Earth Tongue: Floating Being LP (orange/yellow)

earth tongue

Earth Tongue and their loving psychedelic/garage mixed debut album. Have to say that this record is quite refreshing. I came across with this album via some stoner/doom/psychedelic chart, listened to it via BandCamp few minutes and decided to hunt down the psychical release. I managed to grab this “Inverted Eye” edition, limited to 250 copies. This beauty is released by Stolen Body Records and seems that there’s a second press available right now to pre-order. Go for it, I certainly would but got my copy right here, right now.


Green Lung: Woodland Rites LP (green/black marbled)

green lung_xx

This arrived a few weeks ago, Green Lung and their debut “Woodland Rites” on green/black marbled vinyl (well, in the picture it looks very black..). My story with this band started last year when I missed totally their cassette EP and I promised to myself that I will hunt down a copy somehow. Never got that cassette but now I got a full-length. A great record filled with occult/stoner/doom & hard rocking tunes. Funny thing with these releases by Kozmik Artifactz is that the most limited version is always black colored (limited to 100 copies) then there is some colored option, in this case, green/black marbled limited to 200 (first 111 copies of which are hand numbered.. as a mailorder edition). Someone is selling this numbered one for an egregious prize on Discogs…

First pressing is sold out now but second pressing (two color variation, red and white, and both limited to 250 copies) still available for example via Kozmik Atrifactz.

Highly recommended one!


Captain Caravan: Shun The Sun LP (transparent yellow)


Don’t know what’s wrong with the drinking water in Norway but yet again amazing stoner/hard rocking album from the country better know of its blackened metal scene. Had to choose between this album and some bills I was going to pay.. Well, it’s quite obvious how that went at the end. Band is mixing 70s sounds with hard rocking stoner and as we all know by now, that concept can’t go wrong. Cursed Tongue Records is behind this release and the whole package is, yet again, pure gold. Limited to 100 copies on transparent yellow (sold out by now) and 300 on black wax (still available). Great record and recommended purchase. We all know where you should be heading right now..

Taiga Woods: Taiga Woods LP (green)

taiga woods

More I listen to this more I find myself enjoying it. Taiga Woods, never heard of this norwegian band before but decided to order this with Absent’s album from Cursed Tongue Records (I really like the idea of releasing two albums at the same). Well, this psych/stoner/hard rocking record has earned its place in my record shelf. Don’t know but these groovy, fuzzy tunes are forcing me to move my legs across the floor. Limited to 100 copies on green colored vinyl (sold out by now) and 300 on black vinyl. Regular one still available from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. Recommended one!

The Necromancers: of Blood And Wine LP (blood red stripes)


Yeah.. When this one was available I waited too long with my decision and suddenly it was sold out. In the end the main reason for skipping was those sadistic shipping costs. For few weeks I listened this latest from The Necromancers via BandCamp and I knew that I must get my hands on this someway or another. Now it’s here.  Bought this from some Discogs seller and paid about 10 euros more than it would have cost (with shipping) from the source. Damn this is good album, worth every penny. Hard rocking stoner/space/doom whatever-you-wanna-call-it album. And now I’m after their debut (can’t picture why in hell I skipped that one too).  Regular version available via Kozmik Artifactz (EU) and Ripple Music (US).



King Howl: Rougarou LP (red)

king howl

Damn.. I got this album in my wishlist at BandCamp for few months. Then came the day when I listened it through once, for the second and third time. I was sold and I had to get my album in my collection. This is pure rock’n’roll, heavy blues, stoner combining so many elements and the result is..  just amazing! This Italian band is just awesome and I have check out their previous album as soon as possible. Album is still available from the band’s BandCamp site for very reasonable prize. I bought my version from Electric Valley Records and paid 10€ (+ shipping).. Check out this one, this one won’t let you down!


Orange Goblin: Thieving From The House Of God LP (orange)

orange goblin

That album from Dozer ain’t the only little treasure I picked up from that local record store of ours. Original copy of Orange Goblin’s Thieving From The House of God in nearly perfect condition and also this one I got very cheap. I already have few albums from Goblin (Frequencies From Planet Ten & Time Travelling Blues) and this one is nice addition to my collection. For those who are after this one on wax, there’s good news because Rise Above is re-pressing this album along their first four albums. Nice!


Here Lies Man: You Will Know Nothing LP (clear + booklet)

here lies man

Yep, second one from Here Lies Man on clear wax including booklet (limited to 100 copies). Got this hmm.. last week but haven’t had a time place this one under the needle until today. Band’s debut album (that was released last year) was quite amazing and “You Will Know Nothing” goes to that same category, bringing some fresh air to stoner/psych genre with some afrobeat included. Some may find this band and their records way too hard to chew but for me this is just pure sweetness for my ears. Clear one is sold out from the source, Riding Easy Records, but they still have regular black version available. Friendly Records in UK seems to have some light blue copies (limited to 300).. Anyways, if you’re interested finding a copy near you I suggest you to search a copy via google (like I always do). Great record.


The Ugly Kings: Darkness Is My Home LP (red/black/white marbled)

ugly kings

A damn nice blues/hard rock album from this australian band. I listened this album via BandCamp few times and result of those moments can be seen on the picture above. Bluesy rock with touch of darkness, what else can I ask? Highly recommended album even though this has nothing to do with stoner/doom/sludge. Jus give a listen and you know what I mean. Still available from Kozmik Artifactz on white vinyl if you are interested. Yeah!!


Killing Joke: Absolute Dissent 2xLP

killing joke

Please don’t throw rocks at me… This is my first album from Killing Joke. I blame Metallica that I have skipped this band till this very day. Metallica’s version of “The Wait” is.. well, not that good one. I bought this album few months ago from local record store, just because I thought that it’s time to check this band what they are all about. Damn you James & Comp. This band is awesome, how in hell I have managed to avoid this band for so long? Better later than ever. I have this list burned on the back of my cranium of bands I will never gonna listen, Killing Joke was on that list but not anymore. This regular black copy seems to be limited to 400 pieces and Discogs prizes are quite high, luckily I didn’t pay that much for this pristine copy. Love this record and gonna check all their previous albums fo sure! Shame on me..




2 x Wicked Lady & Lee Van Cleef (cassettes) from Creep Purple Records


Got these three tapes few days ago from Creep Purple Records (first releases from this label), some of you may already know Creep Purple by its awesome promotion site for sludge/stoner/doom etc. releases. It didn’t took that much time for me to purchase this bundle of cassettes because I do not own these on vinyl. Nice work and damn good tapes. Waiting for next releases from this label for sure!  These tapes are available from Creep Purple Records (Lee Van Cleef seems to be sold out already though..), all releases are limited to 100 copies. Seems that I’ll be posting more cassette releases on this blog of mine in future… should I rename this blog Vinyl/Tape Diaries :)



Here Lies Man: Here Lies Man LP (clear)


Been waiting for this to arrive and finally I got this here with me. I don’t know anything about this band but it took only one track , “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”, and I decided to purchase the album. Strange one this surely is, mixture of hazy psychedelic stoner rock with some afrobeat. Strange and refreshing, in other words this album sounds awesome. Swedish Goat has now proper competitor, even though I don’t like to compare bands nor music they are performing. This is available on clear (ltd. 200)  & regular black vinyl from RidingEasy Records (US), Rough Trade (UK) is selling solid green exclusive vinyl version (ltd. 200). Awesome record, in my opinion!


Red Wizard: Cosmosis LP (red with black haze, dlx version)

red wizard

Hey, here we go again with the latest STB release, now it’s time for Red Wizard and their debut album “Cosmosis”. Awesome looking package and I bow to the king, STB Records, for putting out these treasures one after other. After numerous spins this record, that seems to be band’s debut full-length,  grows better, and better. Red Wizard plays doomed/stoner/hard rock with retro vibes and from first tune to the last this record have been very refreshing, mesmerizing experience. In other words, freaking beauty! This version is dlx one, limited to 85 copies and as always, sold out from STB like all other color variations. Kozmik Artifactz (EU) & All That Is Heavy (US) both has these red/black variations (limited to 160 copies) still available so if you are interested you know what to do. Recommended!



Old Man’s Will: Hard Times – Troubled Man LP (test press)

oöd man's will

Even though I have said that I’m not that interested of test pressing.. here’s one, surprise. Very strong performance from this band on their second full-length released by Riding Easy Records. If you like good old-time rock favored with blues I suggest you to check this one out. These test pressings are limited to 30 copies (still wondering why so much..) and surprisingly sold out but there are still clear copies (limited to 200 copies) available from Riding Easy. Nice one!


Bison Machine: Hoarfrost LP

Bison Machine

This stoner/hardrock band managed to surprise me totally with their debut album here. I listened this few times via their BandCamp site and it was quite easy to decide either purchase this one or not. This (US) version here is self released by the band, limited to 150 copies (according to BandCamp) and available from that same source, BandCamp. And for those who are still able to wait for some colored versions, Kozmik Artifactz is going to repress this one soon here in Europe. I just couldn’t wait that EU version so I ordered my copy straight from the band. Recommended release from his awesome sounding rock band!

Electric Citizen: Sateen LP (opaque red)


Package came today from RidingEasy Records. Once again I was bit too eager to get this album that I did not read release information through.. I pre-ordered this because I thought that I missed test pressing/die hard versions. Well, actually those came on sale about week later or something :D (same thing happened with my Monolord LPs). Anyways, maybe I just have start collecting every single version of every item RidingEasy is releasing. And about the band, hard -psychedelic-stoner-whatever-rock and sounds good, very good, goes to my this years top list without the doubt. Even though nowadays there are many bands playing this kind of rock, this band stole my heart with they “Light Years Beyond” seven-inch earlier this year. Recommended album!

There are still different colorways available around the globe:

Opaque Red (limited to 100 copies) EasyRider Records
Opaque Teal (limited to 200 copies) EasyRider Records
Clear Purple (limited to 100 copies) Hevisike UK, for £14.99
White (limited to 100 copies) (for example..)

Old Man’s Will: Old Man’s Will LP (test press)

Old Man's Will

This test press of Old Man’s Will album came from Easy Rider Records today. And I have to say that I’m very pleased with this one. Packaged ultra secured, record taken out of the cover etc. This is the second LP I have received from this label and it’s nice to see that they put some effort on packaging. And about the album itself, good old-time hard rock.. from Sweden (seems that all good hard rock bands nowadays comes from Sweden, like those “Action Rock” bands years ago). Yep, not bad album at all.

My version is one of those 30 test pressing with alternative cover (now sold out). Easy Rider Records still has Die hard copies on clear vinyl (limited to 50 copies), white/black swirl (limited to 100 copies) and grey/black swirl (limited to 100 copies). And yes, there are some other versions available too if you are interested; Tee Pee Records has 100 copies on Baby Blue vinyl, All That Is Heavy has 75 copies on translucent orange vinyl.. then there are 200 copies on green vinyl available somewhere.. Anyways, plenty of copies floating around and we must not forget that there are also those vinyl versions from Transubstans Records..

Xysma: Lotto LP


Bought this yesterday from local record store. This is one of those “must have” records for me (originally released on CD, 1996). This Finnish band was like Carcass, evolving record by record. First time this is released on vinyl (100 copies on red and 400 copies on black vinyl) and surprise, I totally missed that red copy so I have to settle with this black one (for now). Xysma’s first record was all grind/death metal and this (their fourth full length) is pure hard rock :) Black copy is available from all good record stores but you can also order it straight from Svart Records.

Xysma: Deluxe LP


At last this was released on vinyl, big hand to Svart Records. This was quite unique band from Finland. Xysma evolved with every record they made, starting with grindcore and ended up playing some kind of mixed garage rock or something. This record is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl and is available from Dark Descent.