethereal, alternative, electronic and ambient flavored songs (I can even hear some weird folk influences here..) this artist has stolen a piece of my heart. Listen. Available from Buzz Records. And yes, highly recommended release this one is!!

Never Sol: under quiet LP (ultraclear)

never sol

This is one of those picks I didn’t listen before purchase. Debut album from Never Sol (Sára Vondrášková), and now I have to admit that I was totally blown out first time I placed this record under the needle.. I was expecting something totally different (some kind of experimental-field recording-darkened-ambient or something) but all I can hear are these beautifully performed songs and that voice.. damn. Denovali has done it again and that is why I love every release this company is putting out, you never know what’s coming next. Awesome release, maybe this is not “cup of tea” for all but for me it is and I want more. Ultraclear vinyl is limited to 150 pieces and there are also 350 black copies available from Denovali. Just listen..

Agathe Max: Ambience 2 7″ (+CD)


Got this one from Box Bedroom Rebels yesterday. This is the second release from series of four (AMBIENCE) and yes, I’m quite happy to own this one too. Little record full of ethereal experimental soundscapes, can’t go wrong. And like part one ‘Marc Manning: Ambience 1’ this also had CD included (75 minutes long beauty). Absolutely new artist to me and now I have to listen her earlier stuff more closely. Recommended, surprise. Just waiting for the part three from this series.

Oh, this is limited to 150 copies and is available from Box Bedroom Rebels (they still have copies of that Marc Manning seven-inch too). Go!

Hydras Dream: The Little Match Girl LP (clear)

hydras dream

I do not know what is it with Denovali, where they find these artists and records to release? This time collaboration between Anna Von Hausswolff and Matti Bye and the result is totally beautiful, strange, ethereal and obscure.. record (may I call this dream-pop even though there’s something dark and sinister lurking behind). I want more! This is limited to 150 copies on clear and 350 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source, Denovali. Recommended and one of those “Must Buy” items. Now I have two new artists to follow.. I have to dig that movie version of “The Little Match Girl” based on the story by H.C. Andersen, watch it mute this record spinning on background. Thanks to Anna, Matti And Denovali!

Marc Manning: Ambience1 7″ (+CD)

marc manning

What a wonderful piece of vinyl (plus 70 minutes music on CD). I had no idea about this artist and I purchased this blindfolded just based on a recommendation. Well, not bad recommendation at all. This release is part one from series of four and I’ll certainly go for rest upcoming releases. This is abstract, ethereal psychedelic music with lot of heart on it. Just listening the CD, seventy minute cosmic journey there and back. This is limited to 150 copies and is available from Box Bedroom Rebels. Take a journey with Marc, you won’t regret it.


Be Forest: Earthbeat LP (clear with red haze)

be forest

After breathtaking session with Helen Money’s album it’s time to listen something easier (and I mean this with good). This album also came today, very pleasing ethereal-shoegazing-alternative-pop album from this Italian band (that I just found few months ago). Lovely little record and this will have its own little place in my record rack for sure. This is music for those lonely sunny days, when your own little world is smiling with you (hope that there will be plenty of those..). Limited to 100 copies on this color and sadly, sold out. But do not worry, there is still white colored version available! We Were Never Being Boring is the place to pick this up.

Wind Atlas: Fen Fire / Ophelia / Inmost Eye 7″

wind atlasThis one came today and I really like this tiny record, ethereal, reminds me little about Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins. Really nice find in my opinion. This is limited to 300 copies and there is also limited edition version that is sold out long ago. I also received their debut album today.. seam splitted etc. I do not want to post a picture of it but album is awesome, I really love it. This seven-inch and their full album are available from band’s bandcamp page. I recommend, fully.

Common Eider, King Eider: Worn LP

common eider

At first I like to say that this is mixture of ethereal/abstract/drone/noise. So do not expect to find nothing common from this record. But this is a record wrapped in beauty. If you like these kind of music, I recommend this truly. Buy and try. Limited to 300 copies. Easily you can find this from Discogs, if you are interested (sold out from label and various other labels as I checked around internet).