Full Of Hell: Trumpeting Ecstasy LP (silver/white/gold splatter on black)

full of hell

Well, it has been a while since the last post but I have a quite good reason for that. We went and bought a house, tired of living in these apartment buildings. All these paper works and arrangements has taken so much time recently so I haven’t been able to give time to this hobby of mine that much. But back to the bottom line, got this latest from Full Of Hell last week (or was it a week before that.. can’t remember) and have to admit that this record has been on top of my very short playlist lately. Don’t exactly know is this grindcore with some death metal or death metal with grindcore, but who cares about that in the end. Band is new to me and this is my first Full Of Hell record (this copy is from 2nd pressing just because I was too late with that 1st pressing) and I liiiiiiike this one, perfect soundtrack for this era of my life when I’m taking this huge step leaving these damned flats behind. Great record with awesome picture on the cover. Available from Profound Lore, both US & EU store.

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Bolt Thrower: In Battle There Is No Law! LP


Yesterday my Bolt Thrower collection grew up with one album, In Battle There Is No Law. One of those albums that formed my music taste years & years ago. I Remember how my friends use to play those role (board) games back then (wasn’t my thing) and on the background they always had Sabbat, Manowar and.. Bolt Thrower records playing. This was my first touch with this grindcore/death metal overloard. Never had a chance to own this original copy until now, and this copy is in perfect condition (it even has all inserts). Aaarrrggghhhh…

“Awaiting the slaughter, time stands still
Thoughts fade away, so does your will
Enemy close in, blood on their minds
You won’t die once, die a thousand times…”


Terrorizer: World Downfall LP


Look at this beauty! I never had a possibility to purchase this album back then, local record store in my late hometown never had this one from Terrorizer available. Oh I remember those days, LP purchases based mostly on the cover pictures of the albums and lousy reviews from some shitty domestic music magazines. It took 28 years to get this and same amount of years to hear the album for the very first time… shame on me.

Aarrgghhh.. The fact is that this is one awesome album from that era, you already knew that but I did not until now. Bought this nearly pristine copy from that same source where I have purchased all those recent oldies/goldies.



Bolt Thrower: …For Victory LP


One more original pressing to my collection. Fifth full-length from mighty Bolt Thrower. This Death/Grind band has been one of my favourite years & years and I have been hunting down silently these original pressings. Within last three-four months I have managed to grab so many great records from that era. Now I’m waiting for 3 first one from Cannibal Corpse & Sepultura’s Schizophrenia to arrive. As you can see, I really love those old good death/thrash/speed/grind bands. One more record closer to my goal, to own all those I lost along the way.


Contaminated: Final Man LP (silver)


Hah, here’s some modern Death/Grind metal in your face. I don’t follow death/grind scene nowadays but once in a while this kind of filthy monsters pop up from the void surrounding us. This is Contaminated’s debut album and it’s raw & sick, it shows that this Australian band knows what they are doing and in my opinion they are doing it pretty well. This cup of tea is not for everybody but surely there’s a place for this record next to those old death metal albums in my record rack. This silver version (with gigantic fold out poster, limited to 100 copies) is sold out by now but you can still purchase orange (limited also to 100 copies) or regular black wax (limited to 100 copies) from Blood Harvest, for example.


Jucifer: District Of Dystopia LP


It has been a while since I have heard anything from this band but this record broke that silence. Previous album I have bought from this band was “Throned In Blood” and I really liked it, and I like this one as well.. even though this is far more heavier, raw, brutal & and has a political message hidden beyond. Actually this is more like raw grindcore to me. Love this duo because they do what ever they want. LP is available from their website, jucifer.net or from Alternative Tentacles. Recommended, surprisingly.


CHOOSING DEATH, The Improbable History Death Metal & Grindcore (Revised & Expanded)

Choosing Death

Yes, it’s a book but damn good one and now it’s available from The Decibel Magazine’s webstore as a revised & extended version. This book does not cover the whole story of death metal nor grindcore but it surely is one of a kind release. For me this is like a journey to the year 1990 when I was totally blown away when I placed the debut album by Deicide on my turntable… and along came Napalm Death, Entombed, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Death, Obituary, Pestilence etc. Oh, those years..

This extended version covers roughly the main events & bands up to this date and surely it’s not intended only for us, mummified middle-aged corpses. Recommended, if you are still able to read text from the pages of an actual, physical book. This revised & extended version is limited to 3000 numbered copies and is still available exclusively from Decibel’s webstore. Go for it, you wont regret it.


Carcass: Reek Of Putrefaction LP (splattered cavities)


New jewel from Earache’s re-pressing plant! Carcass and their debut album “Reek Of Putrefaction”. Once again in the picture you can see original version (from 1988) and the newest one. This is one of those “classic” albums that are always on my wantlist. Awesome album. This “color” is limited to 100 copies and sold out from the source. If you are after this album, I recommended to visit Earache’s webstore, there are still other color variations left.


Bolt Thrower: War master LP (“Profane Creation” colored)


War Master.. in the picture you can see original version from 1991 and the latest repress of this amazing record. This new repress came today and I do not even know why I purchased it.. well, it’s Bolt Thrower you know. This repress is limited to 100 x “Profane Creation”, 200 x “Cenotaph Grey”, 300 x Shreds Of Sanity”, 400 x “Rebirth Blue” and 900 copies of “Afterlife Black”.. This “Profane Creation” colored is sold out but other color variations are still available from Earache. Master of all grindcore recordings.

Bolt Thrower: The IVth Crusade LP (templar’s red & white)

Bolt thrower

This came today, and I’m happy that Earache repressed this one (I’m not ready to pay those Discogs nor Ebay prizes for the original copy). Managed to crab this white/red copy. Limited to 1900 copies (according to Discogs), 100 copies on “spearhead” grey, 200 copies on “Templar’s” red & white, 300 copies on “Byzantine” yellow, 400 copies on “Imperial” purple and rest 900 copies on “sea” black. Available from good record stores around the globe,  I think.

Xysma: Deluxe LP


At last this was released on vinyl, big hand to Svart Records. This was quite unique band from Finland. Xysma evolved with every record they made, starting with grindcore and ended up playing some kind of mixed garage rock or something. This record is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl and is available from Dark Descent.

Bongripper / Hate: split 12″ (smoke)


And this came today too. Even though I do not like very much of these split releases I wanted to give this a chance. Quite epic tune from Bongripper. I also liked very much of Hate, lovely grindcore, not mind-blowing but very enjoyable. This is limited to 100 copies on smoke and 400 copies on black vinyl. Black one still available from Bongrippers Bandcamp site.

Nasum: Shift LP


Last studio album by Nasum, one of the Greatest. This band would have evolved to something beyond this realm but then it was all gone. I will carry this band in heart till the bitter end. Limited to 500 copies on transparent red vinyl and 1500 on black vinyl.

Nasum: Helvete LP (white)


Maybe the best band in grindcore “genre” (like Bolt Thrower). Got this record from a friend couple of years ago. This is those records I never going to left behind. This Swedish band was (and still is) one of my all time favourites. Available yes but you have to be ready to pay little more.