King Buffalo: Dead Star 12″ (red)


I bought this twelve-inch from King Buffalo nearly 5 months ago but managed to placed it under the needle just a few weeks ago. Holy shit this band floats in its very own category. Mixing all possible genres; stoner, space, psychedelic, kraut, blues, etc. creating something so unique you just can’t ignore. Brilliant piece of wax forcing me to hunt all their previous releases except that split with Lé Betre I already have in my shelf. Awesome band! Grab a copy straight from the band!

Black Road: Witch of the Future LP (black & purple with cornetto effect)

black road

uuuhh.. Yet another great release from DHU, this time full-length from Black Road. This Chicago based band has managed to sneak into my heart & record collection quite easily. Few years back Dark Hedonistic Union released Black Road’s twelve-inch EP and I’ve been waiting since that release new material from the band (managed somehow to skip their 7″ inch, shame on me). Bluesy, heavy, fuzzed stoner with Suzi’s hypnotizing voice. Timeless beauty this surely is. Vinyl versions of this album are long gone, but some cassette versions are still available via band’s BandCamp site. Thank you DHU, for bringing these records to my life. And thank you Black Road, I will follow you where ever you’re going.


King Howl: Rougarou LP (red)

king howl

Damn.. I got this album in my wishlist at BandCamp for few months. Then came the day when I listened it through once, for the second and third time. I was sold and I had to get my album in my collection. This is pure rock’n’roll, heavy blues, stoner combining so many elements and the result is..  just amazing! This Italian band is just awesome and I have check out their previous album as soon as possible. Album is still available from the band’s BandCamp site for very reasonable prize. I bought my version from Electric Valley Records and paid 10€ (+ shipping).. Check out this one, this one won’t let you down!