Mystic Sons: Curses And Spells LP (gold with black splatter)

mystic sons

Then there’s Mystic Sons, doomed stoner from Switzerland and holy freaking hell I fell in love with this record right from the start. I remember hearing the title track via BandCamp and I knew right away what I have to do. Nice package filled with Curses And Spells and the vinyl itself doesn’t look that bad at all. Really like these vocals on this groovy, fuzzed master piece if I may say so. Check out this release if you haven’t already done it, highly recommended! A few copies still available via BandCamp if you feel this is your thing.

Slomosa: Slomosa LP (white)


I got this debut album from Slomosa a few months ago. This rocking garage/stoner group comes from Norway and has done great job with this groovy/fuzz record. I can distantly here some echoes from 90´s desert rock on this album and it brings a smile to my face. Great start to this band and I look forward to what they will accomplish with their upcoming records, fingers crossed that there will be some. Available for example via Bandcamp & Apollon Records. Check this out!

Beastwars: IV LP (white/blue splatter)


While hunting down that Mexicoma album I posted about earlier, I came across this beauty. Beastwars is one of those bands whose records have been on my “wantlist” for ages and finally I got me one those. The band comes from New Zealand and little do I know about them. Stoner/doom with unique touch and I love this band even more now that I have been spinning this record numerous times.. If you fancy a copy, I know where to get one.. Greatest Hits Mailorder is the place.

Oh how you count the days
And the nights slip away
And the storm and it’s rage
War, the hell, every place

Mexicoma: Obsidian Monolith LP (blue/white)


Hell, picture of this record (with BandCamp link) was posted to Sludge/Doom/Stoner Vinyl Collectors -group on Facebook about 3 months ago. Never before had I even heard about this band but after listening to only a opening track from this album, I was sold. Quality stoner from Sweden and this is kinda music I love to listen while driving. Tried to find a copy via Kozmik, checked out Discogs (a few copies were available) but managed to find a mint copy from Greatest Hits Mailorder! Great record and if the rumors of upcoming album are true, I will be here waiting.

Bonehawk: Iron Mountain LP (clear)


Bonehawk is again one of those bands whose music I have been supposed to get to know for ages and ages. It just happened that I didn’t even get the band’s previous album, Albino Rhino, before this latest one was released. Better late than never. As was the case with that Kitchen Witch record, too many records and so little time. The phenomenally beautiful hard rocking stoner album this surely is and will play on my audio equipment for a long time. Released by Cursed Tongue Records and available (pink-colored version) from the source, Kozmik Artifactz & band’s BandCamp site.

Lightsabres: Darkness On My Trail LP (white/black)


Lightsabres will never let you down. This is the sixth full-length from John Strömshed aka Lightsabres that I managed to include in my collection. From the very first full-length, Demons, I have bought all new albums without hearing a single note beforehand from those albums. Yeah, Lightsabres is that good. With mixing grunge, stoner, punk and psychedelic is a concept that can’t go wrong. Check out this one, and all his previous releases and you know what I’m trying to say. Released by DHU Records (one of my favorite record labels if you haven’t noticed..) and still available from the source & artist himself. Love & respect!

Foot: The Balance of Nature Shifted 2xLP (fire & flood edition)


I got this record a few months back and still find this Australian band’s record spinning either in my turntable or digitally in my earphones almost daily. Even though this album is more like a mixture of alternative / prog & little grunge on it, still some stoner vibes can be heard time to time. I really like the atmosphere on this album. One of the best albums I’ve listened to this year. Highly recommended double album and still available for example via Copper Feast Records.

Rosy Finch: Scarlet LP (red/black)


Rosy Finch from Spain delivering some beautiful grunge/stoner/sludge influenced alternative rock or something (I’m just a simple man and it’s hard for me to categorize music styles anymore..). I bought this one alongside that Dö album from Lay Bare Recordings. Great release and this record have been under the needle more than once lately (digital version via headphones on my way to work).   from the band or Lay Bare Recordings. Highly Recommended!!

Stonerror: Widow In Black LP

Stone Error

Oh boys & girls how long I waited for this to arrive. If I remember right I pre-ordered this Stonerror album nearly six months ago and it arrived finally few months ago. The band is from Poland and they know exactly what they’re doing, smooth stoner rock. I suggest you check out this band if you haven’t already done that. Kick-ass record this certainly is. Available via the band’s BandCamp site.


Hippie Death Cult: 111 LP (golden colored)


And this beauty I bought via Cursed Tongue Records. This is Hippie Death Cult and this band sounds amazing overall! Now that I’ve listened to this album for a few weeks, I really do understand why this record collects praising reviews from every direction. 111 is fueled with soundscapes from the 70s, doom & stoner and with some grunge influences. This awesome package is released by Cursed Tongue Records (one of my favorite DIY labels out there) and you can still purchase regular black wax via them (very limited stock). Golden variation sold out within minutes. Highly recommend, both band & label.


Lightsabres: A Shortcut To Insanity LP (green/white)


My precious..  Fifth album from Lightsabres, this time released by DHU Records (favourite artist & one of the best labels there is). Made a deal with myself about six years ago when Lightsabres debut album was released that I’ll buy everything this artist will ever release (Demons was so brilliant, and still is). Love these garage/stoner/grunge/fuzzy/lo-fi albums John Strömshed keeps recording. Damn this latest sounds as great as all previous albums (got this on cassette version too). Even though I promised to purchase all Lightsabres related releases, I missed Strömshed so-called solo album “Absint” which was released yesterday, limited to 25 lathe-cut twelve-inch (I was an hour late and by the time I checked my phone it was gone..). Anyways, great record & great package. This DHU exclusive is sold out from the source but still you can grab it from Lightsabres BandCamp site (there’s 5 copies still available..) and for cassette lovers there’s few alternative to choose from at that very same address. Cassette version also available from Medusa Crush Recordings (CA).



Dope Smoker: Legalize It LP (green)

dope smoker

Pre-ordered his from Black Farm Records on April, finally it’s here (manufacturing this had numerous problems during the way). Bought this on cassette too because I just couldn’t wait vinyl version. Doomed stoner with obvious elements from grunge (or am I having some problems with my hearing?). This green colored vinyl is limited to 120 copies and there’s still white colored (limited to 180 copies) available from the label, Black Farm Records. Nice one, like a lot. 



Babes In Toyland: Spanking Machine LP


Haa, last Saturday I took a train to my previous home town and visited the local second-hand record store just to check out their selection. After some digging I found this one, a record that I sold to this same store about four years ago! Hah, I bought it back immediately. After all this was one of those “grunge” bands I crew up with. Can’t even understand that this record was released 26 years ago.. Great one, great band.



Lightsabres: Spitting Blood LP (opaque red)


Damn, this came nearly too fast,,, Hell Yes and thanks for this one goes to STB Records (for recommending this, I had no idea of this new release). This is my second vinyl from this artist and once again I’m smiling, this is awesome garage/sludge/punk/Lo-Fi/stoner album, like previous album was/still is. Recommended one, limited to 100 copies on opaque red vinyl and if you really want a copy, act fast. Available from his BandCamp site.


This came packaged like this and I was horrified.. but he must have some magic touch because cover etc. were in pristine condition. I’m in love!