Electric Wizard: Dopethrone & Come My Fanatics 2xLP’s (clear represses)

electric wizard

Yes, I know that all of you are familiar with this band.. I wasn’t two years back. It’s this weird thing that for some reason you decide not to listen certain bands and then you avoid all possible ways not to hear a single note from these artist. I had this thing with Electric Wizard, like I still have for example with Depeche Mode. Then I ordered that Die Hard box set from Rise Above (Black Masses) last year.. And here we are. I bought that RSD version of “Time To Die” and latest arrivals are these two, Dopethrone & Come My Fanatics on crystal clear vinyl (both limited to 100 copies) and yes, these are latest represses from these albums and are still available from Rise Above Records.

One thing I have to mention.. I have never ever seen any label using these but Rise Above! Superior things to protect your albums during the transport!

Farewell to damaged corners on the cover of the albums!!


Ramesses: Take The Curse 2xlp (clear)

“These first 100 also come with an fully emrboidered patch with metallic thread, a badge, a 350 gram art print, and come packaged in a screen-printed tote bag.” – Discogs. With this one I was lucky. I knew that this record was released and I visited At War With False Noise records webpage just to realize that I was too late. Decided to order regular version and mailed about shipping costs, guy mailed me back that he had 1 limited edition package left (someone has cancelled his order) and asked me that am I interested? Well, surprisingly I was.