La Mancha Negra: La Mancha Negra LP


I have to admit that it’s pretty nice to finally get my hands on a record I ordered about five years ago. The copy I ordered never reached its destination (no thanks to the band) and no one ever bothered to answer my queries about where the record might travel. I purchased this copy through Discogs.. And I still really love this crappy swamp-blues / garage sound La Mancha Negra offers to its listener. Not maybe the best album in the world but a very enjoyable experience, still. If you ever fancy a copy of this record.. avoid their BandCamp site and try to get it somewhere else (if  you are not ready to wait years to your copy to arrive). Anyways, recommended one.

The Goners: Good Mourning LP (blue/white with black splatter)


And then some Swedish knowledge… This is the debut album by The Goners (well, we all know that these dudes have been in scene some time but that’s a different story). Garage, hard rock..? Who am I to say what’s the best genre to place this album, main point after all is those tunes engraved in the grooves of this nice looking vinyl release. Rock’n’Roll at it’s best. Available via RidingEasy (US), (EU) and for example from Kozmik Artifactz.

Earth Tongue: Floating Being LP (orange/yellow)

earth tongue

Earth Tongue and their loving psychedelic/garage mixed debut album. Have to say that this record is quite refreshing. I came across with this album via some stoner/doom/psychedelic chart, listened to it via BandCamp few minutes and decided to hunt down the psychical release. I managed to grab this “Inverted Eye” edition, limited to 250 copies. This beauty is released by Stolen Body Records and seems that there’s a second press available right now to pre-order. Go for it, I certainly would but got my copy right here, right now.


The Picturebooks: Imaginary Horse LP (clear)


Look what I got from Riding Easy Records yesterday. Yep, the debut album from The Picturebooks and it sounds awesome. This German duo knows their Rock’n’Roll, bluesy kind. I really dig this album a lot, it sounds raw, it sounds dangerous, you can smell the sweat on it.. Thanks to Riding Easy for putting this jewel out, without You I would have missed this band totally. This clear version was limited to 50 copies and surprisingly it’s sold out but there are still copies on white and black vinyl available from the source, Riding Easy Records (these should have sold out already..). Recommended album, this is Rock’n’Roll, dangerous kind!

POW!: Hi-Tech Boom LP (silver vinyl) + 7″ Flexi-disc (red)


I posted about this album earlier (got a wrong colored version) and here it is, the right one! Have to thank Castle Face Records customer service about this! Now I have the right colorway and that nice little flexi-disc :) Oh, and I also got this CD version of Damaged Bug “Hubba Bubba”  and little note “With Compliments” on it. This is customer service at it’s best, I really appreciate this. Castle Face UK sold this out in minutes and Castle Face US long long time ago, but both stores have 2nd press available. So, what are you waiting for? Get this awesome synth/garage rock album before its gone second time.

Thee Oh Sees: Moon Sick 12″ (bone colored) & wrong version of POW!… [UPDATE]

thee oh sees

Got a shipment yesterday from Castle Face Records UK (yes, they are shipping nowadays within Europe too). There was this little treasure which is already sold out from their US store. Surprisingly I had to pick this one and this is still available from UK store, go and grab this while you still can for $15 + shipping (prizes are in dollars). Nice little garage rock twelve-inch.

UPDATE (to the whining part of this post, you can see that below): Just got contacted from the UK store apologizing this mix-up and I really appreciate their effort to correct this. This is Customer Service at it’s best! I bow before You, Castle Face Records UK!

I also ordered a copy of POW! – Hi-Tech Boom LP (silver vinyl) + 7″ Flexi-disc (red). Well, this is what they sent me..


As you can see, this is not what I ordered  :( This is “Wasp Guts” colored (obviously without that flexi-disc) and not what I paid for. I have emailed them about this and still waiting for some kind of answer..

p.s. I asked them to send records and covers separated (just to avoid possible seam splits to form during shipping) and it’s quite amazing they didn’t noticed at that moment they’re sending a wrong item..



Origami Horses: Trashola! LP (douplemint/purple)

origami horses

Smiling even more! I found this absolutely lovely record from that same package with Akûma’s album. The point is that I did not order this one and now I have to assume that this came as a gift. And I love gifts, especially if those are as good as this one is. This is garage/alternative rock and now I have to bow before Magnetic Eye Records for introducing this band to me. Damn, I like this album. Recommended, with hand on my heart (and this is not some promotional jargon!!). Just check this out, available from Magnetic Eye Records.

The Shine Brothers: Hello Griefbirds! LP (red)


This came from Cardinal Fuzz today. And I have to say that delivery times have been astonishing fast with them. Cardinal has come one of my favorite record companies, brilliant records, awesome customer service and super fast delivery times. And about this record, this ain’t that psychedelic, fuzzy stuff than Cardinal’s previous releases but that’s only good thing. Very enjoyable record, just listen to their song “Creation” .. And about limitation, total pressing is 500 copies and 200 of those are on transparent red vinyl. Available from the source, Cardinal Fuzz. Nice job!

Has A Shadow: Sky Is Hell Black 12″ (clear with black haze)

Has A Shadow

Seems to be the last one before Christmas. Nice piece of shoegazing, dark waving psychedelic garage rock. I found this from BandCamp and very happy with that. And hey, these guys are from Mexico, wow! No info about limitation of this little treasure but it’s still available from record company’s BandCamp page. Oh, if You decide to purchase, make sure that you include a following message to Your order: “Please, remove the shrink wrap and send record and cover separated, just to avoid transport damages like seam splits”. Obviously I did not remember to do that and below you can see the curse of shrink wrapped album.. seam split!


I do not blame this anyone but me, even though I’m quite sure that I included a message of secure shipping and something about seam splits. My bad. Anyways, this is frankly a secondary issue and does not affect on music itself. Recommended!!

The Spyrals: Out Of Sight LP (red)


This nice garage rock album came today. It’s been a while since I have listened stuff like this, maybe now is time to get more familiar with this “scene”. Oh, this was quite cheap (only $7) and shipping cost considering to the prize of the album were reasonable (funny thing is that now this album cost $12 on record company’s BandCamp site). No clue about limitation and available from BandCamp, recommended if you like your rock with psychedelic garage sounds.





The Mummies: Never Been Caught LP


And some memories from the past. Great garage rock recording and great band even I never had a chance to see them live. This band shows that Rock ‘n’ Roll ain’t that serious. Originally this was released 1992 but there’s a repress from 2010 available.

The Hellacopters: By The Grace Of God 7″

This was the 7″ that introduced The Hellacopters to me. I am a big fan of Nicke Andersson, seems that everything being touched by Nicke turns to gold.. Entombed, Death Breath, The Hellacopters, Solution, Imperial State Electric.. etc. But for me By The Grace Of God album is one of those albums that matters.