Electric Hydra: Electric Hydra LP (white with orange swirl)

Electric hydra

Yet another great record & band, surprisingly from Sweden. Electric Hydra with their hard rocking self-titled debut album. Throughout years I have been wondering how come it’s possible that there comes so many awesome bands from that particular country, who knows. My journey started with Entombed and here we go again, this time with Electric Hydra. This beauty was released by Majestic Mountain Records (one of those awesome labels you should follow) and you can grab a copy for example from Season of MistSound Pollution, Experience Vinyl & Cosmic Peddler. Go for it!!

Devil’s Witches: Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures 10″ (magenta/black splatter)


Yes, I bought this one even though “ten-inch” vinyl ain’t my favorite physical format, but now we are talking about Devil’s Witches and I haven’t had that much luck with releases of this artist, ever. All releases have sold out in the blink of an eye except this one because the edition was large enough, about 1,500 copies (thanks for that, I finally had a chance to grab a copy without high blood pressure and extra heartbeats).  And the record itself, two awesome tunes and that second one.. I’m speechless. Don’t know much about this artist but I just let the music speak for itself, ain’t that the main reason why songs are made for? Share a few minutes of your time and you know what I’m trying to say. Thanks to artist & label (Majestic Mountain Records) for giving us an opportunity to grab a copy without worrying of those Discogs/Ebay prizes. Beautiful release from the start to the very end!

Laser Dracul: Hagridden LP (clear/red/splatter)

Laser dragul

Thanks to Majestic Mountain Records for introducing this Swedish group to me. One more album to prove the superiority of the Swedes while watching my record shelf, damn. This album will take you to deep forest where beams of sun can’t reach you, place where you’ll feel alive again. Great album forcing me to check out their previous album as soon as possible. Still available from the source, Majestic Mountain Records and for example from bands BandCamp site.

The Hypnagogics: Endless Nights LP (smokey)


This album by Hypnagogics came out via Majestic Mountain Records earlier this year. Strong hard rocking, stoner album from this Swedish group. Oh, this is also their debut album which is a little hard to believe. Those guitars on this release.. awesome.  Endless Nights is sold out from the source and seems that you have to turn to Discogs / Ebay if you wanna grab a copy which I recommended from the bottom of my heart.

Vessel: Vagabond Blues LP (orange/black mabled)


Australian desert/stoner/fuzzed/psych group delivering some delicious ear candy. Majesic Mountain Records released this one earlier this year and I grabbed a copy immediately. Been listening to this a lot since the day I got a copy delivered to my doorsteps. I’m quite sure that this record can be found on my “Highlights of 2020” list. This is totally sold out from the source, Majestic Mountain Records, but if you fancy a copy of your own then head to BandCamp!

Saint Karloff: Interstellar Voodoo LP (blue transparent)

Saint Karloff

The year has changed and I’m still going through my last year’s purchases. This monstrous album from Saint Karloff (released by Majestic Mountain Records) was one of those I waited anxiously to arrive. Awesome record even though color variation wasn’t what I expected. Unique marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies) was turned to transparent blue in some part of the production but so what? It’s still unique to me. Just checked out around the internet and it seems that all color variations of this record has been sold out by now. Even the cassette version is also sold out.. Glad that I got me a copy. Thumbs up for Majestic Mountain Records, keep on releasing beautiful records!


Saint Karloff / Devil’s Witches: Coven Of The Ultra-Riff LP (green/black marbled)


Ha! Scored a Devil’s Witch release (on vinyl) the second time in a row! Maybe just because there are 700 copies floating around. Have to admit that I ordered two copies, from two different sources just to make sure that I get at least one pristine copy without corner dings etc. Well, I got one pristine copy even though I was worried when picking those packages from the post office, both records came packed in those “most” hazardous mailers (mailers without “buffer” zones & without stiffeners). Anyways, record itself sounds amazing, both bands are marvellous and because of this split-release, I even ordered that Saint Karloff’s upcoming album too. Love is in the air.. or should I rather say Love is Doom.. Vinyl version is released by Majestic Mountain Records and cassette version by Stoner Witch Records (yeah, got me a CS version too).