Domkraft: Seeds LP (red)


Damn .. A new record from Domkraft, and of course I had to get it, no doubt about it. I am very attached to the band’s apocalyptic soundscape, their way of wrapping together doom & sludge metal with some psychedelic mix. Bought this red version of the record and skipped that Box Set (way too expensive for me and I’m not ready to pay that much for a seven-inch, LP, CD, booklet, and some prints). I’m happy with this version I have (saved some money for a few other albums I have on my want list). Anyways, this record is an amazing soundtrack for the apocalypse to come. The Box Set and red-colored version are still available for example from Kozmik Artifactz.

Year of The Cobra: Burn Your Dead 12″ (clear w/ black & orange splatter)


Year of Cobra, my favourite duo and their latest one that I grabbed via DHU Records earlier this year. I totally missed the launch of this EP and all those special versions but I’m more than happy I got my hairy/sweaty hands on this via DHU (released by Magnetic Eye Records). Love this one, and you should too. Magnetic Eye still have some nice variants available so what are you waiting for?