Holy Monitor: Southern Lights LP (red/white swirl)

holy monitor

Here’s some psychedelic tunes to make your day. Holy Monitor from Greece with their third (first one I have heard) album called “Southern Lights”. This album has been under heavy rotation during this summer and for good reason. Recording stuffed with beautiful psych/kraut and even some space rock influences. This has been my soundtrack for this sick hot summer and has earned a place in both, my record shelf and my heart. Sold out from various places but Blackspin Record Store seems to have some copies still available, hurry up!

Paleons: Hyperborean LP


I have been waiting this one like waiting for the moon to rise. Preordered this months ago and finally it arrived today. I’ve been listening this album a lot within last few months (MP3 files I got when I ordered physical copy) and have to say I’m very pleased. Instrumental psych-kraut-prog-space-stoner.. quite hard to label this band so maybe you should check this out by yourself. I love this, you don’t have to. Limited o 300 copies on black wax and available from their BandCamp site. Recommended!


Necro Deathmort: EP3 12″

necro dethmort

Third twelve-inch from Necro Deathmort. I have been following this duo for some time now (actually since their CD “Music Of Bleak Origin” released in 2011). So, as you can see I still purchase albums from various artists (even though lately I have been posting about my “Death Metal” collection etc.). Necro Deathmort has been close to my heart for years now and still I love what they are doing, strange dark ambient filled synth-whatever-you-wanna-call-it. I bought this via Distraction Records BandCamp site and it cost me £2.80 GBP + shipping (you can try discount code EIGHTYOFF, seems that it’s still working). No I will sit silently and wait for their upcoming album. Shhhh..


The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Elevator LP (+ “Ensemble” CDR)


Been following/listening The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol since their “Pathfinder” album few years ago. Obviously I had to purchase this new one too. The day this came available to purchase I surprisingly found myself tapping that refresh button with my sweaty fingers. Well, here it is, awesome piece of kraut/psych/avantgardish/free jazz/whateveryouwannanameit on black vinyl with extra CDR (that came with first 125 copies). Obviously those copies with CDR are sold out but if you fancy a copy without, just head to Cardinal Fuzz or for example from Norman Records, Greatest Hits Mailorder, Sulatron Records.


Circle: Pori 2xLP (clear)


Funny that I have forgotten this band totally. I loved their debut album (bought it when it was released in 1994) but somehow I have managed to skip most of their records during these years.. Anyways, this 5th album of Circle (Finnish psychedelic/kraut rock band) has been pressed on vinyl first time (150 copies on clear and 350 copies on black vinyl) and available from Ektro Records (but remember, shipping cost from Finland are enormous). But you can also purchase regular black copy for example from Norman Records. Great band and now I just have to go after their other albums.. damn!


Kosmischer Läufer: The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83 – Volume 3 LP

Kosmischer Läufer

Haa.. The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83 Volume 3 on yellow vinyl (limited version, 160 copies with some postcards & promo-cd). Strange music from this strange project.. I have all three albums and I have found this mixture of ambient & krautrock very enjoyable. This “Über” limited version is surprisingly  sold out but there are still 340 less über versions floating around. Available for example from the source, project’s BandCamp site. Strange beauty.


Hey Colossus: Project Death LP

Hey Colossus

Another result from crate digging I did last weekend, Hey Colossus & Project: Death 12″. Few years back I didn’t knew anything about this band but suddenly in some strange circumstance I heard a song “Hot Grave” from their album “Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo” and I was sold. Because I’m not that good placing bands on some specific genres I stay still.. or maybe I could say that they play some strange mixture of krautrock, psychedelic & acid rock flavored with some metal (doomed, sludged on this album at least). Nice found, in my opinion and did not cost me much. Recommended band! And if you’re not familiar with their releases, I suggest you to check at least their BandCamp site where you can grab their latest releases.


Lumerians: Transmissions From Telos Vol III LP (electric blue)


Then we have this album filled with psych & kraut. This came in same package as that Dead Sea Apes, from Cardinal Fuzz of course. Damn what a fool I have been before, somehow I have managed to skip their previous albums and now I sincerely regret that. Well, I just have to hunt down those earlier records.. even though it will cost me some money. This is, how can I say that clearer, album worth every single penny I have invested in it and much more. If You like space/psych/kraut rock, this is “must have” item. I have no idea of limitation but Cardinal Fuzz have these blue vinyls and black ones available. For US customers, there are these orange copies (ltd. 200) exclusively through Permanent Records. Recommended, surprisingly!

Camel Heads: Anoluz LP (clear with colored splatter)

camel heads

I got a package from Captcha Records today and inside I found two beautiful records. This is one of those two. Camel Heads and their debut album “Anoluz”. This is pure space/psychedelic/desert/instrumental rock from Brasil. What can I say, everything is on its place here, haunting and beautiful record. Have to thank Captcha for releasing (and believing) this album. I do not know about limitation but this seems to be available here and there (just wondering this hasn’t sold out already) and of course this can be purchased from the source, Captcha. Awesome!

The Cosmic Dead: Inner Sanctum 2xLP (pea green)

cosmic dead inner sanctum

Finally got this one from Evil Hoodoo, and was really surprised that this came in nice fabric sleeve (I like this kind of surprises). This band has been on my playlist since I purchased their debut album from Cardinal Fuzz (another great label, one of my favorites). And about the album, great & awesome, I like (I mean I love!). Limitation is 250 copies on pea green and 250 copies black vinyl. Available from Evil Hoodoo, Norman Records and other good stores around. Recommended.

Goat: Live Ballroom Ritual 2xL (white with green splatter)


This is exceptional day, got picture disc and this one.. live record (two things I usually try to avoid). But when Rocket Recordings announced this one I was ready to purchase one more live recording (maybe one reason is that I live in the middle of the forest and there is no chance to see this band alive.. ) Anyways, I really dig this record and I’m quite happy that I managed to purchase this limited edition colored one. This is limited to 200 copies on this color (online shop exclusive) and of course there is regular copies still floating around. Recommended (for live recording) And you can get yours (black one) from Rocket Recordings.

Goat: World Music LP (black & white)

Goat - World Music

Well, I do not know what I was thinking (or was I thinking at all) when I purchased this one. Yes, I already have few versions of this album (black one from 1st press and even purple, signed, one..) but still I had to purchase this.. insane. And about the album, yeah, it’s still great and I love it. This is Sound It Out Records exclusive and limited to 150 copies and obviously sold out in hours. Maybe I have to start collecting every color variations of this album.. or not.

Kosmischer Läufer: The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83 – Volume 1 LP


Uuh.. I have been waiting for this very strange record to arrive and now it is here. What can I say, mesmerizing. But the point is that this sounds cool (and weird). Limited to 250 copies and there was this limited option with post cards & promo CD. Anyways this item is sold out according to BandCamp. There is a nice story about this album on Discogs. Weird Stuff :)


Sankt Otten ‎– Messias Maschine

Sankt Otten: Messias Maschine 2xLP (white)

Sankt Otten ‎– Messias Maschine

Latest arrival (came along those three I have posted before) from Denovali, With this band I have been confused all the time. Usually I do not like this kind of electronic music but Sank Otten makes a difference. There is something with their records that forces me to love them. And yet again, quality release. Available from Denovali. And this is limited to 500 copies (150 on white and 350 on black vinyl). Kraut!

Sankt Otten: Gottes Synthesizer 2xLP (ultra clear with white & red splatter)


I never thought that I would someday like this kind of music, synthesizers, yuk! But here I am writing kind words.. Yep, beautiful release (surprise, released by Denovali), amazing cover art and the music itself.. thumbs up. Limited to 500 copies on vinyl (100 x ultra clear with white & red splatter, 100 x red/grey vinyl with a/b effect and 300 copies on black vinyl).  All versions available from Denovali.