Lucifer’s Children: Devil Worship LP +7″ (black)

lucifer's children

DOOOOM. Do I need to write anything more? Well, maybe a few sentences.. Lucifer’s Children comes from Paraguay that’s almost all I know about this band and traditional doom is the thing in this quite amazing debut album. It’s been a very long time since I have listened this kind of doom and the feeling is, purified. Looking forward to hear from this band in the future. And thanks to DHU for releasing this. Sold out from the source but some copies still available via Kozmik Artifactz.

Hmm.. listening to this record woke the good old doomster in me so now I have listen to one of the greatest doom records ever made “Into The Depths Of Sorrow” by Solitude Aeturnus. Thanks Lucifer’s Children, you just stole a piece of my darkened heart!

Stonebirds: Collapse And Fail LP (clear/black)


Woah, now we are talking! A Monstrous album from Stonebirds crushing my guts with its darkened & hopeless beauty.  This French band manages to blend various styles on this latest release. Mostly doomed post-metal with some distance echoes of sludge somewhere between the grooves. Bought their “Into The Fog… And The Filthy Air” album years ago and been waiting a new one to be released and just realized that I have missed an album between these two.. How in hell that can be even possible? Well, next one in my shopping list is that missing 2xLP called “Time”. Shame on me.. In the picture the vinyl looks very much black but when held to the light the effect can be seen, have to admit that it took little time and some advices to realize that..  This version is sold out but if you fancy regular version or even test pressing, Ripple Music still have those available. Band itself has some regular copies available in their BandCamp site too and Kozmik Artifactz has 1 copy still available.

Chrome Ghost: The Diving Bell LP (white/blue splatter)


Here’s a release I love so much, Chrome Ghost and their debut album, The Diving Bell. I got the cassette version of this album last year via Transylvanian Tapes and it was love at first sight. This is doom with a mixture of post-metal, drone, maybe some sludge.. A little hard for me to describe what this is about, you have to hear it yourself. Vinyl version came via Seeing red Records earlier this year (two color variations both limited to 125 pieces) and of course it was must-buy for me. Actually, I ordered that other color variation too, yesterday. Awesome album! Still available via Seeing Red Records.

Gurt: Bongs Of Praise LP (purple)


Doomed sludge/stoner outfit from UK greeting us with their latest full-length. A few years ago I bought their previous album “Skullossus” and like that one a lot. This new one has been on quite heavy rotation lately and yes, this sounds damn good. Hidden treasure this is for sure. Limited to 50 copies on purple, 50 copies on green and 150 copies on black wax. All versions are still available via their BandCamp site. Just check this out!


Firebreather: Under a Blood Moon LP (red with black splatter)


Holy sh**.. !! I picked this one from the local post office a few days ago (after paying taxes etc..). This is Firebreather, crushing doomed stoner monster, from (surprisingly) Sweden. Pure ear candy from the first track to the last one. Released by Riding Easy Records and this variation is limited to 75 copies (should have been red with black splatter but my version is more or less just red). All color variations still available from the source and if you wanna save on shipping costs you can order this evil record from Riding Easy’s EU store. Highly recommended album!!!!!!!! Easily one of the best records I have heard during this year!


Kannabinõid: 3 LP


Track number 2 and 11 seconds. Within those 11 seconds, I made my mind and bought this album. Kannabinõid comes from Estonia and this sludge/stoner/doom/metal-filled album has stolen my heart & soul. This album titled “3” seems to be their second full-length and what an album it is. Limited to 200 copies and available via their BandCamp site. Just check out this monstrous beauty, I’m going after their debut one. Special thanks to the one who packed & shipped this, super secured and all corners of the record were protected individually. Pure awesomeness.


Eremit: Carrier Of Weight LP (boxset)


This box set by Eremit arrived nearly 6 months ago, shame on me… that I haven’t had time for this one until now. This one is heavy, and I really mean that. The band is from Germany and this is their debut album (and if you ask me, this is freaking amazing for debut album.. or album at all). I  bought this box set (limited to 50 copies) via Transcending Obscurity and seems that they have sold out all vinyl versions by now. Recommended if you like your music super heavy & doomed. Hey, I love this.


Fistfull of Conan


Cassettes, when these came available it was must-have thing to me. Got all these Conan releases on vinyl too, except one. Use to have that “Horseback Battle Hammer” on vinyl but.. sometimes when you’re short on cash you obviously end up doing things you will regret rest of your life. Anyways, if you’re missing some of these tunes you better act fast because the won’t last long:  Horseback Battle Hammer, Blood Eagle and Revengeance (Existential Void Guardian is soldout from this source..). Oh, I love cassettes.


Marécages: Marais Juana – Une Ode Cannabique LP (swamp green with black splatter)


This abomination arrived last week and I have kept it hidden in the basement since that day..  Blah blah, actually it has been right beside my turntable, waiting to get some serious spinning. That day was today. This ain’t nice record at all, it’s kinda abnormity of doomed death/sludge.. something sick and I just love it! This record is intended to be played at the highest possible volume and have to admit it’s quite purifying experience. Limited to 75 copies on black splattered swamp green & 125 copies on black wax. Colored one is sold out but there’s still copies of “Abyss Black” version available from the label, From The Urn. Love it or leave it.




Yatra: Death Ritual LP


“There’s no sunshine when she’s gone…” Well, this record hasn’t seen the sunshine and maybe it’s better that way. Raw & dirty, doomed stoner metal with creepy vocals. Band is Yatra and their debut album follows the name “Death Ritual”. I listened this album via BandCamp few times and find it interesting enough to spent some money on it. Darkened is the road they are following and I’m walking right behind. This album is released by Grimoire Records (US) and I purchased my copy via Sludgelord (EU). Have to thank Sludgelord about their honest way to contact customers beforehand informing cover damages that occurred when they got their copies (on the picture, note that the sticker is covering one corner of the cover..). I really appreciate this kind of honesty. Yeah, been also thinking of purchasing another copy straight from the band but in the other hand, why? I got the record with minor visual damage on the cover, I can live with that. Sludgelord has sold out copies they had but if you are still interested, support the band and head to their BandCamp site. Helvete!

Absent: Towards The Void LP (green transparent)


Wow! Here we have little heavier release. Brazilian Absent with their debut release “Towards The Void”. Psychedelic Funeral Doom as band itself describes their music on their BandCamp site. I agree even though the end of the third track goes straight to blackened metal. Brilliant! Thanks to Cursed Tongue Records for bringing this alive on vinyl format. Dark & hopeless this record surely is but that’s what makes it so beautiful. This limited version is gone from the source, Cursed Tongue Records, but there’s still “regular” version on black wax available. Highly recommended one!

“Existence is a shallow grave 
For misery is the price of our stay 
Fuck the light in cold demise 
A hole of chaos to swallow the sky 
Drown this world in nothingness”


Dopethrone: Transcanadian Anger LP (colored)


Took a little while to arrive but finally it’s here (got me some extra seven-inch for compensation). What can I say, damn good record with same elements of dirt & danger as all previous albums. Love this record and it goes straight to my top 10 records of this year. There’s no band like Dopethrone and obviously some groups try to follow their filthy footsteps.. but there’s one to rule them all. Pow to the King! This colored one (Totem Cat Records exclusive) is limited to 300 copies and still available from the source (oh, and if you like your vinyl on classic black that’s also available from that very same place). Aaarrrgghhhh….



Witch Ripper: Homestead LP (Wasteland Edition)

witch ripper

Yet again killer release from DHU Records and this time it’s Witch Ripper’s debut album called “Homestead”. Monstrous riff fueled album filled with crushing stoner/sludge/doom/whateveryouwannacallit metal. These vocals remind me of some band whose name I can’t get out of my blurry brain. Anyways, really like this album even though listening it numerous times on repeat makes me wanna bang my cranium against the wall. This version is DHU exclusive, limited to 90 copies and still available from the source, DHU Records. And while visiting the site, you should check out those other releases they still have available  (there’s a slight possibility that you’ll find yourself with empty wallet sooner or later).  Aaaaaaargghhhh..


Eternal Black: Bleed The Days 2xLP

eternal black

Today, exactly six years ago I started to write this blog. The journey has been challenging and at the same time rewarding but still on several occasions I have been ready to toss the gloves into a corner.. However, during my darkest hours I have come across some new, stunnig records, which have inspired me to continue this journey, to spread the word. Eternal Black’s Bleed The Days is one of those records. This record is filled with fuzzed, doomed stoner and it sounds dark and dangerous. I have purchased this album on cassette earlier this year but haven’t had that much time listen to it. Purchasing this same album on vinyl forced me to check it closer and Hell Yeah! Still available via bands’s BandCamp site and I can truly recommend this album!

Haunt: Burst Into Flame LP (silver)


Hah, another jewel released by Shadow Kingdom Records. This time we are talking about “Burst Into Flame”, awesome NWOTHM  album from Haunt. Usually, when talking about purchasing records I use to listen (if possible) the whole album through via BandCamp or some other media before making any decisions. With “Burst Into Flame” it took only few minutes and decision was made. This record has nothing to do with stoner/doom etc. this is pure (traditional) heavy metal at it’s best. Limited to 2000 copies on splattered, 500 copies on silver & 500 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source, Shadow Kingdom Records (US) & straight from the band. Citizens within EU can get their hands on this easily via HR Records. Brilliant album, makes me wanna bang my head through the wall!

Sepultura: Beneath The Remains LP


Found this classic album from Sepultura last weekend while visiting my hometown. It took nearly 25 years to get this back.. For me this is the best Sepultura album from start to very end. Quite nice copy even though there are some wearing on the cover but the record itself is in nearly perfect condition. Even though I’m hunting down these oldies & goldies from my past I haven’t seen that much copies of this record and f I had, those have been in terrible condition. Yeah, I’m happy with this one. The circle has closed at last and I have all three Sepultura albums I need -> Schizophrenia, Beneath The Remains & Arise.


Hashteroid: Hashteroid LP (green)


Got this thing with Cursed Tongue Records, I nearly always manage to miss what they are releasing (happened with Wolftooth & Mephistofeles..). But now I managed to grab this speed filled stoner/space/thrash beauty from Hashteroid. Version pictured above is limited to 100 copies and still wondering how in hell this is still available? Awesome package in every possible way.  Available from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. And as mentioned above this green version is limited to 100 copies but there’s also so-called “regular” version on yellow wax (limited to 400 copies) available. Highly recommended band, album & label!


Bathory: Hammerheart LP


Finally, one of the greatest has returned home. Bought this original copy from one domestic seller via Facebook market place. I paid 30€ for this and was quite relieved that the condition was this good, no disturbing noises while spinning under the needle. Cover has some marks but so what. Released 28 years ago and still sounds amazing. Great one, no doubt.

“When the wind cries out my name
And time has come for me to die
Then wrap me in my cape
And lay my sword down at my side

Then place me on a ship of Oak
And let it drift with tide
Let the flames purify my soul
On its way to hall up high”


Year of The Cobra: Burn Your Dead 12″ (clear w/ black & orange splatter)


Year of Cobra, my favourite duo and their latest one that I grabbed via DHU Records earlier this year. I totally missed the launch of this EP and all those special versions but I’m more than happy I got my hairy/sweaty hands on this via DHU (released by Magnetic Eye Records). Love this one, and you should too. Magnetic Eye still have some nice variants available so what are you waiting for?