Ø: Olento 2xLP


 This record has nothing to do with comfortable music, rock or nearly anything you usually like to listen. It’s electronic, minimal and abstract. Olento is an album that has shaped my music taste more than any other record. Sähkö Recordings released this album by late Mika Vainio first time in 1996 only on CD format (I can still remember where I bought my copy). A few months ago I got a note that this has been pressed on vinyl (finally) and I bought this copy without hesitation. Available for example via Hard Wax, Further Records, Norman Records, and Record Shop X if you are interested. And yes, the domain name of Vinyl Diaries is taken from this album.


Cassette mayhem…

Haa.. somehow I have purchased great pile of cassettes during last few months. Never thought that I would turn back to this format but here we are. There is more than one reason why cassettes have found their way to my heart.. This format is way more cheaper, these arrive without a doubt in much better condition than vinyl records and most of all, in some cases cassettes are the only physical format available. Some of these albums I already have on vinyl format but I just couldn’t resist getting those on cassette too..



Let’s start with these two tapes from Mephistofeles, stoner/doom outfit from Argentina. I bought these two cassettes from Creep Purple Records (nice job, once again!). Even though I have that “Whore” also on vinyl I just had to have it on cassette too. These two are sold out by now. “Whore” have been released on cassette format by few other labels too but all copies are sold out and Discogs prizes of those are ridiculous!




Old good OLDE and their latest album on cassette format. Stoner/doom is the thing here and vinyl version of this album is still available from STB Records (BandCamp). If you fancy this more on tape, I suggest you to check out Medusa Crush Recordings. MCR also have some other items for sale there..




Let’s jump right to atmospheric/blackened/depressive/metal. I found this record via BandCamp and I really like it. Also just found out that this has been released on vinyl too..  Cassette version can be ordered via Fólkvangr Records, vinyl version via Ordo MCM. Nice recording indeed.




Let’s continue with little rougher stuff. This is Dödsrit from Sweden and this cassette kicks ass big time! Blackened metal mixed with crust/punk. This is concept that just can’t go wrong if you ask my opinion. Available from Bloodsoaked Records. Recommended release!




Latest from all mighty Electric Wizard. I purchase this on cassette & vinyl (more about that vinyl version later..). Wizard is wizard, what else can I say? This was available via Spinefarm Records but seems that it’s sold out (but I think there’s more copies to come).




Ambient, drone, minimal are those words best to describe this one. Some of you may already know that I love to listen soundscapes like this cassette is providing. Music for dark rooms. Still available from Invisible City Records. Lovely.




The main reason purchasing this on tape was the prize (and shipping costs). Would love to own this one on vinyl too but at the moment I settle for this cassette format. It’s nice to see that these tape releases are selling out quite fast, does that tell something? Good record and someday I gonna get my hands on that vinyl version too.




Back to psych/space/stoner/doom genre. Just have to wonder why this hasn’t been released on vinyl? This cassette has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and it was already sold out from the source when I heard about this band the very first time. Anyways, I was lucky enough to grab a copy straight from the band though (seems to be sold out from that source too..). Hope that some awesome DIY label would give this one good vinyl treatment.




And back to the darker side. I came across with this band while surfing around Bandcamp. First I wasn’t that interested but after listening “Saudade” few times I just had to purchase it and their previous one, “Respire”. Black metal is the thing here, you don’t have to like it but I do. Both tapes available from their BandCamp site.




Yet one recording that should have vinyl treatment. This band from France has managed to create awesome sounding stoner/doom tunes and I really hope to hear more from them as soon as possible. Tape has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and is still available from the source. Recommended highly if fuzzed stoner/doom is your thing!




And another album waiting for someone to release it, surprise, on vinyl. This cassette was the reason I found out Transylvanian Tapes and all those delicious releases the label has put out. Evil sounding tape,  I like it. Transylvanian has sold this out, and seems that band has too (good for the band, not that good for possible fans who missed it). At least you can support the band buying the album on digital format.




Oh I love these releases Transylvanian is putting out. Cosmic Reef Temple with their album “Age of The Spaceborn” blew my mind. You better check this out because this is awesome! Saxophone here is something I haven’t heard before and have to say it works. And yet another  recording I would love to buy on vinyl format. Available from the source, Transylvanian Tapes. Highly recommended one.




Filthy death metal from Caffa. This tape came along my order from Transylvanian Tapes, so it was like a gift. And I really like this gift too. Even though I’m more into early death metal I really enjoy listening to this one too. Pity that this is sold out from the source (well, if I got a copy so there must still be some copies left..). Thanks to Transylvanian Tapes, I really appreciate this!




This is Hell. Freaking brilliant. Sold out but sounds like this..




Lightsabres, my favorite one. Got all Lightsabres albums on vinyl but some strange way I thought that I have to purchase those albums on cassette format too. Actually I was after his latest release (split with Blissful Stream) and these previous tapes I just ordered to cover those shipping cost.. Hey, it’s me here trying to justify these purchases to myself. Tape is still available from Medusa Crush Recordings if you are interested.




Same thing with this one as that one above. Lightsabres forever! Medusa Crush still having some copies if you lack one.




And here’s the reason for buying all those tapes from Medusa Crush. I was after this split release with Blissful Stream. Now that I have been lisening to this release I just have to say it was worth every penny I spent. Great thing here is also that I’m in love with Blissful Stream now. Brilliant release indeed! Still available from Medusa Crush Recordings so what the hell are you still waiting for?




Here’s some drone to your ears. Excellent release. Painting soundscapes and this surely is one hell of a soundtrack for these late hours. If you want a copy of this you better hurry because Invisible City Records have on two left at this very moment I’m writing this.




Some older death metal on cassette format. Hammerheart Records have re-pressed these two albums on vinyl & CS. Those vinyl versions are already sold out but there’s these tapes still available like Malleus Maleficarum, Consuming Impulse, Testimony of The Ancients, Spheres and even the newest one called Hadeon. Great work from Hammerheart!




Three cassettes filled with experimental/drone/ambient/noise… aah, now I can close my tired eyes and let these soundscapes take over. These tapes are sold out but that should not prevent you to check out these, some of you might even like these tapes.


Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux: Peau froide, léger soleil 2xLP


Got this one months ago and it has taken some time to check this trough.. Beautiful record this surely is. I really hard to recommend these kind of records because if you are not into minimalistic/electronic music. For me these records and soundscapes are the best way to escape this hectic world we are living. I can imagine myself staring at the distance headphones on allowing thse soundwaves took over. Great record from late Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux.  Available from Cosmo Rhythmatic (few copies left though)



Pan Sonic: Aaltopiiri 2xLP


Those who have visited this blog of mine earlier surely know my fixation about Pan Sonic (perviously known as Panasonic) & Mika Vainio with all his aliases. Here’s “Aaltopiiri”, Pan Sonic’s fourth album from the year 2000. I bought this treasure via Discogs few months ago and the seller was kind enough adding some extra with the album, “Selections From Aaltopiiri” twelve-inch promo.


Minimal, electronic, abstract is the field we are playing here and this surely ain’t music for everybody’s ears. Damn I love these tunes, now and forever.


Ø: Konstellaatio 2xLP


Last full-length from Mika Vainio’s alias, Ø.  beautiful record from my most favourite electronic artist. As we all know (and if you did not, you will), Mika Vainio died accidentally few months ago in France and sad but true that reflects straight to prizes of the records he was involved with. I bought this album with 12″ Syväys straight from Sähkö Recordings little before his passing to the other side. Huge lost. Now that I have listened this album several times there’s some kind of sadness, stillness embracing all these tunes. Thanks for your music, rest in peace.


Mika Vainio: Mannerlaatta 2xLP (clear)

Mika Vainio - Mannerlaatta

Few months ago I purchased Pan Sonic’s soundtrack album for Mika Taanila’s film “Atomin Paluu” and here we have another soundtrack for another film. This time we are talking about Mika Vainio’s (other part of the Pan Sonic) soundtrack for Taanila’s new film “Mannerlaatta” (A Tectonic Plate). Well, this is minimal, electronic & experimental, what else we could expect? Yet another masterpiece from this pioneer of minimal electronic music. Taanila’s film is a feature-length Lettrist film, made entirely without a camera and who else could have done soundtrack for it than Vainio? This clear version of the vinyl is limited to 250 pieces and still available from Boomkat. Nice work, like always,



Kentolevi: Keimola E.P. 12″


Lately I’ve been purchasing releases where Mika Vainio has been involved and here’s one again. Back in the days I had this “Keimola E.P.” by one of Vainio’s aliases, Kentolevi, but I sold it years ago (probably because I needed money for beer or something..). After ordering that Pan Sonic’s latest release I decided to go after other Vainio releases and then I found this “promotional” copy of Keimola E.P. from Discogs. As shown in the picture above, cover has some wear but that’s not important when the vinyl is in perfect condition. Awesome release, awesome purchase. I’m a happy man, again.



Pan Sonic: Atomin Paluu (A Film Soundtrack) 2xLP


Haha.. Surprisingly I had to purchase this. Latest from Pan Sonic, my all-time-favourite experimental-electronic-group. Atomin Paluu (Return of the Atom) is a soundtrack for a document film about world biggest nuclear reactor Olkiluoto 3 (building started in 2005 and is still going on) located here in Finland. The whole project has been a giant failure..

With this recording, Väisänen & Vainio once again proofs that Pan Sonic is and will be one of the most powerful minimalistic electronic duo existed. I bought my copy along that Gagarin Kombinaatti compilation from Norman Records but you can grab this for example from Forced Exposure (US) and even Walmart is selling vinyl copies :D

And here’s the trailer of this film..



Ø: Kantamoinen 2xLP (transparent blue)


Ha! At last this one is available on vinyl. Ø, better know as Mika Vainio and his third album under this alias. I have been preaching about this gentleman’s influence on my music taste since I started this blog and it’s obvious that I will never stop it. Of course I also realize that this kind of experimental music is way too odd for some but that is really not my problem. Available via Boomkat (initial copies on transparent blue vinyl). Great thing that I noticed about Boomkat’s shipping alternatives is that they now offer more secure packaging alternative if you are ready to pay little extra. Niice! Recommended album, surprise!



Michael Tanner: Suite For Psaltery And Dulcimer LP


And after blackened, doomed, stoned, psyched records it’s time to sit down and let these atmospheric soundscapes to ease your mind. Latest release from Michael Tanner aka Plinth is filled with ambient, drone, experimental & minimalist folk tunes carrying you some distant place where you can rest your troubled mind. Beautiful record. Limited to 300 copies and sold out from the source, Kit Records but seems that Norman Records & Juno both has some copies available to purchase.. beauty.



Mika Vainio: Life (…It Eats You Up) 2xLP

mika vainio

Haa.. my obsession to Panasonic / Pan Sonic / Ø / Philus / Tekonivel / Kentolevi etc. everything that has something to do with Mika Vainio forces me to purchase releases like this one. After all hearing Panasonic (Mika Vainio / Ilpo Väisänen) first time twenty years ago changed my perception of music in general. That twenty-years old indie-hipster (former metalhead) experienced a heavenly intervention while hearing Panasonic’s Vakio for the first time. I was totally sold, it was an album that changed everything. This album is as brilliant as everything Vanio has done and will do, period. This album is all about abstract, minimal, experimental electronic music. I love it (you don’t have to). Available for example from Bleep.



Phil Collins: My Heart’s In My Hand, And My Hand Is Pierced, And My Hand’s In The Bag, And The Bag Is Shut, And My Heart Is Caught 2xLP (green/red)

phil collins

Phil Collins yes, but not that one.This is a strange collaboration/compilation of ambient, electronical, kraut, experimental, industrial, etc.. music with artists like Pye Corner Audio, Heroin In Tahiti, Demdike Stare, David Sylvian just to name few. Strange record but some how very beautiful record. If you are interested to know more about this project I suggest you to visit Nero magazine. First pressing was limited to 500 copies and when it sold out there came 2nd pressing, identical to first one (hah hah.. for everyone who thought there was money to make by selling these on ebay etc.) Available from Forced Exposure (US) and from les presses du réel (ROW). Recommended stranger.

Cio D’Or: All In All 2xLP (clear)

uuhMinimal.. This one I picked up from that usual place, post office, yesterday. Some strange way this release reminds of those times I found Panasonic and electronic music. I came across with this album via OMG Vinyl, blog I have been reading years, and that’s the place you should follow too. This double album on this colorway is limited to 100 copies and there’s some still left on Semantica’s BandCamp site for you to purchase!


Bing & Ruth: Tomorrow Was The Golden Age 2xLP (hmm.. colored)


This double album by Bing & Ruth also arrived few days ago. I don’t really know what version this is because as far as I know the other disc should be on purple vinyl (so is this repress or what? I honestly thought that I was purchasing colored version with one purple and one blue disc..). Interesting. Yep, and about the music on these discs, this is minimal, classical ambient. Music for late evenings and like so many other records, this needs headphones to get all out of these tunes. Colored version of this record is limited to 100 copies and it’s sold out (and I mean the version with blue & purple discs), this version I got is probably some kind of mutated repress or something.. or maybe this is just a regular version of this album, don’t know. Beautiful record anyways. Available (regular one) from RVNG and Anost, for example.


Lviv: Transmission One LP


And yet another one from Low Point. Actually this has been on my BandCamp wishlist for a while and like that Apalusa album, I got this on half price. Even though I don’t know anything about ambient/drone “genre” I find this album quite beautiful, love these tunes and sounds this lovely black disc is providing. I can picture myself listening this via headphones while watching the city lights on the balcony.. Limited to 200 copies and available from Low Point. Lovely one.

Black Thread: Sipping Sapphire 5″ lathe


I know, this little one might be too much for some but I find these releases by Black Thread fascinating.. There’s some kind of deep sadness, longing for some distance place/time embracing this little one. This is minimal/ambient/experimental/droned/looped/beautiful.. hard to describe. I could listen this continuously. This limited release (20 copies) is sold out now, and I’m very happy that I purchased one. Surely I’m going to purchase every future releases from this artist. Precious little one indeed.

The Sly and Unseen & Caught In The Wake Forever: Summer Passes / Evidence Of Fractures LP (black)

Sly and Unseen

Even though I’m still pissed of (you can see why from my previous post).. This awesome split album saved my day (more like whole week). Beautiful release,  folk and very strange minimal, droned sounds or whatever but surely sounds awesome. This is limited to 100 copies so if you are after something different, beautiful, touching just purchase this one. There’s something very magical here.. Really glad that I came across with this album. In this case a sound paints a thousand words (and memories..). Still available from Rural Colours.

Pan Sonic: Oksastus 2xLP (white)

pan sonic

Uuuh.. it was year 1995 and this band (those days known as Panasonic) blew my mind with their debut album, Vakio. With that record I took my first steps towards electronic music, ice breaker. I even saw them live once and it was mind-blowing experience (very confusing and pressing, in best possible way). And now here comes their live album, Oksastus. This came from Boomkat today and I’m excited, once again. For me this is electronic music at its best. Experimental, abstract and some might say weird and obscure. So what, I’m still in love with their music. This is limited to 300 copies on white vinyl and available from Kvitnu. Highly recommended!!

Pitreleh: Pitreleh LP (art edition, clear)


This came today. Collaboration of Duane Pitre & ELEH and sounds quite nice. Important Records has been releasing very interesting records lately and I have noticed that. About this record, chilling ambient/drone and perfect for listening with your headphones on. I Like this one (as I like so many other records). This is available from Important Records (art edition is limited to 300 copies and costs $30), but you can also purchase regular version from the same source, Important (regular is limited to 700 copies).

Snakepiss: Toil 12″


Oh, I was horrified when I picked this up from the Post office today.. package looked like it has been used as a Frisbee. With rising blood pressure and red in my eyes I opened the package and found this one in it..


..twelve-inch EP and cover with bends, bumbs, paint etc.. and then I realized that this is just how it should look like! Brilliant! This is awesome EP from Snakepiss and the cover itself tells its own story, very dark story. In my opinion awesome dark ambient/eletronic release, frightening. I bought this from Chambray records BandCamp site.This awesome EP with hand-painted sleeve is limited to 100 copies, I just recommend you to pick a copy if you like hiding in the dark..


snakepiss toil