blah blah blaah.. dings, bump, bends etc.

It’s that time of the year.. Time to talk about proper way to package & ship some vinyl records (actually I’ll link some of my earlier posts here.. but here’s some pics of few latest purchases). Some of you may know my nihilistic opinion about mailers used to ship vinyl records and now is just right time to remind us all how frustrating it’s to receive records packaged/delivered in lousy mailers.

This one I received today (amazing record though).Record was shipped the way I asked but those mailers they are using are not for international shipping, not sturdy enough (maybe they should use some extra stiffeners?). I’ll have to purchase another copy (regular version) from some domestic store to receive pristine cover to this one. I’m pissed!




sorry for the low quality… but maybe you get the point.

This one I purchased some time ago and you can see on the picture how “well & secured” it was packaged. This is also “back” on my wantlist (need a cover). Oh, this is the most limited version (red vinyl) with damaged, unique cover. 2xpissed!!





Nice mailer and enough bubble-wrap? Don’t think so…

And last but not least, this I should have bought from the source, Denovali, but they sold out copies before I realized it was even released. This copy is from Discogs seller who sold this in perfect condition. Yes it might have been on perfect condition but was packaged on those “crucifix mailers”, mailers without any secured bumber zones. Mentioned about the damage to seller who never answered. Got to purchase another copy, just to get that cover. 3xpissed!!!


And here’s those links to my previous posts about this matter:


Blah Blah Blahhh.. about packaging vinyls etc.. once again

Got home from my short vacation and there was this packages waiting for me.

zoydArt Zoyd and latest repress of their awesome “Génération Sans Futur” on black vinyl. Nice experimental & avantgarde modern classical album and so on.. but I have something to say about packaging.. once again.


Album came shrink-wrapped even though I asked to ship it record and cover separated, well it arrived without seam-splits and I was happy about that. Then I took a closer look and..


one corner smashed..


and another corner nicely smashed.. I do not know what to say anymore. It’s like fighting against windmills with these issues of lousy packaging. I do not even bother to complain about these damages anymore.. It won’t help. And I’m tired of reading mails of me being whining shithead because I just wanted to point out how important it is to use proper mailers or just secure those corners of the mailers or ship vinyls and covers separated etc.. fuck-hell-yeah, I’m that greedy/slimy one who is trying to take advance of your tiny business with pictures of free records in my mind.. blah blah blaah..

It’s sellers responsibility to provide best possible packaging for items they are selling and not to accuse customer being greedy/or something if they are not happy with ordered items arriving damaged. And it’s pointless to blame postal delivery for damages, because You all know that these REGULAR mailers are not secure enough!

Should I send my vinyl with these so-called “crucifix” mailers (extra stiffeners included)?

or with these ones?

or would it be better to use these mailers with “bumper” zones?

honestly.. and as a customer I’m ready to pay some extra for mailers like these.

Third time’s a charm.. and I’m not laughing


This package is from UK. I picked this up from the Post office about an hour ago. As You can already see, there are some “minor” damages on the corners of the cover.. Mailman (in this case mailwoman) is not the one to blame. I made a deal (years ago)  with this lovely lady who delivers our mail, that she just leaves all packages like this on the Post office and I take care of picking those up. She surely knows that these are holding vinyl records just because we have had numerous conversation about my record collecting :D

Anyways, this is the third time that I have received a record (actually fourth time but that one came in PVC sleeve and had no cover issues) from this artist and let’s look these corners little closer..

002 003

004 005

Only one corner out of four has no visible damages. And then we come to the record, actually to the cover. Oh, there were two carton stiffeners inside the mailer though..



Some ding-bump-fold-bends.. This is the third time with this artist and usage of insufficient mailer (I just can’t understand why anyone bothers to use those, not proper for international shipping, or anything) and YES, I have contacted the artist about these same issues before. I just do not understand why I even bothered to purchase this latest.. I did not pay for this, and it does not warm my heart that my name is mentioned on the cover..

One thing is for sure, I won’t order anything from this artist anymore and now he’s free of one whining idiot. Cheers, keep on making awesome music but pay a little more attention on packaging these jewels because this I got here is not shining.


somehow I feel like my eyes are burning..

Oh, today is the day. Even though it’s not enough that this District 9 special-supermega-deluxe-limitedto100 came for pre-order from Spacelab9 (way too expensive for me) and that John Carpenter deluxe vinyl version from Sacred Bones (skipped that too). Then I got package like this from the mail today. Let these pictures tell their own story..


not looking that bad..yet


but now we can see difference compared to those mailers I usually get..


one more just to get this right..


and yet one picture of the mailer & one corner of it. Let’s see how the album itself looks like..


corner number 1.


corner number 2.


corner number 4, oh sorry, number 3.


and the corner number 4. Nice, but that’s not all. Surprise, surprise..




and another.

And I kindly asked to send record taken out of the cover to avoid seamsplits.. oh, and I even asked to secure those corners.. And here’s the result, insufficient (used) mailer without any stiffeners nor bubble-wrap..

nice day indeed.

but then I could spend my money on this beautiful item (just to remind us all that there’s always hope in the end :)

Iron Giant Bolt Replica by Mondo

“The Iron Giant Bolt is a life-sized replica of the wayward flashing piece of The Iron Giant, as seen in the film. 6″ in length, with a flashing light feature, and authentic details from the film, it’s the perfect-sized piece to display at home, and to show that there’s always hope in the end.”

Salt to my wounds.. there’s only air in my wallet :(

here we go again.. got quite expensive, quite limited album packaged like this (and packing & shipping cost me €15.50). Nice.

A picture paints a thousand words.


If some one would like to know what is inside this “professional” mailer, just contact me and I’m happy to reveal that. It’s a pity because I really waited this to arrive. After seeing some pictures of already packaged albums on company’s facebook page last week.. I became very worried. Well..

One example of awesome packaging!


Got that Luke Howard’s album today and it was packaged the way I like, the way I asked it to be packaged. Record was taken out of the cover, wrapped in bubble wrap, secured with carton stiffeners and packaged in mailer with lovely “bumper zones” (securing the corners of the cover). And the record, it turned out to be in perfect condition!

The main point is that this package came from Australia to Europe and the record was in perfect condition. What I’m trying to say here is that artists/record companies should take little more effort on packaging LP’s: rip those shrink wraps away (those causes only seam splits), take records out of the cover before sending (seam split issue once again) and use mailers with “bumper zones” (or secure those corners of the cover some other way, read: use your imagination). This may save you from everlasting harms of claims and returned records..

Of course there are those who want their records to be sealed, choice is yours. But keep in mind that You, as a customer, have a right to get what you have paid for in that condition it was when you ordered it. It’s sellers job to make that happen.

Fortunately I have seen more and more companies/artists using these secured mailers nowadays and I’m very glad about that. And those who read their emails..

Mailers with “bumper/buffer zones”:

Brookvale Records has awesome mailers:

And here is one in UK:


And thanks to Luke Howard for this one, I really appreciate how well this was packaged and secured!



About packing vinyl records… part xxxxxx

Here I’m going to show how you can, at least, pack records for shipping. I know that everyone has their own secret ways but this is minimum what you can do..

1) Well, here is what we need: mailer, packing tape, bubble wrap, carton stiffeners (carton, cut to size of the record but it’s better cut those cartons little bigger than the cover, choice is yours), some kind of paper knife (Rambo knife and scissors can also do that job) and little extra pieces (thicker the better) of carton for the corners of the record mailer..



2) In this example I use brilliant album (latest) by Cloudkicker (do not worry, I’m not going to sell this one). Take the record out of the cover, this is just to prevent seam splits to form. What seam splits? Well, inside the cover, record use to move during shipping and when it bangs all over inside the cover, it usually split seams from inside. And if you have those blank inner sleeves to spare, use those if your record has printed inner sleeves (those are on the line also during shipment). Seam splits are big problem when record is sealed in shrink-wrap. In those cases, I usually politely ask seller to open shrink and send record and cover separated.



3) Use bubble wrap (lots of it) and wrap it like hell around the record..



4) Use carton stiffeners, place those on both side of the record (and use tape to wrap this whole thing together).



5) And here is the mailer itself (use these regulars if you do not have already those with bumper zones.. I have mentioned about those earlier in my blog).



6) And now we come to the most important part.. using these extra pieces of carton just to secure corners of the mailer (usually corners of the mailer take the most of the damage during shipping). Use packing tape (or glue) to attach these on the corners of the mailer.


7) And here we are. At least you can do it like this, in my opinion. I do not say that this is the best way but this is one step closer to secured shipping of the vinyl record.


And thanks, I hope that this is useful to some of you out there. Feel free to comment on this one.


little post about vinyl mailers..

This post is about mailers used to send out vinyl records.. from best to worst. This is purely my opinion, feel free to comment if you like..


 This is one of the best, with bumber zones to secure corners of the cover..


and another one with bumber zones (love these ones).

mailer03This is the usual one, most of records comes packed mailers like this.. not that bad (but these do not secure your vinyl enough).


And here’s the worst one of these four. Inferior.