Clint Heidorn: Pasadena LP


Oh what a beauty this latest release from Clint Heidorn is. Been a big fan of his music since I bought his debut album “Atwater” seven years ago.. what makes me wonder how fast years are passing by. Thing here is acoustic, avantgardish field recordings etc. and this new album is.. can’t even describe how amazing this is. Thanks to Clint for his music, would love to hear music from him much often. This record arrived within two days from States and for my surprise there was a copy of his collaboration twelve-inch with Loren Connors titled “Light” included (actually I already have that but thanks anyway!). Limited to 134 copies and seems to be still available from his BandCamp site. Highly recommended!

Oh, here’s a picture of his releases I have managed to grab during these years, maybe this picture tells how much I appreciate this artist.



Contact Field Orchestra: Vol. 1 LP

contact field orchestra

Wow!! This awesome piece of art came today and oh,  how I have been waiting for this to arrive. I found this from BandCamp, listened one song, then another and another.. And obviously I had to purchase this. Awesome record, experimental-folk-I-do-not-even-know-how-to-describe record, twisted. You better listen this to yourself, you wont regret it. I do not know about limitation but this is available from the source Hit+Run Records. There are few options available single LP or bundled one (LP+cassette). Choice is yours. Highly recommended release!!

“Sounds like Tom Waits and Augustus Pablo smoking opium on the bayou.” – Kutmah 

Grisha Shakhnes: Leave/Trace LP (red)


Latest arrival to my tiny collection came today. Actually some might say that this ain’t music at all. Hey, this is about field recordings, experimental landscape colored with sounds of the modern world. It’s totally up to you if you’re ready to open your mind for this journey. Now I’m going to lay down, close my eyes, put my headphones on and enjoy this purifying moment. Not bad, at all. Limited to 500 copies and 100 of those are on red vinyl. This ticket to sweet oblivion is available from Glistening Examples (and yes, they have red copies, $15 + shipping). Your decision if you want to purchase this from the source or are you ready to pay those Discogs prices..

Lawrence English: Kiri No Oto LP (white)


I remember hearing some dark ambient when spending my time in public library (they had a marvelous music collection) nearly 20 years ago. Those days I found so much new music and I’m grateful of that. These modern classical / ambient records are nowadays in everyday rotation. This is beautiful record. Initial copies came on white vinyl, rest are black. You can get your hands on this jewel at Anost.

Kink Gong: Xinjiang LP

kink gong

Wow!! Very different record indeed. This is like fresh spring wind that blows against your face. Yes, this is different and beautiful recording. This is purely for those who do not have prejudice against experimental music. Limited to 300 copies and is still available from Stashed Goods.