Burning Love: Songs For Burning Lovers LP (red)

burning love

Good rock ‘n’ roll record in the spirit of Hellacopters etc. This brings a smile to my face every time I listen to this lovely album. This is pure “Summer Soundtrack”. No idea of limitation but according to Discogs this is tour edition of this record, limited to 200 copies… hmm.. never been on their gig and yet I have this. Anyways, available for reasonable prize (black and blue versions) at ShirtKiller. Highly recommended if you like your rock ‘n’ roll dirty and dangerous.

Bongripper / Hate: split 12″ (smoke)


And this came today too. Even though I do not like very much of these split releases I wanted to give this a chance. Quite epic tune from Bongripper. I also liked very much of Hate, lovely grindcore, not mind-blowing but very enjoyable. This is limited to 100 copies on smoke and 400 copies on black vinyl. Black one still available from Bongrippers Bandcamp site.

Nine: Killing Angels LP


Damn what a good album from this great Swedish band! Ten years ago when this album was released I was on fire hearing this! And still I’m on flames when listening this record. The fact that L.G. Petrov from Entombed is singing in last tune of this album makes this even more greater! Yes, this is my opinion and if YOU have “Death is Glorious” on seven-inch vinyl, I’m ready to buy that jewel!!

Cult Of Luna: Somewhere Along The Highway 2xLP (black)

cult of luna

And this one, bought this years ago and “never” have had time to get familiar with this. Have to update that fact now. Great band. Even though their album “Salvation” is my all time favorite album, this is a beautiful piece of art. I think this was limited to 1000 copies on black vinyl, there seems to be also color version floating around and prizes are floating somewhere beyond Jupiter and Neptune. Black version is more easily to find and prizes are more closer to common sense. I love the title of the album and my favorite tune is..

Isis: Wavering Radiant 2xLP (blue)


Well, in my opinion “Oceanic” is the best release this band ever made. I’m not saying that this is somehow bad album, I just prefer “Oceanic” better. Isis is Isis as we all know. Bought this few years ago from Discogs and prize tag was very reasonable. This is from first press, limited to 400 copies. There’s also 100 copies on clear blue, 1000 copies on yellow and 1500 copies on black vinyl. Don’t even know how many times this is repressed.. So this should be still easy to find.

Ghost Empire: s/t 2xLP (red)

ghost empire

This band was new to me, never heard before. According record company’s webpage there are 100 hand-numbered copies on red vinyl and 350 on black vinyl (I have a red one but maybe they used invisible ink when numbering these). This is very heavy and dark recording, the way I like it to be. You can get this one from Wifagena Records, quite cheap.

Skitsystem: Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen LP


Great album, great band. Is this Crust, Crustcore, D-beat, Hardcore?? Who knows and in the end even cares! I will carry this band with me till the end of my days. This record gave me strength in my deepest days and this will always be in my Top 10! Always! Available, well this should be available from every good record store around.

Birds In Row: Cottbus 12″

birds in row

There’s no way I can remember when I heard this first time but I was sold immediately. Raw record and raw music and that suits me. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Sold out from Throatruiner Records but try getting this from Discogs.