Big Black: Atomizer LP


Here’s one album that altered my state of mind years & years ago, A-T-O-M-I-Z-E-R. My journey with Steve Albini started around 1994 when John Peel played “At Action Park” on his radio show (still have some of those shows recorded on cassette). Soon I discovered Rapeman & Big Black. This album, Atomizer, has been one of my all-time-favorite. If you haven’t heard Big Black before I suggest to check this one out, you either love it or then you hate it. Same thing with the character after all these three bands, Steve Albini. I love this album, I certainly love each of these bands. Classic.


John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey: Dance Hall At Louse Point LP

john parish

It took only twenty years to get this vinyl on my hands. Finally some Discogs seller decided to let this go with a decent price tag on. Cover has some minor marks but the vinyl is pristine (just the way seller described). Funny thing is that I never bought this record on CD, so this is the very first time I get to hear the whole album through the way it was meant to be. Now or never is time to grab this record, like any other PJ Harvey’s album. Her new album is coming (on coming Friday) and there’s more and more copies of her older albums for sale on Discogs (more copies, lower prices.. ).

Red House Painters: Red House Painters 2xLP (also known as “Rollercoaster” album)

red house painters

Here it is, the album that was at one point of my life the greatest record ever made. And still it’s great, beautiful etc. I had to purchase this repress because I sold my original copy back then.. how stupid was I. Anyways, really happy that this has been repressed at last. I so know that original copies of RHP’s albums are way too expensive for me to even dream of and these represses are more than welcome. This album brings so much memories from that era (just like Mazzy Star’s albums) and that’s why I means a lot to me. Beautiful indie/alternative album and surely this is has been every record collecting hipsters wet dream (at least that original 2xLP) for years. Things Mean A Lot.

Bought my copy from Norman Records.


Grawl!X: Good Grief LP


Hey, there’s always some room for shoegazing dream pop and today there seems to be perfect few hour cap for some of these hazy tunes. This one I picked up from the post office few hours ago, debut album by Grawl!X (hmm.. quite strange name this solo debut of James Machin has). And as this is just a debut album, how awesome will his future releases be! Limited to 250 copies and first 25 copies came with this little handbound lyric book. Album is available from Time Travel Opps. Nice!

William Ryan Fritch: Revisionist LP, Pre-order (I had to post this in advance)!!


WILLIAM RYAN FRITCH: Revisionist LP (Deluxe 12″ Vinyl Book)
Lost Tribe Sound $33.00 (+ shipping)
Release date is on February, 2015

I do not usually write anything in advance, now I have to make an exception.This just sounds so amazing.. breathtaking. Even though there is only one song to listen on BandCamp, it’s enough to convince me that this record is worth to own. Awesome mixture of post-something-folk-classical-indie-experimental-drone..
I found this one while surfing around BandCamp and it did not took much time to realize that William is also part of Death Blues with Jon Mueller (Death Blues released awesome album earlier this year called “Ensemble” which is still available from RHYTHMPLEX, Anost & Norman Records).

With shipping costs this album would cost about 50 euros to me, so I just have to wait if I could get my hands on this via Boomkat, Norman Records, Anost or
Denovali (for example). One thing is for sure, I have to get this one! Damn!

Death Blues: Ensemble (Deluxe 12″ Vinyl Book) available from RHYTHMPLEX and for us here in Europe from Anost or Norman Records.

VIEO ABIUNGO (William Ryan Fritch): And The World Is Still Yawning LP (deluxe edition with remix CD & poster) Some earlier stuff from William and sounds as amazing as this forthcoming one. Available from Lost Tribe Sound and us here in Europe from Norman Records


Monarch Mtn – Mysteries (digital, mp3, flac..) had to make an exception with this one!


Well, what can I say.. I have been listening this for a while now and really, really like what I’m hearing (even though this is just released on digital format..). Yes I know that this blog should be for vinyl records but now and then I have to do exceptions.. this is one of those. Awesome darkened, experimental folk etc. Some one should release this on vinyl, just give this one moment of your time or just purchase the album and support the artist (“name your price” and pay what ever you like). “Anchorite” on my headphones I’m going to face the darkness..

The Wooden Wolf: Nocturnes & other songs Op.2 LP

the wooden wolf

I got two records yesterday, this is one of those treasures. This is a fragile mixture of folk/country/indie and it sounds so beautiful. Second album I own from this artist and  I really love his lyrics, these songs packed full of emotion. I found this artist via BandCamp and both of these albums have special tiny place in my heart. No information about limitation but both of his albums (vinyl) are available via BandCamp I love them both!

The Wytches: Annabel Dream Reader LP (regular black with some writing on the cover…)


Hooo.. Nice one, came today. It has been little quiet when talking about purchasing records lately (got a new job couple of weeks ago and 12-hour days are squeezing all the juice out of me..). Anyways, I like this one. Sounds fresh and different but at the same time there’s something familiar here beyond the grooves. This is twisted rock (can we say “indie”), lo-fi with some hint of garage in it.  I so know that this will have some serious rotation on my turntable. Oh, there was this gold-colored version available too but I chose to preorder this regular one with some writing on the cover. Colored and WOC-versions are gone but You can still purchase regular black version of this lovely rock album from Heavenly. I like this so I can also recommend it!

Mirel Wagner: When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day LP (white, losers edition + 7″)


Yes, it’s here. The second album from Mirel Wagner and this time released by SubPop. Debut was released by Svart Records / Bone Voyage Recording Company few years ago and that one is still on my wantlist. About this record, fragile and dark, very dark little tales accompanied mostly with acoustic guitar. Somehow her stories reminds me of another Finnish artist, Joose Keskitalo (they have this split seven-inch released few years ago) and they both have this strange way to see this world around us. This is SubPop’s loser edition on white vinyl and no information about limitation and seems that it’s sold out now. But don’t worry, you can still purchase that regular one from SubPop’s webstore or any good record store around the globe. Recommended one.

And I really love these awesome mailers SubPop is using.


I put here some official videos from both of her albums, just that you understand how good these albums are (oh, and I must add also some track from Joose Keskitalo’s discography).

And some dark one from Joose Keskitalo. He’s singing about five beautiful girls and how he’s putting together one from the pieces of these five other.. creepy

“…The remaining three I buried in the churchyard with my both hands but I rescued the breasts, legs, and one pair of gentle face…”

Dylan Shearer: Garagearray LP (lava field)


Oh, and then we have this release (came packaged extremely secured from US). Dylan Shearer performing his nice sounding indie. I know that this record will have several spins on my turntable within few upcoming days. I do not know what it is with Castle Face Records but they keep on releasing awesome records one after another. I have to admit that I have missed some awesome releases but that’s my bad.. This one is limited to 250 copies on this colorway and there is also this “Ice cave” edition limited to 250 copies. This “Lava Field” edition is available from Castle Face (US) and that “Ice Cave” version is available from Empty Cellar Records (if you are interested to purchase one). Lovely indie pop recording!

Tiger Dare: Wires Over, Wired In 12″

tider dare 01

First arrival this month. Little record from Tiger Dare filled with nice dream pop & shoegazing indie tunes. Perfect one for these early spring days. I have to admit that sometimes there is a place for records like this one, even though I do not listen this kind of music so much. Not bad purchase at all. This is limited to 150 copies and is still available from Wonderland Archives.

If you are going to purchase this one (this is for those who live out of the states), email them for secured packaging etc. Why? Just because my copy came packaged between two carton pieces (in my opinion not so secured when shipping records overseas). Surprisingly it came in quite good condition, only one corner of the cover has taken some minor damage during the way and in this case, I can live with that :)

tider dare 02

tider dare 03

tider dare 04

Nightmare Air: High In The Lasers LP

nightmare air

Sun is shining and I’m listening this very promising album by Nightmare Air. Song number two is playing now while I’m writing this and I have to say that money well spent. This band operates somewhere beyond alternative-shoegaze-indie-pop-rock and they have managed to marry all this nicely together, great sounding album and I like, quite much! Oh, got a frisbee and koozie along the record, “California Adventure Pack”, as they called this limited set (50 copies on regular black vinyl, signed by the band and hand-numbered). Well, in this part of the world it might be still little too cold for these extra items, hah. Recommended album and still available from Goodnight Records BandCamp site without pen marks (this version I have is sold out)!

Robert Scott: The Creeping Unknown 2xLP

robert scott

Yes I actually purchased this, without listening. Hey, I clearly remember those times when visiting a record store and buying a record based on the cover image of the album. For example back in the days I bought “Swallowed In Black” by Sadus without hearing a single note from the record, it was common those days. So I did the same thing with this one. I do not know who Robert Scott is, with whom he has played etc. But now when I’m listening this (mostly instrumental) album, I’m glad that I did took a risk. Is this indie rock, alternative rock seasoned with some strange harmonies? I do not know. This is just the reason why I keep exploring, looking for new records I have never heard of.

I ordered this from Unwucht Musik (after reading a post about this record on SlyVinyl, Thanks to Ralph). This double album is limited to 250 copies and available from Unwucht Musik (if it’s not already sold out by now). And special thanks goes to Peter, for shipping this fast and secured!


p.s. and I also did purchase one of those “Mystery Records” from Blood Music :D 


Agnes Obel: Aventine LP (boxset)


This time something totally different. Even though I do not listen that much “mainstream” music, this artist stole my heart few years ago with her debut album. And what can I say about this album, nothing but once again pure beauty. And that voice, divine.. Limitation of this one is unknown but I’m sure that anyone who wants this album, can get a copy. Anyways, nice box set with LP, CD, exclusive instrumental CD, print and music sheet of song “Curse” for those who want to play this beautiful song with piano.. obviously that one is not for me. Regular LP with CD available from Denovali and this box set seems to be sold out from different sources but you can get one from Discogs for example (in decent prize, for now). Highly recommended for anyone who loves good music.

Sebadoh: Defend Yourself LP (tricolor) + 7″ (red)


Oh, and this is one of these new arrivals, Sebadoh and their latest album “Defend Yourself” (previous album came out 14 years ago). I have to admit that Sebadoh is new band to me, I used to listen bands like Pavement, Sonic Youth etc. and somehow never really came across with these gentlemen. Hey Sebadoh, it’s nice to meet you finally! This one (tricolor) is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and suddenly it’s already sold out (limited edition, in my opinion 500 copies is not that limited though..). Anyways, awesome indie rock album! Get your copy for example from Sebadoh’s BandCamp page.