Mystic Sons: Curses And Spells LP (gold with black splatter)

mystic sons

Then there’s Mystic Sons, doomed stoner from Switzerland and holy freaking hell I fell in love with this record right from the start. I remember hearing the title track via BandCamp and I knew right away what I have to do. Nice package filled with Curses And Spells and the vinyl itself doesn’t look that bad at all. Really like these vocals on this groovy, fuzzed master piece if I may say so. Check out this release if you haven’t already done it, highly recommended! A few copies still available via BandCamp if you feel this is your thing.

Fear Of God: Toxic Voodoo LP (red)

fear of god

Fear of God, the band’s name didn’t say anything to me a few months back. Came across this album via the Hand Of Doom label and my interest in the band woke up right away. Through Youtube, I saw the video below and I was really surprised I hadn’t come across this band before,. Perhaps the reason was that I lived in a world filled with British pop at the time of the album’s original release. Heck, in those years I missed too many great bands and recordings. Now it’s finally time to fix the mistakes and get back to basics. Great metal release and thanks to the vinyl version rightly belongs to Hand of Doom. Love Grosby’s vocals and it’s a shame she passed away too early.. Black wax version still available from the source, Hand Of Doom. Recommended!

Malsten: The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill LP (orange/black marbled)


Here’s some quality doom, this time from Sweden. Another new acquaintance for me because I haven’t come across this band before, so thanks to Interstellar Smoke Records for introducing this slow & heavy monstrocity. The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill is Malsten’s debut album and it sets high hopes for the band’s future releases. This darkened beauty is available via Interstellar Smoke Records.

The Goners: Good Mourning LP (blue/white with black splatter)


And then some Swedish knowledge… This is the debut album by The Goners (well, we all know that these dudes have been in scene some time but that’s a different story). Garage, hard rock..? Who am I to say what’s the best genre to place this album, main point after all is those tunes engraved in the grooves of this nice looking vinyl release. Rock’n’Roll at it’s best. Available via RidingEasy (US), (EU) and for example from Kozmik Artifactz.

Rough Spells: Ruins At Midday LP (pink/purple)

rough spells

Some love from DHU Records & Fuzzed And Buzzed. Here’s one hell of a record from Canadian heavy rocking stoner group, Rough Spells. I’ve known this band for a while now but haven’t actually checked their releases before this came out, what a shame. Really happy I bought this beauty. My loyalty to DHU Records forced me to purchase this DHU exclusive version,  even though there were Fuzzed & Buzzed and Band’s versions available. Sold out from DHU but Fuzzed And Buzzed have all tree variants still available. For EU citizens both record labels variants still available via Kozmik Artifactz (only one copy of each).

Horseburner: The Thief LP (blue splatter)


Horseburner? An obscure name for the band.. Well, here’s The Thief, their third album and the first I own. Spotted this band via Ripple Music webstore, listened to it for a few moments and the decision was made. Heavy psych/stoner/sludge/doom, you name it. Great record and I’m going to let the needle follow the grooves numerous times during upcoming weeks. Ripple Music has sold this color variation out a long time ago  but hey, there are still white-colored copies (ltd. 100) available from Ripple’s US & EU stores. Recommended recording indeed!


Ungraven: Language of Longing (cassette)


And once again it has been way too long since I have updated this blog.. It does not mean that I have given up, it’s mainly because I don’t have that much time nowadays.. But let’s start with this cassette that arrived today. Ungraven.. waited for this to arrive so freaking long that I almost gave up but here it is. And if you didn’t already know, this industrial-blackened-heavy-sludge release has something to with Jon Davis (Conan).. Holy hell, I really like this one (hmmm.. why in hell should I buy something I don’t like..). I would really like to see this on vinyl format too because I would buy that vinyl disc immediately. Bought this cassette via Black Bow Records and I suggest you to perform that very same act. Brilliant release.


The Necromancers: of Blood And Wine LP (blood red stripes)


Yeah.. When this one was available I waited too long with my decision and suddenly it was sold out. In the end the main reason for skipping was those sadistic shipping costs. For few weeks I listened this latest from The Necromancers via BandCamp and I knew that I must get my hands on this someway or another. Now it’s here.  Bought this from some Discogs seller and paid about 10 euros more than it would have cost (with shipping) from the source. Damn this is good album, worth every penny. Hard rocking stoner/space/doom whatever-you-wanna-call-it album. And now I’m after their debut (can’t picture why in hell I skipped that one too).  Regular version available via Kozmik Artifactz (EU) and Ripple Music (US).



Havukruunu: Havulinnaan LP


Here’s some finnish black/pagan/folk metal to your ears. Few weeks ago I got a copy of this record and somehow managed to destroy the cover completely (okay, there was this tiny bump on one corner of the cover and i tried to fix it..) so I had to order another copy. And here it is now, Havukruunu’s debut album “Havulinnaan” on deep black vinyl (limited only to 200 copies). This is black metal album seasoned with some pagan/folk/traditional heavy metal. I like it, you don’t have to. Available from Naturmacht Productions.

R.I.P.: In The Wind 2xLP (clear, Death Certificate Edition)


Yes, got this from Totem Cat Records few days ago and ain’t this freaking awesome piece of a vinyl. Old school heavy/doom metal (street-doom as band defines its music) and I really enjoy that raw soundcape on this debut album of theirs. Sweaty street-doom for sweaty metalheads. Album came out via Totem Cat Records and I managed to grab this most limited version on clear vinyl with Death Certificate my name on it. This edition is limited to 50 copies (sold out) but you can still get your dirty hands on that orange w/ black splatter (limited to 100 copies) or regular black copy (limited to 350 copies) from Totem Cat Records!

Jucifer: District Of Dystopia LP


It has been a while since I have heard anything from this band but this record broke that silence. Previous album I have bought from this band was “Throned In Blood” and I really liked it, and I like this one as well.. even though this is far more heavier, raw, brutal & and has a political message hidden beyond. Actually this is more like raw grindcore to me. Love this duo because they do what ever they want. LP is available from their website, or from Alternative Tentacles. Recommended, surprisingly.


Cirith Ungol and their first three albums reissued on splattered vinyls.. Hell Yeah!!

cirith ungol

Damn.. When this band was active I was more interested of playing with Lego bricks than listening any music at all. Strange thing is that I never came across the name of this band at my teenager years which were filled with metal music (any kind of metal, from heavy to doom and so on..). Anyways, better later than ever. These three records are heavy metal at it’s best and thanks to OMGvinyl for bringing this band to my knowledge. Beautiful stuff. These splattered reissues are each limited to 200 copies (HR records seems to have few splattered copies on their webstore along regular black colored ones if someone is interested). Great records!


Frost And Fire


King Of The Dead


One Foot In Hell



Crypt Trip: s/t (crypt edition, black w/ red splatter)


This deluxe box set arrived yesterday. Hard rocking stoner/doom/heavy album this surely is, and I’m quite satisfied with this one (well, more than quite). Got tipped about this album from few different websites and I could not pass this after listening few tracks. This deluxe edition with red splattered black vinyl is limited to 75 copies, of course there was this more regular edition limited to 125 copies on orange translucent vinyl. At this moment both of these versions are sold out. Even though these are not available anymore I suggest You to follow Poisoned Mind Records in the future.



Cloudkicker: The Discovery LP (black)


As we all know this is that “MYSTERY 2” record released by Blood Music. My copy came today and I ordered this one immediately when I realize who this mystery artist is (I ordered that “MYSTERY 1” long before this one). For me this was one of those “must buy” items. Now my Cloudkicker collection is nearly complete (talking about releases on vinyl). Nice one and I’m glad that I ordered this album from this multi talented artist. Oh, and as we all know, this is sold out.

Wild Throne: Blood Maker 12″ (red)

wild throne

This twelve-inch came today from Brutal Panda Records. Once again this record is one of those I suddenly found while looking for treasures from BandCamp. And what a treasure this certainly is. Progressive metal/heavy and very, very energetic and now I’m just waiting for their full length if there is one coming. I really like this one, little different from what I usually listen but that’s just positive thing! And I really dig the cover art, awesome. This is limited to 100 transparent red and 400 black copies. Surprisingly red one is sold out but you can grab black one from Brutal Panda Records. Recommended!!

Damn I like this more and more now..!


Danzig: III How The Gods Kill LP


I went out to local record store for the latest album of Oranssi Pazuzu.. Well, they did not have that and on my way out of the store my eyes spotted this one.. Pristine copy and no excuse to leave this one there. Even though I haven’t been listening Danzig for years now, I had to buy this. Maybe I have to pay a visit to that store more often (last summer I found few copies of Mark Lanegan’s earlier albums..). Nice pick, and got this one on very reasonable prize.

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals: Walk Through Exits Only LP (grey and red split)


Hmm.. I remember those days when Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell came out, loved and still love that album. Pantera was one of my favorite bands those days, then I grew up and turned boring. And I have to admit that I missed Down totally.. Then Season Of Mist announced this one. There seems to be lot of color variations of this record because it’s released by Season Of Mist and Housecore Records. Well, this is Season Of Mist release, limited to 150 copies and still available. And remember, this is not Pantera, this is solo album by Anselmo.