Domkraft: Seeds LP (red)


Damn .. A new record from Domkraft, and of course I had to get it, no doubt about it. I am very attached to the band’s apocalyptic soundscape, their way of wrapping together doom & sludge metal with some psychedelic mix. Bought this red version of the record and skipped that Box Set (way too expensive for me and I’m not ready to pay that much for a seven-inch, LP, CD, booklet, and some prints). I’m happy with this version I have (saved some money for a few other albums I have on my want list). Anyways, this record is an amazing soundtrack for the apocalypse to come. The Box Set and red-colored version are still available for example from Kozmik Artifactz.

King Buffalo: Dead Star 12″ (red)


I bought this twelve-inch from King Buffalo nearly 5 months ago but managed to placed it under the needle just a few weeks ago. Holy shit this band floats in its very own category. Mixing all possible genres; stoner, space, psychedelic, kraut, blues, etc. creating something so unique you just can’t ignore. Brilliant piece of wax forcing me to hunt all their previous releases except that split with Lé Betre I already have in my shelf. Awesome band! Grab a copy straight from the band!

Circle: Fraten 2xLP (orange)


Fraten was released on CD format back in -97 and it was about the time some one to release this on vinyl, Full Contact Records is that company. Since their debut album, Circle has been pushing boundaries of all possible genres and this one was not exception. Experimental krautrock, mesmerizing hypno-rock. Circle has always been one of my favorite ones (at least their first five records) and still looking for the copy of “Hissi”, that second full-length of theirs. This orange-colored version is limited to 150 copies and is still available from Ektro Records (there’s also regular black copies, ltd. 350, available). Norman Records seems to have those black ones on their store. I suggest you to check out this band, at least their debut, Meronia, it’s mind melting hypno-masterpiece.


The Myrrors / Centralstödet: Ljudkamrater LP (black/cream)


Last week, or was it week before that, arrived this split twelve-inch from Cardinal Fuzz. The Myrrors / Centralstödet with release called “Ljudkamrater”. Exactly what I was waiting from this release, psychedelic/kraut jamming and even though I’m not that big fan of split releases I have to admit that I like this one. Once again quality release from Cardinal and this time with Sky Lantern Records. This black/cream colorway is limited to 150 copies and sold out. Regular black copies still available for example from Norman Records , White Dwarf, Shiny Beast etc.



Lamagaia: Lamagaia LP (purple/blue swirl)


Next few hours I gonna spend with this psych/kraut/space album by Lamagaia. Gonna jump on my bicycle, ride around the city my headphones on and possibly check out some flea markets etc.. or maybe I just go and by some beer and let my mind travel with these tunes across time and space. Freaking good sounding album this surely is, hypnotizing, crushing, tripping. Thanks to Cardinal Fuzz & Sunrise Ocean Bender for giving vinyl treatment to this album. This color variation is limited to 200 copies and surprise, surprise sold out already. Black copies still available for example from Sunrise Ocean Bender (US), White Darf (EU) & Kozmik Artifactz (EU).


Dead Sea Apes: Spectral Domain LP (purple)


Have to admit that it took way too long time to purchase this one, latest full-length from Dead Sea Apes. Been listening to this band three years now and finally, I can say that I have every vinyl release from them added to my collection.. hopefully. Awesome drone/psych/kraut band and I love every damn record I have purchased, Shame on me that I didn’t buy this earlier.. If I remember right this is limited to 500 copies and is still available for example from Kozmik Artifactz (seems that many stores has sold out their copies) so go for it! Highly recommended album & band!



Dead Sea Apes: Soy Dios 12″


Latest vinyl record from Dead Sea Apes, twelve-inch called “Soy Dios”, and for your information this is a reissue of their CDr from 2010. I bought this one some time ago and have been listening this a lot lately. I have been in love with this band since I heard their debut album “Lupus” back in 2012. Record after record this group has grown bigger and bigger. Certainly one of the best psychedelic/kraut groups these days. This is limited to 350 copies on black wax and I bought my copy from Cardinal Fuzz but you can get your hands on this one easily via band’s BandCamp site (I recommend purchasing from the band just because then you also get tracks on digital format.. obviously I did not)


Horseback: Dead Ringers 2xLP (baby blue)


Yeah, latest from Horseback (solo project of Jenks Miller) and this is a golden one. I still can remember the moment I heard Horseback’s “The Invisible Mountain”, it was mind-blowing moment. Since that moment I have purchased every vinyl (and some cassette) release from Horseback. I love this artist, and as long I still can breathe on my own I will purchase every upcoming release for sure. It has been a long way from “The Invisible Mountain” to this latest one and the journey has been very intense, interesting & progressive. Krautrocking psychedelic, shoegazing folk-drone. One of the best albums I have heard this years. Baby blue colorway is limited to 300 copies and is still available from Relapse Records. Awesome!


Circle: Meronia 2xLP (orange)


Finally, repress of this awesome debut album by Circle. I had that original version back in the days.. and can’t remember what happened to it. This repress of Meronia is limited to 1000 copies, 700 copies on black wax and 300 copies on solid orange vinyl (colored version is available only via Ektro Records). I do not even have words to praise this one enough but one thing is for sure, this prog/kraut/beauty has always been one of the best records I have ever heard. Yeah, it’s that good. Recommended release (and at last available for everyone!).


Les Lekin: All Black Rainbow Moon LP (translucent red)

les lekin

Ha-haaa, came across with this hidden treasure via BandCamp. Never heard of this three-piece doomed, stoned, space-psych-kraut group before but now I’m under their spell. Really love these tunes on this record and even though there are only few instrumental bands I like to listen, this on goes on top of that list. Limited to 500 copies (250 pieces on red and 250 on white vinyl) and available from Tonzonen Records. Recommended one.


Pyrit: UFO LP


And then we come to this one from Pyrit. I really don’t know what it is but this record, as mesmerizing as it is, has put a spell over me. I heard this song “Dirt On The Ground” and I was (still am) sold. Great mixture of kraut/rock/drone/electronic/pop/psychedelic.. you name it. I want more. This little piece of heaven is limited to 250 copies and still available from Bookmaker Records (you should also check out other releases available). If you ask me, this should be sold out already!


Domkraft: s/t LP


Hi! This is Domkraft’s debut album that arrived last week. Once again great sounding band from Sweden.. I’m more than glad I picked up the band’s name from some forum and checked their album via BandCamp. Band is mixing doomed psychedelic sludge/kraut and with this recipe you just can’t go wrong. If you haven’t heard of this band I suggest you to check out this album right now, it’s totally worth that! Limited to 250 copies and I’m amazed that it’s not sold out already. Available via band’s BandCamp site. Recommended!!


Mondo Drag: The Occultation Of Light LP (TP)

mondo drag

And another test press.. Well, I couldn’t wait till release date (2016, February?) and as I found out that this TP was available from Riding Easy Records.. well, here it is now. Not bad purchase at all because this is freaking good prog/psych/space/kraut/stoner rock album. I liked their previous release (even though I haven’t managed to get my hands on vinyl version, yet) and oh boyz & girlz.. this is freaking album. These test pressing are limited to 30 hand-numbered copies and if you are interested, there still seems to be copies available through Riding Easy. Recommended album! If you do not fancy these TP’s, then you have wait little longer to get official variants..

And one thing about Riding Easy, I truly appreciate what they are doing, every damn package/record has arrived in perfect condition and that’s what matters. Thanks!

Nest Egg: Respectable LP

nest egg

Hey, you should hear this album.. this is good. Fantastic mixture of experimental kraut & psychedelic rock. This album should be sold out if you ask me. By the way, awesome cover picture. Anyways, this has been released by Bathetic Records but I purchased my copy from Anost (on sale there). Still wondering why I didn’t purchase this golden piece of vinyl months ago? Yeah, recommended one!


Kosmischer Läufer: The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83 – Volume 2 LP (red)


Hmm.. not bad ending for this week. This weird “olympic-ambient-kraut-electronic” album came today. Like Volume 1, this is very twisted/interesting record. The Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic program 1972-83, like the title says and I have nothing more to add. This is those record you just have to hear.. some may like and some may not. I like this one, that’s why I purchased this. This is limited to 500 copies on red vinyl and there are these limited versions floating around (including promo CD and postcards). Not that limited version is still available from projects BandCamp page. Lovely.


Nope: Walker LP (clear with some blue spot, maybe it’s a swirl..)


This album, “Walker” by Nope, came few hours ago packaged nicely and secured (that’s what I like!). Record is spinning on the turntable while I’m writing this and I like these psychedelic/kraut-like-instrumental-space/shoegazing tunes floating in the air. Not bad album at all! I think that I discovered this band via Cardinal Fuzz (some tweet on Twitter..), if I’m not totally wrong/demented. But anyways, this is limited to 200 copies with “blue swirl” and 300 copies on black (?) vinyl. Just noticed that some one is trying to sell this “blue swirl” version on Discogs for €100..  I think that it would be better if you purchase your copy from Audacious Art Experiment with £12 +shipping (maybe you should ask about availability of colored ones before placing an order, if you are after that swirled one). Lovely album!


La Piramide Di Sangue: Sette LP (grey)


Got this picture from home today via mail, La Piramide Di Sangue: Sette LP has arrived (thanks to home for this). I remember that at first I rejected this album totally without even listening a tune (sometimes it goes like that). Then I came across with this album several times on several websites.. so I just had to listen what this was all about. Glad that I did. I really like this album mixed and seasoned with rock, world, psych, kraut and I can even hear some distant echoes of garage and sur… anyways, damn good album. I do not know about limitation nothing else than there are 600 copies pressed on black vinyl (according to Sound Of Cobra). Then there have to be grey copies also available.. Recommended release and available from following addresses Sound Of Cobra and Boring Machines.


p.s. I love the cover art on this album..