Wolfmen Of Mars: Gamisu LP (black with green splatter) + some great xtra items!!

wolfmen of mars

I did it, I managed to grab a copy (of this most limited variation) a month ago. Few restock copies were available from Poisoned Mind Records and you just can imagine my finger tapping that F5 button.. I have a test press of this record already and don’t know what I was thinking when I skipped this DLX version (numbered & limited to 77 copies) back then. But now I have this awesome sci-fi/horror/instrumental/garage/whatever masterpiece here with me. Awesome record indeed!

Package arrived (as usual) in perfect condition but that’s not all. As I picked the package from the Post Office I noticed that it weighted quite much.. Opened it at home and found some extra stuff..

poisoned mind

With sweaty hands I picked up following items from the package:

Night Runner: Starfighter LP (pink with black splatter, ltd. 140 copies) -sold out-
Joel Grind: Fatal Planet 7″ (red/black split, ltd.138) –still available
Crypt Trip: Mabon Songs 7″ (translucent blue, ltd. 113) -still available

I don’t even have words to describe how much I appreciate this.. My humble thanks goes to Poisoned Mind, I’m totally astounded. Really love that Night Runner album, missed it in the first place because I literary slept over it and was so damn pissed off to myself. Brilliant 80s synthwave Album! Joel Grind’s (guy is better known by his Thrash Metal band, Toxic Holocaust) seven-inch is also filled with 80s synhtwave sounds (this has been on my wantlist since the day it was released). Last but not least, Crypt Trip. My history with Poisoned Mind Records started with Crypt Trip’s same titled boxset that came via Poisoned Mind two & half years ago. It’s awesome to hear some new stuff from this doomed psych/stoner group! And yet again, Thanks! I’m honored to receive all these recordings, this meaans lot to me.


The Demon’s Rook: Soundtrack LP (test press)

teepee02Even though I have promised to myself that I wont buy any soundtracks.. now and then I just have to make some exceptions. I bought this from Poisoned Mind Records (only 4 copies sale for public) few weeks a go, soundtrack for some film I haven’t seen. But hey, I listened some tunes from this record and I got that feeling.. you know, I was forced to purchase this one. I just don’t know what it is with these soundtracks.. why in hell I choose this when there’s still 9 copies (at this very moment I’m writing this) of that awesome looking limited edition left..? Burden of a manic record collector. Anyways, once again great release from this little record company, Poisoned Mind Records. Go for this while there’s still copies left.

Wolfmen Of Mars: Gamisu LP (TP)

wolfmen of mars

Fantastic record from this instrumental synth-space-horror-stoner band! Even though I’m trying to avoid purchasing test pressings.. I just had to have this one and once I got a chance.. result can be seen on the picture above (there were only 3 copies available for public). Poisoned Mind still has copies on black vinyl /w green splatter & prism cover available (at this moment there are only 2 copies left), why didn’t I purchase that too.. ? Well, anyways this record sounds awesome and I really love it.

The Sorcerers: s/t LP

The Sorcerers

Don’t know about you but I’ve been fascinated about this album for some time now and finally the physical version arrived today (in mailer with extra secured corners, like I kindly asked!). Groovy, atmospheric, smooth & slow jazz or something beyond but surely this sounds damn good! I do not know anything about limitation but you can easily grab a copy from ATA Records. Recommended one, obviously!



Voyag3r: Doom Fortress LP (gold colored) [UPDATE 11/24/14 about 2nd pressing]


The 2nd pressing pre-order of Voyag3r’s Doom Fortress LP is now live at Bellyache Records. Ships December 9, 2014.

This time around they are offering “Deep Space Nebula” (translucent purple) 250 copies and black vinyl 250 copies. Both versions come with a double sided 12″ x 12″ art print and digital download code.

The 1st 50 orders (either color) will receive a limited edition 1.25″ button set.

Yep, at last a reason to smile! This came today and what else could save Your day than sci-fi/horror/soundtrack/instrumental record like this one. Yes, this absolutely made my day. Yesterdays wounds are now healed and I’m ready to face new disappointments this awesome synth-horror beauty playing on the background. Beautiful package. This was limited to 100 copies and sold out already on pre-order but don’t worry, there are black copies (limited to 400 copies) still available from Bellyache Records!


The Night Terrors: Spiral Vortex LP (splattered)


And then we have the latest one from The Night Terrors. Cosmic-theremin-horror-electro-dance, I do not even know how to describe this album, but damn this sounds as good/cool as their previous one, Back To Zero. Awesome package, beautiful splattered vinyl and mind melting music, there ain’t much more you can ask for. According to Homeless Records BandCamp page, this is limited to 150 splatter colored copies with OBI strip (there is also 300 copies on red vinyl). Available from Homeless Records (and various distros in EU and US, there are links on the site). Recommended release!