Se Delan: The Fall 2xLP

se delan

Oh. What a beauty this one is. Can’t stop listening.. I even love the picture on the cover of the album. Is this alternative folk-rock or something but who cares when every song sounds this damn good. This duo, Belinda Kordic on vocals and Justin Greaves (from Crippled Black Phoenix) has done beautiful record. Recommended with a hand on my heart. No info about limitation but still available from Kscope. And about shipping & packaging.. this came shipped very fast and what I love the most, packaged ultra-mega-super-hyper secured. Thank You, Kscope!

King Dude: Fear LP (red/white)


I’m really happy that I managed to grab this one. I missed this album totally when this came for pre-order. I was little disappointed and thought that I have to  purchase this EU version from Ván Records. Suddenly, on the release date these limited color versions were available again from Not Just Religious Music (seems that they kept few copies stored for release date). And about the album itself, it’s dark. Album filled with dark stories and miserable tunes ,I like this kind of music a lot. This is my second full length from this artist and someway or another I have to collect every single release of these darkened nightmares. Limited to 100 copies on red/white (sold out), 200 copies on red, 200 on white and 500 copies on black vinyl, available from Not Just Religious Music. And of course there are clear copies (limitation unknown) available from Ván Records. Awesome trip trough darkness and beyond!

Free CDs along with these latest arrivals..


Oh, didn’t remember to mention these two CDs that came with ‘Roads To Ruin’ LP yesterday. Few weeks ago I ordered that Horseback test pressing and within two days I received confirmation that my order has been shipped. Few days later I noticed from Twitter that there was limited quantity of Jenks Miller/James Toth test pressings available from the same source, Horseback’s official online store. I ordered one and immediately got mail from Jenks, apologizing those shipping fees I had to pay for these two different orders. He asked if I would like to have a CD copy of ‘Spirit Signal’ (his own solo record) or ‘Piedmont Apocrypha’ free of charge included to this latest order. I chose ‘Spirit Signal’ simply because I do not have it on vinyl (yet).

Yesterday both orders came, at the same time (thanks to our twisted domestic postal services). Anyways, with ‘Roads To Ruin’ came two CDs, ‘Spirit Signal’ and Horseback/Locrian split ‘New Dominions’. The point is that he gave these to records for free. He didn’t have to do that but he did. I really appreciate this gesture, really.

Now I have to buy his solo, Spirit Signal, on vinyl too.. damn.. :D (available from Northern Spy)


Robin Allender: Foxes In The Foyer LP (clear)

Robin Allender

Yes, finally this beauty came. I found this artist quite a time ago and ordered this album within minutes (because of record plant delays etc. it took little time to arrive). But now it’s finally here! I got this one on mp3 few months ago and have been listening this album quite much, and still I find this as astonishing as it was first time I came across with it. You just need to hear this one. This is limited to 350 copies on clear vinyl and first 65 copies come with special embossed cover (like mine did). Available from Scissor Tail Editions. Recommended!!

Murder By Death: Red Of Tooth And Claw LP (burgundy)

murder by deathFound this band about three years ago. I was amazed by the fact that I didn’t knew anything about this act. But now I know much much much more. Records like this one keeps me trying to find more and more beauty from this darkness. Recommended, highly. As far as I know this color is from 2nd press and limited to 1000 copies. Available from straight from their website.

Mark Lanegan / Karen Dalton: Same Old Man 7″ (blue)


This also came today. For me this was “must buy” because of Mark and Karen. This is released as part of a series celebrating Light In The Attic’s 10 year anniversary in 2012. Sold out from Light In The Attic’s store but you can purchase this for example from Other Music. Don’t know about limitation of this and seems that this is available from different stores when I googled this.