Dälek: Asphalt For Eden LP (blue with white/back splatter)


Haven’t bought a proper hip-hop album for ages, if I remember right last one I have bought was some Cypress Hill album. I decided to purchase this one for two reason: I like what I’m hearing on this album, darkened, experimental hip-hop and the second reason was that this is released by one of my favorite labels, Profound Lore. Now I have a good reason to hunt down those previous Dälek albums I have skipped along the way. This is how I like my hip-hop performed. This powder blue/splattered version is limited to 100 copies and now sold out but you can grab some other color variants from Profound Lore. Check it out.


Paavoharju: Joko Sinä Tulet Tänne Alas Tai Minä Nousen Sinne LP (silver)


Hmm.. I went to post office to send some packages and found out that this strange little record was there waiting for me. What can I say.. mixture of some experimental folk-hip-hop in Finnish (seasoned with ethereal echoes from some very dark place..). This haunted beauty is limited to 500 copies (150 copies on silver and 350 copies on black wax) and released by Svart Records. Colored version seems to be little hard to find (Swamp Music seems to have some copies but their site is in Finnish..) But if you are interested, head to Svart Records or Record Shop X and get your copy on black vinyl.