Night Runner: Thunderbird LP (Deluxe edition)


I’m still here.. Just realized that it has been way too long since the last update. Let’s start with this one I got from Poisoned Mind Records few months ago. Second full-length from Night Runner. Thunderbird is the title of the album. I missed Night Runners debut (deluxe version) year ago just because I took few beers too much, passed out & missed that dlx version.. Would like to thank Poisoned Mind for the copy I got for free (pink/black splattered version) later with other order.

So I was quite awake with this second one and scored deluxe version (sold out quite fast). Don’t know what have I done because I also got another copy (clear w/  black & blue splattered version, see picture below) included. And for those who don’t know, Night Runner is mixing synthwave with other genres like jazz, metal, soundtrack etc. Awesome package, I love this but you don’t have to. Vinyl versions of this release are long gone. Recommended album if you get your hands on this.



Entombed: Same Difference LP


Entombed is Entombed, what else can I say. Maybe not the one of the greatest record this band has done but surely it’s still rough diamond compared to punch of other bands & their records. Entombed has always been so close to my heart that I just can’t say anything bad about their records. Few years ago this album was repressed with crowd funding like few other their records. I had a copy of that repress but some evil force made me sell that one and go after original. Now I got this and my soul can rest for few seconds before going after few ones I still miss.

“yeah, you better know my name
I’ve come this far
to play the game
first things first
and then I ride
turn my head
side to side
…same difference”


Sepultura: Arise – Rough Mixes Limited Edition For Rock In Rio LP


For years I have tried to find this album with decent prize tag on it and suddenly I came across with this version. Have to say that 25€ is quite decent prize considering that the vinyl itself is in pristine condition. I don’t mind the fact that these are rough mixes, after all this sounds much better than that recorded cassette I have been playing for years. Still missing a vinyl copy of “Beneath the Remains” but I’m working on it.


Mother Crone: Awakening LP (Sea Blue/ Bone Merge w/ Oxblood Splatter)


Makes me wonder how in earth this album hasn’t already sold out. Even though I’m a big fan of DHU Records and been purchasing (lately) nearly all releases from this label more or less blindly, this album from Mother Crone I listened  (well, all those tracks available) in advance. Holy freaking hell, I fell in love right away. Brilliant blend of stoner/metal and even a hint of some thrash metal influences mixed together. I’m digging this album (actually listening to it while writing this) a lot. Great band and awesome record label putting out these jewels one after another. I suggest you to check this monster out if your heart is opened for some hard-hitting stoner metal. Released on three different color variations and the one I ordered is the most limited one. Like I said, all variations are still available from the source, DHU Records. so move your fat as from that sofa and do something with your life,  buy this album. And huge thanks goes to DHU Records, the reason can be seen on the picture below, I’m really honored by this gesture.


Bell Witch: Mirror Reaper 2xLP (black/blue merge & red splatter)


Been a long time since the last update but my time has been reserved totally with a house we recently moved in (moving all the stuff etc.). But here’s one monstrous album that I received few weeks ago, Bell Witch and their latest master piece, Mirror Reaper. Holy hell what an album we got here, single track on four sides. Have to admit that I had been waiting for this one since the day I ordered it. Beautiful album, crushing doom shivering my spine. Third album from this duo I own and now I just have to hunt down the one I still miss, Demo 2011. This has been released on several color variations and I bought this one just because it looked quite nice :)

Seems that this beast is sold out nearly every damn place but some black copies still available from Profound Lore EU, HR Records, Bull City Records, Blood Harvest..


Faces of the Bog: Ego Death 2xLP (gold/blue with pink splatter)


DamnHellYes!! Faces Of The Bog and their debut album “Ego Death” that arrived from DHU Records last week. I have reached the point that I do not even have to listen a single note from the albums some labels are putting out (labels like DHU, STB, Poisoned Mind, Totem Cat etc.), with these labels I can go blindly just because they have been releasing pure diamonds lately. Back to the Bog. This record has it all, stoner/psych/sludge/doom/space/metal etc. combined perfectly together and it’s honey to my ears. Awesome record indeed. Still available from DHU Records and I’m wondering what the hell are you waiting for? Go and get some Bog to your life while you still can. Surely this record is going to be on my  top 2017 list. Go!


Leather Lung: Lost In Temptation LP (purple/green swirl)

leather lung

Ha, check out this monster! This arrived last week and damn I like this one so much. This is just kinda doom/stoner I like to listen; filthy, raw & dangerous. When Poisoned Mind Records announced this I was about to skip the whole release but then I checked out this album from BandCamp, listened first track about 10 seconds.. and the result of those 10 seconds can be seen on the picture above. Yes, yes & yes! I can really recommend this beast and I’m really surprised that Poisoned Mind still have copies available. I suggest you to act fast if you fancy a copy. This version with all extra stuff along is limited to 94 copies and looks just awesome! Damn good record & great package overall!


Sepultura: Schizophrenia LP


Back to basics. I had this record years & years ago and like all other LP’s I got back then, I sold this one too. Silently I have been hunting down all those precious thrash/speed/death metal albums and fortunately I got this brazilian version about a month ago. Like all treasures I have found lately, this also came from that very source where I have picked about 30-40 records within 3-4 months. Very good album even though “Beneath The Remains” was that Sepultura’s album which blew head from my shoulders. Anyways, great copy in nearly perfect condition & thing that makes me smile is the fact that this vinyl must weigh under 100 g, I can nearly see trough it.


Ides Of Gemini: Women LP+7″

ides of gemini

This latest from Ides Of Gemini has been waiting for some listening quite a long time now. It’s just that I simply do not have time to take every purchased record to closer listening right away. This is my second album from this band (bought their debut years ago) and still I like this band  lot. Some strange way I love these nearly shoegazing doomed tunes even though I rarely listen to these records. Surely there’s a time and a place for music like this, absolutely music for those rainy, darkening autumn evenings. Nice one. Available from awesome record stores around the globe and of course from the source, Rise Above Records


Brume: Rooster 2xLP (DHU exclusive)


Been waiting this record to be released/arrive soooo long and now I have it here with me.. Brume and their debut album “Rooster” released by one of my most favourite labels, DHU Records. Few years ago I purchased Brume’s twelve-inch EP “Donkey” and fell in love within a minute I placed the needle on the surface of that vinyl. This full-length only amplify that feeling. Great doom/stoner album, and for me it’s near religious experience (even though I’m not religious person) listening these tunes. Awesome package and when talking about packaging shipments, DHU is doing it the way other labels/stores should learn from. This copy of mine is “DHU exclusive version, limited to 100 numbered copies and there’s also 4 other color variations available from the source. And if you’re visiting DHU’s online store, I recommend you to check out label’s previous releases too. Once again I  kneel before you oh great & mighty DHU!


Black Bone Exorcism: Crack The Bone, Break The Heart 2xLP (“Heretic” edition)

black bone

It’s hard to find the way when you’re lost in the darkness. And here’s one freaking interesting record by Black Bone Exorcism, released by Dark Hedonistic Union Records (damn you DHU, you’re draining my savings). Music on this album is quite hard to describe, surely this ain’t black metal, doom or stoner even though I can hear some echoes from these genres here, what it is then? Can I hear some distant Neurosis influences.. don’t know but boys/girls, it’s intense, desperate, hopeless, dark and mos of all it’s rocking big time. Maybe you should check it out by yourself . This DHU “Heretic” exclusive (limited to 90 copies) is still available from DHU likewise that “Collapse” version which is limited to 150 copies. Brilliant album! Oh, actually I ordered that “Collapse” version because on the mock-up picture it looked amazing, but sometimes record plants can’t provide what they promise and thanks to DHU  for swapping it to his “Heretic” one.


EyeHateGod: Take As Needed For Pain LP (brown marbled)


Last week as I walked down to the local record store I already knew what I was about to purchase. This record from Eyehategod had been hanging on the wall there about 3-4 months and now it was time to take it home. Now I have to admit that this is my first Eyehategod album ever… Better later than ever though. Now that I’m listening this album it’s quite strange how in hell I have managed to skip this band & their records so many times during these years. Raw & dirty sludge and yes, I like what I’m hearing here. This vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies and if you are after these most limited vinyl versions you have to check either Discogs or Ebay. Great album and makes me want more!



Loss: Horizonless 2xLP (blue/black merge)


Alright, this arrived 3-4 weeks ago but I managed to place this under the needle just few days ago. Woah, I didn’t expect anything because I have never heard any of their music before but now we are speaking! Doomed is this record, funeral doomed and like the title of this album, it leaves you. This is melancholic, hopeless album and surprise, I LOVE it! while listening this record I can imagine myself sitting in the rowing boat on the shore of calm and the quiet shore, behind my back a familiar and safe coastline, in front of me the horizontless darkness.. This blue/black variation is limited to 100 copies just like clear/black haze one, rest 800 copies are on regular black wax. Colored ones are gone but that regular version is available from example from Profound & Season of Mist.


Gurt: Skullossus LP (red/black splattered


Never heard about this band? Don’t worry, me neither until I read a review of this (their second) album from Sludgelord some weeks ago. Damn-shit-hell this album is kicking my fat ass totally. This sounds dirty, dangerous and that makes it beautiful. Mixture of sludge, stoner, metal. punk etc. and I’m really enjoying this record. Worth to check out if you haven’t already done that. I have no clue about limitation of this vinyl release but so what, really hope that there are copies enough for everyone. Check it out, you may like it. Available from their BandCamp site & their BigCartel Store. Aaaaarggghhhh..




Beastmaker: Inside The Skull LP (black)


The last couple of months I have been struggling by myself either to continue this blog or let it just fade away.. But then, what else would I do on my spare time? So I decided to continue this journey & spreading the word. Actually I ‘ll try to post something everyday just because I have received/purchased huge amount of excellent records during this time.

Let’s start with this latest by Beastmaker, album called “Inside The Skull”. Purchased their debut album about a year ago and loved that one (still loving it though) and now this new one. Well, damn good doomed stoner album in the spirit of Black Sabbath. It’s heavy as hell, groovy and I’m quite surprised they managed to produce another “Beast” this quickly. What else there’s to say? Try it. This “Die Hard” edition is limited to 100 copies and came with awesome poster (sold out). There’s still two other versions available, on transparent red vinyl (EU version) and on solid purple wax (US edition). Both versions still available from Rise Above. Go & get one for yourself.


Crud: Resin LP (purple/black haze)


More filthy metal for your ears. This is Crud and their debut(?) album called “Resin”. Damn this sounds evil, filthy, dangerous and these are elements I like when listening this kind of music. Sludge/doom with nearly grindcore-like vocals. This album is released by one awesome label, Totem Cat Records (I really like these smaller labels like DHU Records, STB Records, Poisoned Mind etc.). Pressed on purple/black haze vinyl (limited to 300 copies, 47 copies of those comes with exclusive screenprinted slipcover) and there seems to be even TP’s available from the source, Totem Cat. I like this beast, a lot!



Ash Borer: The Irrepassable Gate 2xLP (gold/black haze)


Aaaaaarrrgghhhhh… Hell yes if I may say. Latest from one of my favorite (experimental) black (doomed) metal groups.  It was track “In The Midst Of Life, We Are In Death” from same titled album in 2011 when I came across with this band. I still remember listening that album repeatedly while visiting countryside at my aunt’s home (even listened it while picking some blueberries in a shady forest. Great album even though I have managed to listen it only few times now. This gold/black haze variation is limited to 100 copies and sold out within hours. There’s also amber.maroon/black haze version (ltd. 200) but that’s also sold out.. So if you are after this album you have to settle with regular black copy and those are available for example from Profound Lore or from Profound’s EU store (here’s a tip for all EU customers, if you wanna save some shipping costs I suggest you to purchase this from that US store.. or at least compare those shipping costs). Great album from the superior band!


Harakiri For The Sky: s/t LP


If I have to describe music Harakiri For The Sky is performing, I would say that it’s melodic, post-rocking blackened metal. But because I don’t have to do so, I just concentrate on listening to it. Few weeks ago I was checking out some local metal bands on their gig and there was this record vendor with hundreds of records.. Of course I had to check out his crates. Hundreds of black metal records from bands I have never ever heard of and then I found this. Harakiri For The Sky’s latest one is on my “wantlist” but now I had a chance to purchase their debut in pristine condition. First press is limited to 500 copies (400 on black & 100 on grey vinyl) and there’s also second pressing on grey splattered vinyl and that is available from example from Ván Records.

Cough: Sigillum Luciferi 2xLP


I don’t know about you but sometimes (most of the time) it feels like there’s no time to listen to all those bands I would like to. Have to admit that I had never ever listened to Cough before this album I found from the local record store couple of weeks ago. This album (like so many other) has been hanging on my “wantlist” for ages and now I had an opportunity to get it for decent prize. Well.. this damn album sounds sick, brilliant record & shame on me for skipping this band time after time. Doomed stoner/sludge/metal pressed on solid black wax, limited to 500 copies and I’m smiling (even my teeth are laughing!). Seems that there’s 4th pressing (on blood red vinyl) of this album available from band’s BigCartel site. Yeah!



Pantera: Cowboys From Hell LP


Those were the days my friend.. Actually this is the only Pantera’s record I have ever own, and that’s fine to me (been thinking of purchasing “Vulgar Display Of Power” for ages though.. 25 years ain’t that long  or is it?). I still remember how hard this album hit me when I was still on the brink of my teenager years. Times when music really ment something and your purchase decision based on the few following things: the cover of the album, videos on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball & reviews on Metal Hammer. Somehow I still miss those years of innocence (hah, beer & cigarettes etc.). Great album and with this one I do not care anyone else’s opinions :)