Messa: Feast For Water LP (orange/black)


Well, I skipped this bands debut (can’t say why..) but then I came across with this one, their second full-length and I was sold. Don’t know how to describe this record.. it’s like doomed metal with some darkened jazz in it or something. Anyways, it sounds freaking good. Love the atmosphere on this album and those vocals.. Must get my hands on that debut album too. I bought this copy of mine via Aural Music (according to Discogs there should have been A2 double-sided poster included.. who knows) and surprise, first edition is sold out (orange/black color-in-color (ltd.200) & orange (no information of  limitation) . But don’t worry, Aural has second pressing now for sale with three color variations. I suggest you to check this beauty out!


Night Runner: Thunderbird LP (Deluxe edition)


I’m still here.. Just realized that it has been way too long since the last update. Let’s start with this one I got from Poisoned Mind Records few months ago. Second full-length from Night Runner. Thunderbird is the title of the album. I missed Night Runners debut (deluxe version) year ago just because I took few beers too much, passed out & missed that dlx version.. Would like to thank Poisoned Mind for the copy I got for free (pink/black splattered version) later with other order.

So I was quite awake with this second one and scored deluxe version (sold out quite fast). Don’t know what have I done because I also got another copy (clear w/  black & blue splattered version, see picture below) included. And for those who don’t know, Night Runner is mixing synthwave with other genres like jazz, metal, soundtrack etc. Awesome package, I love this but you don’t have to. Vinyl versions of this release are long gone. Recommended album if you get your hands on this.



Clint Heidorn: Pasadena LP


Oh what a beauty this latest release from Clint Heidorn is. Been a big fan of his music since I bought his debut album “Atwater” seven years ago.. what makes me wonder how fast years are passing by. Thing here is acoustic, avantgardish field recordings etc. and this new album is.. can’t even describe how amazing this is. Thanks to Clint for his music, would love to hear music from him much often. This record arrived within two days from States and for my surprise there was a copy of his collaboration twelve-inch with Loren Connors titled “Light” included (actually I already have that but thanks anyway!). Limited to 134 copies and seems to be still available from his BandCamp site. Highly recommended!

Oh, here’s a picture of his releases I have managed to grab during these years, maybe this picture tells how much I appreciate this artist.



Mouse On The Keys: Out of Body 12″ (black)


I was introduced to this group years ago by Denovali Records. This is latest release by this awesome japanese post-rock/contemporary jazz band. It’s quite refreshing to place records like this one on your turntable and let yourself slip away.. This twelve-inch was released by Topshelf Records and limited to 1000 copies (150 copies on black, 350 on clear and 500 on white vinyl) and is available from the same source, Topshelf (clear & white copies, black is sold out..). Beautiful release, once again.

Niechęć: Śmierć W Miękkim Futerku


Haa.. Avant-garde, contemporary Jazz from Poland. Have to admit that I first got interested about this record just because the picture on the cover. Then I played the album via BandCamp app for few times just to realize I really like this record. Yeah, I’m talking about Jazz, the genre I have no idea about, but so what. Darkened, improvised avantgardish Jazz and a great example why I still love this thing called music. Still available via their BandCamp site. Love it.


Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: Black Earth 2xLP (RE, 2016)

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ‎– Black Earth

At last this beauty has been repressed and we are allowed to get our hands on this masterpiece of doomed-ambient-jazz. More than once I have been close to the purchase the original version but fortunately I’ve come to my senses. We all know that those prizes on Discogs & Ebay are ridiculous but finally we all can afford this one. I have no idea of limitation of this repress but I think that there are plenty of copies for everyone to get one. Available for example from Boomkat, Anost or Norman Records. Marvellous record!!


Fire! Orchestra: Ritual 2xLP (white colored vinyl with promo cd)


Every now and then we all have to listen some jazz, improvised or free who cares. I got Fire! Orchestra’s previous on my “wantlist” but somehow I managed to miss that one (colored copy I’m talking about here) and I decided that if they ever make another one I certainly won’t miss that one. This, their latest, arrived last week and oh, what a monster this is (I freaking love their music). I know that this kind of music is not to everyone’s liking, it may sound like a cacophony but it has the soul! Happy that I decided to purchase this, you should too! This white-colored version (limited to 150 copies) is sold out but there are still black-colored edition available from Rune Grammofon & for example from Norman Records.


Land: Anoxia LP (clear)

land - anoxia

Then there’s time for some darkened (twisted) ambient flavored with some jazz tunes.. or something. Second album from this band (as far as I know) and both of them released by one of my favorite record companies, Important Records. These clear copies are limited to 100 copies and rest 400 copies are pressed on black wax. Both versions are still available from Important Records. Recommended one, surprisingly..


The Sorcerers: s/t LP

The Sorcerers

Don’t know about you but I’ve been fascinated about this album for some time now and finally the physical version arrived today (in mailer with extra secured corners, like I kindly asked!). Groovy, atmospheric, smooth & slow jazz or something beyond but surely this sounds damn good! I do not know anything about limitation but you can easily grab a copy from ATA Records. Recommended one, obviously!



The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Pathfinder LP


This little black vinyl flew over the big ocean, straight to my arms today (Thanks, John!).This prog/psych/jazz/rock record was must buy to me since the day I first  listened it via BandCamp. This one was way too hard to find from here, Europe (I think that Cardinal Fuzz had some copies available..) , so I emailed Birdman Sound ( and the result can be seen on the picture above. Now me & Rollo (our beloved goofy rough collie) have been listening these tunes, lying on the bed, for few hours.. And we love every damn note! This is limited to 100 copies and if You’re after this one, I suggest You to contact Birdman Sound or ask if Cardinal still has some copies. Recommended!

Records like this one is, are the reason why I keep collecting,searching new music continuously. I do not wanna miss jewels like this record turned out to be.

Colorlist: Sky Song LP & Nest: Body Pilot 10″


And of course these two. These also brought smile to my face (been waiting for these to arrive). Both are released by Serein (this company is becoming one of my favorite when talking about ambient, drone, classical records). Colorlist is limited to 100 copies and Nest is limited to 500 copies (cost only £4.00!) and both are available still from Serein. Recommended releases (like all this company is putting out!). Oh, and check from the picture below how this company ships their records (mailer with bumpers etc. and packaging & shipping cost me only €8.60). Huge difference (with packaging and shipping price) when compared to that other package I received today.


Arve Henriksen: The Nature Of Connections LP (white)


And this one. I mentioned about this record on my weekly list few weeks ago and now I finally can hold this on my shaking hands. Ordered this day before yesterday and I was quite surprised that it already arrived. Even though I don’t know anything about jazz (or any other genre), this sounds amazing to my dirty & narrow ears. It’s all about the atmosphere this record creates. This color variation (white, limited to 100 copies) is only available from Rune Grammofon, only thing is that it’s quite expensive with shipping (shipping from Norway). If You can settle with regular black copy, just visit Denovali. Recommended, highly! Yes!