Hashshashin: nihsahshsaH LP


Actually I’m not that big fan of math/prog rock but after hearing few songs from this album I just had to give this one a chance. And yes, I really like this album by Hashshashin (whatever that name means) and I’m more than happy purchasing this. I came across with this (Australian) band via Art As Catharsis Records few months ago and even though I call this math/prog rock, there’s much more flavours on this album. We can clearly hear some oriental, world music nuances mixed here on these tunes. Great album in my opinion. Limited to 250 copies and still available from the source, Art As Catharsis Records. Just check out, you might like it!


Enemies: Embark, Embrace LP (clear)


Yep, latest arrival. Once again something different compared my lately purchases (metal, experimental, ambient etc..). Well, this is a great day to listen some math / post rock. Refreshing indeed. Limited to 100 copies on clear, 150 on translucent gold and 250 copies on translucent red. Clear and gold ones sold out BUT you can buy all three bundled (limited to 15 bundles) from Topshelf Records.