Bat Manors: Literally Weird LP (translucent purple)

bat manors

This lovely indie rock/folk album came today. Very pleased with this one I am. Some strange way this record sounds very familiar though I never before have heard this (I mean before I purchased this from BandCamp and got those mp3 files). Anyways, beautiful record, beautiful package with hand screen printed cover. Recommended release. This one is limited to 300 copies (self-released) but I can’t find this from BandCamp anymore..

This tune is not from this album..

Post War Glamour Girls: Pink Fur LP (pink)

post war LP

And little different record (if I compare this to those I have been recently purchasing) this time. Sounds great, really like the singer’s voice (reminds me of Nick Cave and maybe a hint of Stuart Ashton Stables) and record is very enjoyable from start to end. This is something I have missed for some time now. Recommended, darken, bluesy rock! I do not know about total limitation of this release but 100 of those came on pink vinyl (sold out). Regular black version is available from their BandCamp page.

This seven-inch came with this album, it’s availalbe from the same source as the album itself.

post war s


Tidal Arms: s/t LP (pink marble)


After listening Mono for few hours it’s nice to meet a new friend. This album came today and there is something fascinating with this album. Experimental alternative rock with some psychedelic influences I might say. Anyways, this album is going to have some good time on my turntable (or maybe it’s easier to listen this with my headphones, makes it more intense experience). This album is limited to 100 copies on pink marble, 150 copies on transparent sea foam and 250 clear with black smoke. Pink marbled is sold out but two other color variation are still available from their BandCamp page. Recommended.

Dumb Numbers: Dumb Numbers LP (pink/purple)

dumb numbers

Tadaa, and suddenly this was delivered to me today. Somekind of “supergroup” with members of Melvins, Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. Well, I’m not familiar any of those bands (I have to admit) but this sounds good, surprisingly. This is Joyful Noise pre-order version of this album, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies (sold out). You can purchase electric blue or black vinyl from Joyful Noise.

Audrey: The Fierce And The Longing LP (clear yellow)


Got this one from Discogs, long lost friend. This was released by Denovali way back and I did not managed to purchased this those days (do not even know why). Finally I got this, even though it took some time. This was limited to 500 copies (250 on clear yellow and 250 on black vinyl). Denovali has sold this out long time ago. If you are after this you should try Discogs or you should just google this out. Lovely Indie rock album.

Kylesa: Ultraviolet 2xLP (solid green with purple)


And this also came today. “Deluxe double vinyl”, 150 pressed with exclusive hand-grafted silkscreen print and CD version of the album. I pre-ordered this from Season Of Mist and this is sold out but they still have some other versions available. Something about limitation of this record: 150 deluxe copies, 200 copies clear with yellow and green splatter, 500 copies on transparent red and 500 copies on black vinyl. And I think there is plenty of others color versions floating around.. for example this bundle (limited to 100 copies, not double album though) available from Indiemerch.

September Malevolence: Tomorrow We’ll Wonder Where This Generation Gets Its Priorities From LP (clear with grey haze)


This band (from Sweden) has something special. Album was originally released on CD at 2005 and thanks to Denovali, on vinyl at 2009. Awesome band that mixes post-rock elements to their  sadness filled indie rock. This is limited to 190 copies on clear vinyl with grey haze and 320 copies on clear vinyl. You can get your hands on clear one (special offer) via Denovali. Recommended.

September Malevolence: After This Darkness, There’s A Next LP (clear)


Suddenly I realized that this is one of my favorite albums. This might be (if I remember right) the first album from Denovali releases that I purchased.. Seems that this is limited to 500 copies, 250 on clear and 250 copies on half clear/half brown vinyl. I have no idea where to find this vinyl anymore, this seems to be sold out from Denovali. Highly recommended one.

Kom: Berry White LP (clear, book cover)

kom berry white

Nice little indie rock album from Kom, released by Denovali. This is one of those albums I should listen more often but when you are music freak/hoarder like myself sometimes it’s so hard to find time to focus on some albums :( Well, this will be spinning more often now on. Limited to 100 clear vinyl in handmade book cover, 100 copies on electric blue and 300 on clear vinyl. Book cover version is long gone but Denovali still have clear and electric blue versions on special prize.

PJ Harvey: Dry LP


Polly Jean, my all time favorite and her first album. Still remember the day I heard this one at the very first time. Jon Peel played some tune from this album (can’t remember what the song was) and there I was, in love. Amazing artist.

Pygmy Lush: Old Friends LP


Maybe there is still little indie rockster/hipster living inside because I truly like this record. Don’t know anything about limitation or what version I have but you can find this album easily from Discogs and prizes are not high :)

Murder By Death: Red Of Tooth And Claw LP (burgundy)

murder by deathFound this band about three years ago. I was amazed by the fact that I didn’t knew anything about this act. But now I know much much much more. Records like this one keeps me trying to find more and more beauty from this darkness. Recommended, highly. As far as I know this color is from 2nd press and limited to 1000 copies. Available from straight from their website.