Devil’s Witches ‎– The Audio Erotic Collection 2xLP


Anyone who has ever come across with this blog of mine sure knows how unfortunate I have always been with this band and all their releases. Well, I have managed to grab a few releases on cassette format but this time luck was by my side.. or I keep thinking so. That F5 button was under heavy pressure at the time this compilation was about to be released. And finally, I was lucky enough to get a copy. It’s amazing how fast all those 500 copies vanished. Yeah, I love this record like all those 499 other lucky ones. Thanks to Cursed Tongue Records for bringing this alive (and for understanding my whining about those corner folds..). Greatness on vinyl format!


Ancient VVisdom - 33 LP

Ancient VVisdom: 33 LP (DHU exlusive)


Ancient VVisdom. Years ago I bought their album “Deathlike” and I was amazed about how in hell they could perform this kind of music mostly acoustic. Amazing band but somehow, during this years I had forgotten the band even though that album still has special place in my record rack. Then one of my favourite record label, DHU Records, announced this newest one. Damn this album is beautiful! One of the best records I have bought during this year. This band, with every damn record, has managed to shake my mind with their way of performing this kind of evil music mostly acoustic. Recommended one & still available from the source, DHU Records. And I have to thank DHU for releasing this one, great record released by awesome label!

Ulvesang: The Hunt LP (purple)


Beauty. That’s all to say about this latest from Ulvesang. Found this band a year ago, bought their debut and fell in love. This newest one came yesterday and.. there’s love n the air, once again. Loving the atmosphere on these albums, acoustic so-called neo-folk giving me chills. Listening this album takes me to some distant, yet familiar place. This beauty is limited to 200 copies on purple vinyl and 300 copies on black. Still available from Nordvis and I really can recommend this, I love this band.


Kuolema-duo: s/t LP


Bough this album earlier this year and for your information this records holds little different music than I usually like to listen. Kuolema-duo, roughly translated it means Death-duo, simple as that. These two Finnish ladies perform psalm-like folk with very dark lyrics (in finnish). I was quite surprised that one half of this duo I already know from my past. Anyways, really like this album and I also bought their previous long play on cassette as it was also available. If some one is interested of finnish-dark-psalm-folk, you can grab a copy for example from Record Shop X. Just listen..


Spectral Lore: Gnosis 2×12″ (bronze)


This is record I ordered while sitting on the bus on my way to my grandmothers funeral almost two months ago. I listened this via BandCamp several times during that trip and fell in love with this blackened, ambient/drone, nearly instrumental folk metal record. Never had heard of this band before I got this mail from Throne Records announcing release of this record. On this album there’s one track I could listen on repeat & endlessly and that track is called “Averroe’s Search”, haven’t heard as beautiful track in years. Thanks to Throne Records introducing this band and releasing this magical record. Released on bronze (numbered & limited to 75 copies), on white-speckled transparent purple (also numbered & limited to 75 copies) and on black vinyl (limited to 300 copies). There’s only black copies available anymore from the source, Throne Records.



Ulvesang: Ulvesang LP (green)


It’s acoustic, it’s (neo)folk and I still love these tunes. Once again one of those artists I have never heard before. This one I found via Throne Records, listened few tunes and I just had to purchase the album. I’m not that familiar with this genre but that does not prevent me to listen music like this. Either you like this record or you don’t, that’s just how it is. Bought my copy from Throne Records, green colored is limited to 100 copies and first 40 came numbered. Colored one is sold out but there’s still regular black copies available.


Havukruunu: Havulinnaan LP


Here’s some finnish black/pagan/folk metal to your ears. Few weeks ago I got a copy of this record and somehow managed to destroy the cover completely (okay, there was this tiny bump on one corner of the cover and i tried to fix it..) so I had to order another copy. And here it is now, Havukruunu’s debut album “Havulinnaan” on deep black vinyl (limited only to 200 copies). This is black metal album seasoned with some pagan/folk/traditional heavy metal. I like it, you don’t have to. Available from Naturmacht Productions.

Zeal And Ardor: Devil Is Fine LP (Box set)

Zeal And Ardor (Box set)

Ha, I just could not resist purchasing this box set. One of the most interesting albums this year and surely one of my favorite. In case you do not know what Zeal & Ardor is about, I suggest you just to listen few tracks below. This box set is limited to 40 copies and sold out quite fast (and yes, this is second press of this magnificent album. If you dig what you’re hearing there’s still white-colored vinyls (second press, limited to 100) available via Reflections Records.


Those Poor Bastards: Behold The Abyss LP (clear with red splatter)


Finally I got my hands on this darkened country jewel! I missed this one when it was released and been looking for a copy since. Few weeks ago I found one with decent prize tag on it via Discogs. Those Poor Bastards. I’ve been a fan of this band since I heard their “Satan Is Watching” album. Darkened, gothic are the words when talking about this band. This vinyl is limited to 500 copies and it seems to be quite hard to find these days. Here’s few tunes for you to check out if you do not know the band. First one is from their “Satan Is Watching” album, second from this one. Enjoy :) Ain’t this band miserable enough?


Horseback: Dead Ringers 2xLP (baby blue)


Yeah, latest from Horseback (solo project of Jenks Miller) and this is a golden one. I still can remember the moment I heard Horseback’s “The Invisible Mountain”, it was mind-blowing moment. Since that moment I have purchased every vinyl (and some cassette) release from Horseback. I love this artist, and as long I still can breathe on my own I will purchase every upcoming release for sure. It has been a long way from “The Invisible Mountain” to this latest one and the journey has been very intense, interesting & progressive. Krautrocking psychedelic, shoegazing folk-drone. One of the best albums I have heard this years. Baby blue colorway is limited to 300 copies and is still available from Relapse Records. Awesome!


Trappist Afterland: God’s Good Earth LP


Few days ago I got an email from Sunstone Records and there was a link to download Trappist Afterland’s newest album, God’s Good Earth for promotional purpose. Silently I was cursing myself why on earth I missed this one. Yesterday I got a note from the post office and picked up a package sent from UK. I was really amazed (and confused) to find out this beauty lurking inside..!? I still can’t remember ordering this & can’t find any receipt nor confirmation from my mail boxes. Hmm.. maybe they sent this by mistake :O

Amazing psyched folk recording this surely is and I’m way more than happy to include this to my collection. This is one of those records that you just have to experience by yourself. Even though I’m no one to say anything about this genre (folk or psyched folk or something..), one thing I can say, this is a brilliant record from this australian multi-instrumental artist. Sunstone Records sold this (limited to 150 copies on black wax) out within few days but you still can get your hands on this via artists BandCamp site (there’s 25 copies for sale). Beauty.