Shining: One One One LP (orange)


And little avant-garde-jazz-industrial-metal-noise for the people. I have known this band for ages but this is the first record I have bought from their catalogue. Now I know what I have missed. Wonderful record for those who can walk their ears and eyes open. Love. If I’m not totally wrong, this orange version is limited to 100 copies, and of course there is regular black version available. Both versions seems to be available from Prosthetic Records.

Dr. Gunni: Vessar 7″


Old treasure from my record rack. Bad Vugum released this twisted seven-inch nearly 20 years ago. Gunni, from Island, mixing industrial/electronic/punk to unique wall of sound. Copies of this can be found at least from Discogs or maybe from Ebay.

There’s no clips from this EP, but here’s some sample from youtube what this stuff is like.