Bismut: Retrocausality 2xLP (purple)


Some instrumental space/stoner/psych from Netherlands on purple colored double album. Retrocausality is their second album and I decided to check out this group at last. Woah! After listening to the first track on this album I was forced to purchase the whole damn thing on vinyl format. Been listening to this album quite much lately and every time it has been a very pleasant experience. Have to check out their debut album also as soon as possible. Recommended group/album. Get your copy for example via Lay Bare Recordings, Kozmik Artifactz or from the band itself.

Brunt: Ataraxy LP (cream/green)


Sometimes it’s just good to sit down and let the sound waves take you somewhere far away .. Brunt succeeds in this with his latest album perfectly. Ataraxy operates somewhere between post-rocking stoner / desert / doomed Instrumental. Missed this album when it was announced by Magic Mustache Records but managed to grab this copy afterwards. Awesome beauty and available via BandCamp.

Vinnum Sabbathi: Of Dimensions And Theories LP +7″ (Earth & Moon)


Space, the final frontier.. Vinnum Sabbathi is offering us a journey to the stars with their latest release “Of Dimensions & Theories”. Quite impressing, instrumental stoner/space rock album from this Mexican group. Beautiful looking package and for your information, this version is now sold out but Stolen Body Records seems to have 2nd edition (Mars & Phobos) available. What are you still waiting for? Go ahead and take trip to the stars while you still can.

Clouds Taste Satanic: Second Sight LP (Ultra Clear with Deep Purple & Black Splatter)

Clouds Taste Satanic

Waited this one to arrive quite a long time and it didn’t help that it was stuck on customs a few extra days. Clouds Taste Satanic and their latest doomed/instrumental/stoner filled full-length. Found this band a couple of years ago and this one is the third album I got from this stunning group. Really nice package overall, splattered vinyl, patch, zippo-like lighter &  rolling paper… This “Halloweed” edition is sold out but there’s a few other variations still available via their BandCamp site. European customers can go and use their money for a good cause via Shiny Beast. Nice one!


Crypt Witch: Bad Trip Exorcism LP (green)


This instrumental stoner/sludge/doom abomination arrived earlier this week. I almost skipped this one because of term “instrumental”…  Now that I got this here with me, I’m quite happy that I didn’t. Crushing & heavy this surely is and who needs vocals when the music itself is leading the story? Limited to 300 copies on transparent green vinyl. The band has sold out vinyl copies but there’s still cassette version available via their BandCamp site. I found at least one place where you still can get your hands on vinyl version, Shiny Beast.


Bongripper: The Great Barrier Reefer 2xLP (purple/blue with pink splatter)


There should always be at least one Bongripper album in your collection, I got few. Purchased this from Kozmik Artifactz, little expensive but must buy just because the original version is little hard to find. One of a kind band with an enormous wall of sound. This color variation, limited to 200 copies, still available via Kozmik Artifactz. Oh, and Kozmik also have a repress of “Terminal” available if you haven’t noticed yet. Beauty.

Voyag3r: War Mask LP (Transparent green)


Synthwave/retrowave/space/prog/instrumental,  whatever. Voyag3r is one of few bands I like to listen when it comes to this “genre”. This is their third album and third I own (that should tell you of my passion towards this group). Great package and that mask is superior (maybe I should wear it and take a run cross my neighbor back yard. now that the sun has set..). Anyways, great record this is and still available from Bellyache Records (on three different color variations). Check this out if you are interested even a pit, this won’t let you down for sure.


Clouds Taste Satanic: Evil Eye LP (Weedpurgis Edition)


Got this latest album (Evil Eye) by Clouds Taste Satanic last week. My second album from this doomed/stoner/instrumental outfit. Still a big fan of instrumental post-rock but haven’t been listening to that much of instrumental music lately. Some may say that this kinda music is boring but Clouds Taste Satanic (with their doomed view) takes the whole thing to the next level. Two tracks on this album and the atmosphere on both tracks is crushing. A beautiful record we have here for sure. I think that this most limited version is sold out by now but there are still various versions available from Band’s BandCamp site. Recommended one.



Insect Ark: Marrow Hymns LP

insect ark

Actually I bought this album months ago but just recently I have been listening it with thought (while warming a sauna in these early morning hours). Instrumental, doomed drone could be near the truth when talking about this latest from Insect Ark. Beautiful release from these two ladies. One more addition to my “Best of Fall 2018 Soundtrack”. Check out this one, it’s totally worth it. Available via Profound Lore’s MerchTable .


Spurv: Myra LP (black/grey merge)


Been a while since I have been listening post-rock at all but this new one from Spurv made me remember how awesome music instrumental post-rock can be at it’s best. This norwegian group is a great example of that. Bought their debut, Skarntyde, few years ago and that record had a serious time under the needle. This new one continues where that debut ended. This is music for those late autumn mornings when afternoon frost is trying to escape from the rays of the rising sun. Beautiful record. Get your hands on this via BandCamp.

Clouds Taste Satanic: The Glitter Of Infinite Hell 2xLP (bone/bronze & gold oxblood splatter)

clouds taste satanic

I’ve known this band for some time now but it took quite long to purchase their music in physical format. Instrumental stoner/doom/sludge/call-it-whatever-you-want is quite new thing to me and I like it!. Like this so much that I must grab their previous records too. Great example how many great bands there is and how limited our time is to find all these treasures, some you might find and some you’ll obviously gonna miss. Really happy that I came across with this group. Ordered my copy via Kozmik Artifactz few weeks ago  and as far as I know this was their last colored one. Little hard to find item nowadays but Discogs can help you with that problem. If some one knows where to find a copy, any color variation, feel free to share. Recommended one.


Dead Sea Apes: Recondite 2xLP

dead sea apes

Dead Sea Apes.. I fell in love with their psych/drone inspired post-rocking instrumental music since I heard their collaboration album with Black Tempest called “The Sun Behind The Sun” five years ago. Oh, I think that I have all their vinyl releases so I can be called a fan or something. This double album is some kind of compilation but that didn’t stop me purchasing it (even though I’m not that big fan of compilations). I recommend this group if you need a place to escape from this hectic realm, these soundscapes will take you away.. at least for moment. Limited to 300 copies and seems that this is quite hard to find item at this moment. Surely you can grab a copy via Discogs..