Ungraven: Language of Longing (cassette)


And once again it has been way too long since I have updated this blog.. It does not mean that I have given up, it’s mainly because I don’t have that much time nowadays.. But let’s start with this cassette that arrived today. Ungraven.. waited for this to arrive so freaking long that I almost gave up but here it is. And if you didn’t already know, this industrial-blackened-heavy-sludge release has something to with Jon Davis (Conan).. Holy hell, I really like this one (hmmm.. why in hell should I buy something I don’t like..). I would really like to see this on vinyl format too because I would buy that vinyl disc immediately. Bought this cassette via Black Bow Records and I suggest you to perform that very same act. Brilliant release.


Puce Mary: The Spiral LP


While visiting the local record store the other day I asked the owner to recommend some records and he did, one was that Ättestupa’s album I wrote about earlier. I also bought two other records and this latest from Puce Mary was one of those. Really strange record, filled with strange tunes and in some twisted way I really enjoy these soundscapes. Noise, electronics, industrial, experimental are the words to describe this. Not bad at all, I just have to give this a little more time & spins (and we all know where that leads.. me purchasing every damn release this artist have ever put out). available for example from Boomkat.


Street Sects: End Position LP (milky clear + book)


Got this one from The Flenser few days ago. I’m smiling, just because this album is totally insane. Noise, industrial, samples, hardcore.. you name it. I can’t help myself but some distant way this reminds me of Johnny Violent and his awesome album “Shocker”. Anyways, this is refreshing album in every possible way. If you want to blow your brains away with music, try this one. This colored version is limited to 250 copies but first hundred copies came with a book shown in the picture. Brilliant record in its own twisted way. Available from The Flenser.




Gagarin Kombinaatti: 83-85 2XLP

gagarin kombinaatti

Finally I “managed” to purchase this awesome compilation from Gagarin Kombinaatti. These tunes were recorded on tape back in 1983-85 and now (at last) we are able to hear these tracks from vinyl, thanks to Mika Vainio (Panasonic, Pan Sonic, Ø, Philus, Kentolevi.. etc.). And yes, Vainio plays drums & synths on this industrial, experimental group called Gagarin Kombinaatti. This record shows that there was very lively underground scene of experimental & industrial music in Finland back then, even though only few knew about it. As some of you may know, I’m a huge Pan(a)sonic & Vainio fan so this record was absolute-must-buy-item for me. Recommended if you like early industrial & experimental/electronics or if you are just a fan of Vainio’s material overall. Got my copy via Norman Records, they seems to have few copies left..


Alessandro Cortini: Spie 12″ (clear)

alessandro cortini - spie

Yes, new release from Alessandro Cortini. What can I say, brilliant record this is (like all the previous releases from this artist). There’s two tracks on this 12″ and I find this recording very dark, hopeless.. in other words it’s a beauty. I have no idea of limitation but this is available from numerous stores, for example from following ones Piccadilly Records, Norman Records, Red Eye Records. Grab a copy and step into the darkness. More, please (and soon!)


Psalm Zero: Stranger To Violence LP (clear/black)


Strange album. The best possible way. This was released by Profound Lore Records (company that has put a spell on me with awesome releases) and it’s Psalm Zero’s second album, the first one I have heard. There’s no need to put this one under some specific genre just because its way too difficult to describe their music, is it industrial metal flavoured with some kind of cold wave or something. Anyways, I purchased this based on one track and I’m very happy with this album. This colorway is limited to 50 copies so if like what you’re hearing just head to the source, Profound Lore (Canadian customers only). EU, US & rest of the world customers, there’s only black wax copies (limited to 300 copies) left for us/you and you don’t care what’s the color of the wax, head straight to Profound’s MerchTable and grab a copy.


Phil Collins: My Heart’s In My Hand, And My Hand Is Pierced, And My Hand’s In The Bag, And The Bag Is Shut, And My Heart Is Caught 2xLP (green/red)

phil collins

Phil Collins yes, but not that one.This is a strange collaboration/compilation of ambient, electronical, kraut, experimental, industrial, etc.. music with artists like Pye Corner Audio, Heroin In Tahiti, Demdike Stare, David Sylvian just to name few. Strange record but some how very beautiful record. If you are interested to know more about this project I suggest you to visit Nero magazine. First pressing was limited to 500 copies and when it sold out there came 2nd pressing, identical to first one (hah hah.. for everyone who thought there was money to make by selling these on ebay etc.) Available from Forced Exposure (US) and from les presses du réel (ROW). Recommended stranger.

Prurient: Frozen Niagara Falls 3xLP (white)


I nearly skipped this one (do not even ask why..) but suddenly I came to my senses and purchased this white vinyl version from Profound Lore. My first album from Prurient and I have to say that this release leaves me speechless.. overwhelming & astonishing one. This release needed a little time and patience but suddenly it revealed itself to me.  Don’t even know what genre to put this one because there obviously are influences from all of them.. electronics, industrial, darkened ambient and even from blackened metal. Who cares about lines between different music styles when it all comes to this. Beautiful release and still available from the source, Profound Lore.





Chelsea Wolfe: Abyss 2xLP (light blue)


Abysssss… is calling.. Chelsea with her latest release and like before, I’m sold. Crushing & haunting is this double album. Stellar one. Mysterious is this artist & her music. Can’t help myself but somehow this artist reminds me of another awesome musician, Polly Jean.  Excellent album, once again. Available from Sargent House (EU) and those who live in states can easily order their copies from Sargent’s HelloMerch store. If I have understand this right, there are three different color variation available via Sargent House; black, baby blue (this one) and black with light blue splatter (sold out). All these three color variations are limited to 1000 copies but if you’re after something more limited, I suggest you to visit Newbury Comics (they have this exclusive version, black with grey splatter and it’s limited to 400 copies..)

Vatican Shadow: Death Is Unity With God 2xLP (transparent yellow & green)


I have this strange obsession with Vatican Shadow, I must purchase every damn vinyl release from this artist and I can’t help it (few I have missed though). Some kind of post-apocalyptic (experimental/industrial) electronics is the name of the game here and I really enjoy games like this. Initial copies (300) comes on colored vinyl and sad but true, it seems that this colored version is sold out. Regular copies available for example from Juno Records, Kompakt, Red Eye Records, Bleep etc.. I do not really know but colored version might be available from Forced Exposure sooner or later?

The Ðevil & The Uñiverse: :Imprint Daath: LP (white + bonus CD)

the devil 01

Once I heard this record I just couldn’t resist purchasing it. Even though there are goth elements on this album I prefer this to be more like industrialized, droned dark ambient. There is surely something dark lurking behind these tunes… This is totally new duo/band to me and thanks goes to Bart (one of my readers, who actually has a nice blog of his own) for leading me to this record via his recommendations. I managed to find this white vinyl version (first press, hand-numbered & limited to 300 copies) from Enfant Terrible Productions and grabbed the last copy available. For those who might be interested purchasing this album, there is second press available now from Aufnahme + Wiedergabe (black vinyl, hand-numbered, limited to 200 copies + CD). Recommended release!

the devil 02

Shining: One One One LP (orange)


And little avant-garde-jazz-industrial-metal-noise for the people. I have known this band for ages but this is the first record I have bought from their catalogue. Now I know what I have missed. Wonderful record for those who can walk their ears and eyes open. Love. If I’m not totally wrong, this orange version is limited to 100 copies, and of course there is regular black version available. Both versions seems to be available from Prosthetic Records.

Dr. Gunni: Vessar 7″


Old treasure from my record rack. Bad Vugum released this twisted seven-inch nearly 20 years ago. Gunni, from Island, mixing industrial/electronic/punk to unique wall of sound. Copies of this can be found at least from Discogs or maybe from Ebay.

There’s no clips from this EP, but here’s some sample from youtube what this stuff is like.