“Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack” poster by Godmachine

Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack

Yep, and here is one of my obsessions (among vinyl & patches etc.), posters done by Godmachine. Latest purchase was this awesome looking Mars Attacks! poster. Well, I can’t say that I collect these but certainly will purchase ones I like and can afford.

Little disappointed that I missed his “Joker” and “Frankenstein” posters though. But life goes on. Check his blog & store if you already haven’t.


Exception, this one time… Poster by Godmachine from Warpaint Press


Among other things I’m a great fan of Godmachine’s art and I have purchased several posters made by this awesome artist during last few years. Yesterday I got a poster tube from Warpaint Press and there are two things why I wanted to post this here on my little blog, the poster itself and this little “Thank You” card from Warpaint Press.

About the poster. I’m really glad that this poster is now available for bigger audience (originally known as “Kraken” and limited to 10 copies..), now Warpaint has pressed this newly named as “From Below”, limited to 100 regular copies and 50 variant copies (this green one). As a fan of Godmachine this was must have item for me. Lovely poster hmmmmm :)

And the other reason is this little “Thank You” card with a badge from Warpaint. I really love all these extra things that comes along your purchases, whether it’s a handwritten message or a little gift like this one. These little things make it feel more personal.. somehow.

The green variant of this poster is sold out but there are “regular” copies still available from Warpaint Press. And of course you should visit at Godmachine’s own webstore!

And I promise that this is the first and the last post about posters here on Vinyl Diaries.