Olde: Temple LP (die hard edition)


And here’s a one I waited so much that I even purchased tape version even though I vinyl version preordered. Heard about this band (and their debut album) first time through STB Records few years ago. I bought that debut album straight away and since STB signed the band I have been waiting for more. Here it is now, Olde’s second album and damn this is good. If you like your stoner/sludge/doom played with hint of hardcore mixed in it, this surely is a record for you. I suggest you to check this out and for your information this “Die Hard” version (along some other versions) is still available from the source, STB Records (quality release, once again from this awesome label). Those tapeheads can pick cassette version from Medusa Crush Recordings.


Unsane: Visqueen LP


This has been on my rack for ages and just realized that I haven’t mentioned this masterpiece here on my blog. Thing is that I didn’t knew anything about this band when I heard “Against The Grain” for the very first time.  Nine years and still I love this album, noise rock, hardcore at it’s best. Should spin this more often just because.. this rocks. This could be little hard to find these days but if you after a copy, Discogs is the place.


Neurosis: Enemy Of The Sun 2xLP, Souls At Zero 2xLP & Through Silver In Blood 2xLP


These I bought for myself as a christmas present. As you can see all three albums are represses, I can’t afford to buy original copies (surprise). I have this difficult relationship with Neuosis just because there’s one album above all (in my opinion) and that’s “The Eye Of Every Storm”. Yeah, I have purchased all their albums after that release but this particular album is a sort of cornerstone, or something, to me. Well,  now it’s time (at last) to get little more familiar with their previous albums and I think that this will be very rewarding journey. I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t done this earlier but better late than never, I guess.

Young And In The Way: I Am Not What I Am LP


Then I have always time for stuff like this here, Young And In The Way & their hard-hitting debut album, “I Am Not What I Am”. Sometimes I got lucky with Discogs and find these jewels for decent prize. This is what it is, blackened-crust-hardcore-metal blowing ear-wax out of your cranium. This here is the original version, hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies. If you want this, I suggest you to check out what Discogs has to offer. Great one for this misty Saturday morning.


Street Sects: End Position LP (milky clear + book)


Got this one from The Flenser few days ago. I’m smiling, just because this album is totally insane. Noise, industrial, samples, hardcore.. you name it. I can’t help myself but some distant way this reminds me of Johnny Violent and his awesome album “Shocker”. Anyways, this is refreshing album in every possible way. If you want to blow your brains away with music, try this one. This colored version is limited to 250 copies but first hundred copies came with a book shown in the picture. Brilliant record in its own twisted way. Available from The Flenser.




Neurosis: Fires Within Fires LP (bloody clear)


Neurosis is Neurosis, what else there is to say. I have listened this few times now and I like this a lot, but this one needs time like every album Neurosis has ever put out. My friendship with this band started with their awesome “The Eye Of Every Storm” album, and I still find it best Neurosis record ever. I just have to give this new one some space and I know that in the end we are still close friends. This color variation, UK exclusive, is limited to 610 copies and seems that Norman Records is still selling it..


Breach: It’s Me God 2xLP (clear)


One of those records which have been on my “wantlist” for ages (original pressing) has been repressed by Apocaplexy Records recently. And once again, awesome release from this awesome record label. Yes, I know I have said that I do not care that much about represses but I do not have money to buy original copy of this record with those Discogs prizes. I’m more than happy with this one, like I’m with those two other repress I have managed to purchase via Apocaplexy (thanks to Maik). This surely was a band ahead of its time mixing metal & hardcore the way they did. Favorite one. Managed to get my hands on this clear copy (limited to 100 copies) but there are still copies on black vinyl available from the source, Apocaplexy.

I Am Become Death: S/T 10″ (green & clear with white/black splatter)


This came yesterday along with that The Phuss twelve-inch. I did not order this and I was little confused so I decided to email Magnetic Eye Records about mistakenly shipped item, actually I secretly hoped that there’s a reason for this.. And there was, Mike from MER mailed back saying that this 10 inch is too good not to share and I totally agree. This little one is filled with hardcore, metal & punk. Not bad at all! I really love gifts, especially those one I like. Seems that this colorway is gone but there are still copies with black haze on milky clear vinyl available from Magnetic Eye Records. Go!

Omega Massif: Kalt LP (clear with blue splatter)


Finally this LP has been repressed (this time by Denovali). Originally this was released by E-vinyl Records back in 2008 but the reason I never purchased this was simply that it was released on picture disc. Now this massive debut album from this doom/post/hardcore band is in my hairy hands. This repress is limited to 150 copies on clear w/ blue splatter and 350 copies on black vinyl. Clear one is sold out from the source but still you can get a regular black copy from Denovali Records (known by quality releases all the way). Aarrgghh.. & recommended release indeed!

The Old Wind / Terra Tenebrosa: split 7″ (ultra clear)


Yeah, and then we come to this split release by The Old Wind & Terra Tenebrosa. As I’m a great fan of Terra Tenebrosa I was totally surprised when I found out that they have done this split seven-inch with The Old Wind (band that I’m unfamiliar, well listening their tune at this very moment and sounds quite nice indeed). Ordered this from Pelagic Records with that Cult Of Luna twelve-inch just because of Terra Tenebrosa but it’s always nice to find out new artists. Recommended little piece of gold. I do not know about the limitation but still available from Pelagic Records. Oh, and about Terra Tenebrosa’s tune, pure gold as always!



Raised Fist: Dedication LP


I got this one today, bought it from Ebay few weeks ago. Strange thing is that this was still sealed, in mint condition and cost me £14.36 shipping cost included. Not bad deal at all considering that this was released about 12 years ago and I haven’t seen any copies of this one in years. I know that this band is/was very hard one to chew for some HC fans. I do not mind about those “poser” talks because I really liked this band (and still like). Finally it’s nice to have this album on vinyl format. Recommended release (and band).

Celeste: Animale(s) 2xLP (picture disc)


I had to exception with this latest album from Celeste. Had to purchase picture disc edition even though I do not really much appreciate idea of picture discs. Well, this looked nice enough and I’ve always loved visual side (and musical, of course) of Celeste’s records. This beauty is released by Denovali and quality is awesome s usual. This picture disc version is limited to 200 copies and sold out already but, there is 2nd press available from the source, Denovali. Pick yours before those are gone. Awesome record!

Celeste: Nihiliste(s) LP (black and gold)


This is also one of those records from my “wantlist”, have been on that list for years.. Finally I “managed” to purchase this one. This is 3rd pressing of this record and damn what a beauty this record is.. when you hold this one against the light, it looks like this:


Awesome record indeed. Limited to 200 copies on this form and 300 on classic black vinyl. Both versions available from.. Denovali (surprise, surprise).


Amber: Lovesaken LP (mint green)


As I said before, this has been really quiet week for my vinyl hoarding. This came yesterday and this record reminds me of early Cult of Luna and some other band that I can’t remember right now. Nice record for those who like this kind mixture of some post-rock tunes and hardcore singing. This colorway is limited to 100 copies as well as copies on white vinyl. There are also few other colorways available from Narshardaa Records.

Breach: Kollapse 2xLP (clear)


Now we are speaking! This might be the record of the year! Been waiting vinyl version of this record nearly 12 years and now I have this absolute beauty on my tiny hands. This record took my breath away 12 years ago and still does. This is limited to 500 copies (100 copies on clear and 400 copies on black vinyl). Available from the source Apocaplexy Record (you can also purchase few records from Terra Tenebrosa while you are visiting the site).

Kvelertak: Meir 2xLP (purple)


I ordered this from Season of Mist last week and album arrived yesterday. Kvelertak’s debut album was amazing (still is) and this is once again amazing release. Nice to see that this band is evolving, moving forwards. About limitation, I think no one knows and cares about that. According to Season of Mist (sold out from their store) this colorway is limited to 500 copies but who knows. Recommended, obviously.

Neurosis: Honor Found In Decay 2xLP (orange)


I haven’t been updating my little blog for a while because I have been struggling with never-ending flu & fever. But this came today, been waiting this to arrive too long. I had an issue with customs about this record but finally it’s here. Only sad thing about this record is the fact that there are still distributors who does not seem to understand how to send vinyl albums in proper way. Ok, this was in mailer with buffers etc.. but records were inside the gatefold sleeve and here is the result:


Nice little seam splits..

This is limited to 100 copies on clear, 500 copies on orange, 500 copies on yellow, 1000 copies on smoke grey and 2000 copies on black vinyl. And black vinyl should be available from every good record store.