Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks: Grim Weepers LP (cyan/sea blue)


Since I’m a huge fan of Those Poor Bastards and their miserable, darkened country I just had to purchase this latest from Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks (and we all know that Wyatt is the other half of Poor Bastards, do we?). Well, the sun ain’t shining on this record, it’s as miserable, hopeless and dark, it’s telling stories without happy endings. Surprise I love this record too! This color variation is limited to 100 pieces and like always, these most limited versions vanish within days. Behold my friends, there’s still two other versions available from the source, Tribulation Recordings Co., if you are interested to fill your eyes with tears and mind with terrible thoughts

Lightsabres: Hibernation LP (TP)


This is the curse of the record collector / music hedonist. Yes, I have already that deluxe-numbered-colored version of this album but I couldn’t resist purchasing this test pressing last week.. Three copies came available via artist’s own BandCamp site last week and I was one of those lucky three (I missed  the first round when this album was released). All four records from Lightsabres are pure diamonds, so I decided to support this artist once again. Awesome record, just keep on releasing records like these. Yes, this dude here is smiling even though his wallet feels lighter & lighter day by day.


Lightsabres: Hibernation LP (transparent, sea blue)


This latest full-length by Lightsabres came earlier this week from HeviSike Records. What can I say? This swedish artist puts out a new record every year and still I haven’t got enough of his dirty, hazy, lo-fi garage/stoner/punk/rock. This is his 4th album and I hope that he will keep these coming. Once a fan, always a fan. This deluxe version on “sea blue  transparent” vinyl is limited to 50 copies (including a hand-numbered art print). Then there are these two other versions, “sea blue transparent” limited to 150 copies (only difference to that DLX version is lack of art print..) and “coke bottle” clear limited to 300 copies. Coke bottle version still available from the artist’s BandCamp site or just head to HeviSike Records, choice is yours! Hell Yeah!!

Lightsabres: Spitting Blood LP (opaque red)


Damn, this came nearly too fast,,, Hell Yes and thanks for this one goes to STB Records (for recommending this, I had no idea of this new release). This is my second vinyl from this artist and once again I’m smiling, this is awesome garage/sludge/punk/Lo-Fi/stoner album, like previous album was/still is. Recommended one, limited to 100 copies on opaque red vinyl and if you really want a copy, act fast. Available from his BandCamp site.


This came packaged like this and I was horrified.. but he must have some magic touch because cover etc. were in pristine condition. I’m in love!



The Wytches: Annabel Dream Reader LP (regular black with some writing on the cover…)


Hooo.. Nice one, came today. It has been little quiet when talking about purchasing records lately (got a new job couple of weeks ago and 12-hour days are squeezing all the juice out of me..). Anyways, I like this one. Sounds fresh and different but at the same time there’s something familiar here beyond the grooves. This is twisted rock (can we say “indie”), lo-fi with some hint of garage in it.  I so know that this will have some serious rotation on my turntable. Oh, there was this gold-colored version available too but I chose to preorder this regular one with some writing on the cover. Colored and WOC-versions are gone but You can still purchase regular black version of this lovely rock album from Heavenly. I like this so I can also recommend it!

Agathe Max: Ambience 2 7″ (+CD)


Got this one from Box Bedroom Rebels yesterday. This is the second release from series of four (AMBIENCE) and yes, I’m quite happy to own this one too. Little record full of ethereal experimental soundscapes, can’t go wrong. And like part one ‘Marc Manning: Ambience 1’ this also had CD included (75 minutes long beauty). Absolutely new artist to me and now I have to listen her earlier stuff more closely. Recommended, surprise. Just waiting for the part three from this series.

Oh, this is limited to 150 copies and is available from Box Bedroom Rebels (they still have copies of that Marc Manning seven-inch too). Go!

Marc Manning: Ambience1 7″ (+CD)

marc manning

What a wonderful piece of vinyl (plus 70 minutes music on CD). I had no idea about this artist and I purchased this blindfolded just based on a recommendation. Well, not bad recommendation at all. This release is part one from series of four and I’ll certainly go for rest upcoming releases. This is abstract, ethereal psychedelic music with lot of heart on it. Just listening the CD, seventy minute cosmic journey there and back. This is limited to 150 copies and is available from Box Bedroom Rebels. Take a journey with Marc, you won’t regret it.


Ättestupa: Begraven Mot Norr LP

521 copies pressed. This is dark and melancholic album. Somehow this album fits to these dark and rainy late autumn/early winter nights.. gloomy.. It seems that this record is hard to find these days. If you really want this you should buy it from Discogs..