Richard Houghten: Along The Coast LP (orange)


Time to break the silence. Have to admit that I haven’t been very active with this blog of mine lately but I’m still here. This was the very first album that arrived to my household at 2018, Richard Houghten’s beautiful folktronica/acoustic album called “Along The Coast”. Some of you already know that I’m a big fan of his music and I have been quite lucky with purchasing his albums (very limited pressings). I knew from the very first tune I heard from Richard that his music will always have that special place in my heart. This beauty is limited to 86 copies and it’s sold out, surprise! Even though you missed this physical one, you can still get these tunes in digital format. Recommend piece of art.


Richard Houghten: All Guitars 2 LP (lathe-cut)


Woah!! Latest recording by Richard Houghten, album titled “All Guitars 2”. If you haven’t ever heard of this artist, I suggest you to check out his works. I already have several of Houghten’s albums & 7-inches (few seven-inches still missing) and with every new release he manages to surprise me. Folktronica, instrumental, experimental, acoustic guitars.. and this time we can hear some cover versions from Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow, Bonobo etc. Damn, I love his records. Managed to grab a copy even though it was nearly impossible to decide what version to choose.. I chose lathe-cut version, limited to 50 copies. There were few other variations available too but this one felt most interesting.  As you can see on the picture above, I got something extra with the album, seven-inch “On / Lifting Away” with holographic etchings.. didn’t see this coming and I really appreciate this, I really do!

All versions of this latest one are sadly sold out by now..


A Cosmic Gift: Hologram LP (cosmic haze) + test pressing


Because I’m a big fan of Richard Houghten this was must buy for me. A Cosmic Gift is a duo by Houghten & Brandon Burger and this is their third album together.  Oh, and this was the very first time I managed to purchase A Cosmic Gift album (previous albums sold out within hours). Really hard to describe music on this record, it’s some strange mixture of ambient, electronic, downtempo & folktronica (like Houghten use to label his music). Six months ago I got single-sided test pressing of this record and as you can see from the picture below, there’s a hologram.


This “cosmic haze” one is limited to 100 copies (sold out) but here’s also 300 copies on black wax (limited to 300 copies) & less than hundred copies available from the source, SlyVinyl.


Richard Houghten: Music by Richard Houghten LP & something secret..


Few weeks ago I got this beauty via post. I missed this one when it was available (all Richard’s releases sell out within hours). I really like this artist and I always try to grab whatever he is releasing but sometimes it’s really hard because of time difference. Few times I have woke up in the morning just to notice that something has been announced and sold out while I have been counting sheep. With this one I was more than lucky because Richard himself contacted me and wanted to send me something (he never mentioned what), I really didn’t expect this or anything else. Ones again pure diamond. Best way to describe Richard’s music is “folktronica” like he do on his BandCamp page. This is limited to 50 copies and well, you know it’s sold out. Maybe Richard should think little bigger pressing amounts? Check out his BandCamp site for time to time, you never know what treasures there might be!

Along this album came super secret test pressing/ single-sided prototype of upcoming A Cosmic Gift’s album “Hologram”.. more about this jewel closer to releasing day, but I can say that this will be a freaking brilliant record!!


Richard Houghten: All Guitar 12″ (clear, lathe-cut & limited to 40 copies)

Richard Houghten - All Guitar

During this week I have received few interesting records indeed. Let’s start with this on from Richard Houghten. All Guitar, latest vinyl release from this folktronica artist (limited to 40 copies on lathe-cut clear vinyl). Little hard to describe his music.. words like acoustic, experimental, folktronica, instrumental can be used when fitting this one to some genre. Beautiful record once again from Richard and I’m damn lucky that I managed to grab this one before it was sold out. Keep your eyes on this artist, I surely will.

Richard Houghten: Open Horizon 7″ (lathe cut)

Righard Houghten

Here I’m rubbing my hairy & dirty hands together with a smile on my face. Yes, I managed to purchase this latest lathe-cut seven-inch from Richard’s BandCamp site. This tiny record is filled with “folktronica”, like artist himself describes his music, and I just love his acoustic-downtempo-instrumental-folk. Title track is composed for the Transworld skating film Open Horizon and the video can be seen on the bottom of this page. Limited run of 30 copies has sold out, sadly. But you can support this awesome artist by purchasing his music on digital format via his BandCamp site.

Richard Houghten: Sonata De Grillo LP (colored)


Hahaa, and here it is as I wished last February, a full-length album from Richard Houghten! I like this one, a lot. Folktronica is the name of the game here and you must listen for your self to find out what it means. This album is limited to 100 copies and available from his BandCamp site (at this very moment there seems to be only two copies available though..) and 6 random orders will have his (already sold out) lathe cut seven-inch included. Recommended one, obviously!

Richard Houghten: Saving A Life / New Mexico 7″ (lathe cut on clear vinyl)


I got this one from Richard yesterday (and yes, Richard, I have enjoyed this one a lot!). Instrumental folktronica, as this beauty is described on BandCamp. Limitation is very low (about 20 copies or few more) and sold out already. Maybe he should release his digital long play on vinyl too? I would certainly purchase a copy. Recommended one and if You ever find a copy, do not hesitate to purchase it. Yes!