Isn’t it amazing… da-da-da-da-maged.. (UPDATED)

Oh yeah.. Picked this package less than an hour ago from the post office. Was waiting for this “treasure” package to arrive and today was the day of arriving. And from following pictures you can see how it turned out to be.

Package itself

Oh, four records packaged in the mailer like this (crucifix-mailer, the ones I so sincerely love). I can see bumped corners here..


Yes.. secured shipment with one carton stiffener. Shipping cost  definitely forth $37.00 and more to come…

corners part 01

And surprisingly we got bumps on every cover.. and that’s not all. We got bumps on every damn corner!

Nice. I bought these from Discogs, added a note about packaging via Paypal (those usual corner protecting & records outside the cover things..) and hoped for the best and this is what I got. Two of the records were also shrinkwrapped, sealed. Damn.. And it’s useless to send these back because that would cost me around 36.00 euros. Fuck.


Because I have no interest of keeping these (that nihilist I am with damaged covers), I would be glad to get these out of my hands. You just pay shipping costs and these are yours!

Juv – Juv (2xLP), Mika Vainio – Life (… It Eats You Up) (2xLP), Noveller – Desert Fires (LP), Steven R. Smith – Cities (LP)

Vinyls are most likely in mint condition, cover conditions are shown in the pictures above.So, if you are interested just drop me a mail (via contact page). Oh, and I promise to package these different way :)

Third time’s a charm.. and I’m not laughing


This package is from UK. I picked this up from the Post office about an hour ago. As You can already see, there are some “minor” damages on the corners of the cover.. Mailman (in this case mailwoman) is not the one to blame. I made a deal (years ago)  with this lovely lady who delivers our mail, that she just leaves all packages like this on the Post office and I take care of picking those up. She surely knows that these are holding vinyl records just because we have had numerous conversation about my record collecting :D

Anyways, this is the third time that I have received a record (actually fourth time but that one came in PVC sleeve and had no cover issues) from this artist and let’s look these corners little closer..

002 003

004 005

Only one corner out of four has no visible damages. And then we come to the record, actually to the cover. Oh, there were two carton stiffeners inside the mailer though..



Some ding-bump-fold-bends.. This is the third time with this artist and usage of insufficient mailer (I just can’t understand why anyone bothers to use those, not proper for international shipping, or anything) and YES, I have contacted the artist about these same issues before. I just do not understand why I even bothered to purchase this latest.. I did not pay for this, and it does not warm my heart that my name is mentioned on the cover..

One thing is for sure, I won’t order anything from this artist anymore and now he’s free of one whining idiot. Cheers, keep on making awesome music but pay a little more attention on packaging these jewels because this I got here is not shining.


here we go again.. got quite expensive, quite limited album packaged like this (and packing & shipping cost me €15.50). Nice.

A picture paints a thousand words.


If some one would like to know what is inside this “professional” mailer, just contact me and I’m happy to reveal that. It’s a pity because I really waited this to arrive. After seeing some pictures of already packaged albums on company’s facebook page last week.. I became very worried. Well..

Nicely packed shipments that came today..

There must be something totally wrong about the way they pack vinyl albums in UK. I got two shipments today and I am quite horrified about the condition of albums, just wanted to attach few pictures I took. Covers ruined and the other album was “nicely” twisted.. yes yes..

ruined shipment pic01

ruined shipment pic02

ruined shipment pic03

ruined shipment pic04

ruined shipment pic05

I do not really know what these people are thinking.. sending records out packed like that and even bother pack those on proper LP mailers..