Ihsahn: The Adversary 2XLP (black)


Finally I got this one, missed this when it was released (by Blood Music) but now I hold this on my tiny, hairy hands. Love this album so much, even though I’m not a fan of Emperor. This was limited to 300 copies (100 copies on black and 200 copies on white vinyl). Sold out long long time ago. You might find this from Discogs/Ebay but be ready to pay great pile of coins if you would like to have this one.

Shining: One One One LP (orange)


And little avant-garde-jazz-industrial-metal-noise for the people. I have known this band for ages but this is the first record I have bought from their catalogue. Now I know what I have missed. Wonderful record for those who can walk their ears and eyes open. Love. If I’m not totally wrong, this orange version is limited to 100 copies, and of course there is regular black version available. Both versions seems to be available from Prosthetic Records.

Kylesa: Ultraviolet 2xLP (solid green with purple)


And this also came today. “Deluxe double vinyl”, 150 pressed with exclusive hand-grafted silkscreen print and CD version of the album. I pre-ordered this from Season Of Mist and this is sold out but they still have some other versions available. Something about limitation of this record: 150 deluxe copies, 200 copies clear with yellow and green splatter, 500 copies on transparent red and 500 copies on black vinyl. And I think there is plenty of others color versions floating around.. for example this bundle (limited to 100 copies, not double album though) available from Indiemerch.

Hour of 13: 333 LP (purple)

hour of 13

Maybe the ugliest album cover I have seen for a long time (this is purely my opinion..). But what comes to the music, good old-time heavy metal with doom elements. Great album indeed. Got this copy from the friend of mine so I don’t know if purple version is still available but Svart Records seems to have silver and black copies.

p.s. This can be found from Northern Silence Productions (purple colored vinyl, limited to 200 copies).

Nine: Killing Angels LP


Damn what a good album from this great Swedish band! Ten years ago when this album was released I was on fire hearing this! And still I’m on flames when listening this record. The fact that L.G. Petrov from Entombed is singing in last tune of this album makes this even more greater! Yes, this is my opinion and if YOU have “Death is Glorious” on seven-inch vinyl, I’m ready to buy that jewel!!

Dawnbringer: Nucleus LP (brown swirled)


Postman brought this today. I bought this from Discogs and got it quite reasonable prize. I remember hearing this when this was released.. didn’t like it back then. Well, now I like and thanks to their latest album “Into The Lair Of The Sun God”. This album is limited to 100 copies on brown swirled and 400 copies on black vinyl. I do not know about availability but surely you can purchase this from Discogs / Ebay.

Cobalt: Gin 2xLP (black)


aarrrrrgghhhh.. What is happening to me? I’m starting to like black metal more and more nowadays.. Well, these bands are not that black, more like just metal. And this one is yet again, awesome! Limited too 600 copies (100 on green marbled and 500 on black vinyl). Available from Profound Lore.

Baroness: Blue 2xLP (yellow w/blue splatter)


And here this is, do not know is this from second or third pressing but I do not really care. As far as I know, this color edition is 750 copies. Original pressings from this band are in ridiculous prizes so I’m satisfied with this. Good album and the cover art from Baizley is amazing as always. This one you could find easily from good record stores.

Xysma: First & Magical LP (clear)


Xysma was pioneer of Finnish grindcore and death metal. Svart Records released this album (released 1993 on cd format) first time on vinyl in 2010. Xysma started as a grindcore/death metal band, transformed to Death and Roll just to move to Retro Rock. Excellent example of band that did not stuck but adapted its whole existence. There are 300 copies on clear and 300 copies on black vinyl. Clear version available from Floga Records (few copies left).