Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones: Astrild Astrild 2xLP (green/grey merge)


And here’s one of my favourite Denovali artists, Dale Cooper Quartet & Dictaphones and their latest full-length “Astrild Astrild”. Actually I missed this totally when it was announced but hopefully I found a copy via Discogs (and got this near original prize). This is my fifth album from this group and still I love their modern-cool jazz-classical music. It’s this atmosphere here on these albums I’m in love. This album was released on green/grey merge (limited to 150 copies), on red (limited to 150 copies) and on regular black vinyl. As you can guess, those colored variations are long gone but you still can get that regular version from example from the source, Denovali. Recommended one!


The Caretaker: Everywhere At The End Of Time – Stage 2 LP (blue)

the caretakerOX


Breaking the silence with this new one from The Caretaker. This is the second album from the series of six albums. Surely I know that this kind of music ain’t for everyone (dark ambient, classical, experimental) but it’s close to perfect if you ask me. I still remember hearing The Caretaker for the first time, I think it was via Boomkat because I immediately ordered a copy of  “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World”. Those soundscapes on that album were so familiar.. And suddenly I realized one film with similar music on the background of few scenes.. If you listen carefully, you might hear what I’m hearing..

Awesome record once again from The Caretaker (Leyland Kirby) and surely I’m going after those upcoming records. You can listen/purchase first two albums (digital versions) from this series via BandCamp. f you are after physical copies and don’t want to pay those Discogs prizes I suggest you to check out Forced Exposure (US), they seem to have some copies (on black wax) of available. Recommended!


Christoph Berg: Conversations LP


For you to know, I still love to listen some ambient/modern classical/electronic music even though lately this blog has been full of stoner/doom/psych/space/rock/whatever posts. I have aways been a huge fan of releases by Sonic Pieces, these handmade cardboard/textile packaging & beautiful records from awesome artists. Latest release is this from Christoph Berg (aka Field Rotation). I have been following his recording history since 2011 and still I love these records, still I love to listen to these tunes. My way to escape from this hectic world, put my headphones on and let these tunes embrace. Sold out from various sources bu if you still fancy a copy, head straight to Anost (they still seem to hold some copies).


36: Tomorrow’s Explorers 12″


Starting this weekend with latest release by 36 called “Tomorrow’s Explorers”. Smooth modern classical, ambient tunes painting beautiful soundscapes. One of my favourite artist’s when talking about this genre. This twelve-inch is my 11th vinyl release from this artist.. so it’s quite obvious I kinda like these tunes. Tomorrow’s Explorers is limited to 250 copies. I thought this was already sold out but there’s still copies available from hhv.de

The Eye Of Time: ANTI LP (clear & black, color in color)

The Eye of Time

This The Eye of Time’s album was released about year and a half ago and I managed to purchase it just about a month ago. Third vinyl release by this french artist, Marc Euvrie. Music on this album embrace the darkness, it’s a mixture of postrocking modern classical with ambient & drone.. I was stoked about his previous album “Acoustic” and I love this one. It is strange to note that, this album reminds me of the movie “The Thin Red Line”.. Don’t actually know why. This is still available from Denovali on clear/black (150 pcs) and on regular black vinyl (350 pcs). For your information, The Eye of Time’s newest one (MYTH I : A Last Dance For The Things We Love) is up for you to preorder in this very moment at Denovali.

There’s not some other world out there where everything’s gonna be okay. There’s just this one, just this rock” – The Thin Red Line


Midori Hirano: Minor Planet LP


Today is a great day to listen this latest Sonic Pieces’ release, Minor Planet by Midori Hirano. Never heard about this artist before and this is what I love about Sonic Pieces, they always manage to surprise me. This Midori Hirano’s album sounds beautiful, it’s an album filled with ambient elements, some may call it modern classical, experimental electronics is what I say. Anyways, I really hope to hear from this Japanese artist in future just because this album surely leaves a mark on my blackened soul. Haunting beauty, limited to 450 copies. I really suggest you to grab a copy while you still can. Available from various locations and here’s some of those places, Anost, Norman Records, Sonic Pieces (at this very moment their site is down because of overload of recent orders)


Jóhann Jóhannsson With Hildur Guðnadóttir & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: End Of Summer LP (silver)


Soundtrack for the film, End of Summer. This record arrived few weeks ago but I haven’t had a time to listen it until now. And it sounds.. beautiful, in my opinion. Thing with these soundtracks is that you either like them or not, it’s that simple. I bought this for a reason, and I really like these soundscapes. There is this version on silver-colored vinyl (limited to 200 copies) and regular black wax version available. Boomkat seems to have some black copies available, Anost still have both versions.


Niels Mori: Aftonland LP


If you like classical, modern classical played with piano this might be the one you want to purchase. Thanks to retter for this one, once again (I’m spying this gentleman via BandCamp). Really awesome little record from Niels and I’m very, very happy to own this beautiful record (limited to 99 copies according to BandCamp) and I really hope to hear more from this artist. Just check out this one and if you like what you hear, go for it (like I did)! .

Ben Chatwin: The Sleeper Awakes LP

ben chatwin

And finally I managed to get a decent copy of this record on my hands (had those problems with damaged packages earlier..). Anyway, this is Chatwin’s first release under his own name (he is better know from his project called Talvihorros) and surprisingly I did not hesitate purchasing this after I listened few tunes from the album. mesmerizing modern classical/drone album indeed. If I remember right this album is limitd to 500 copies (correct me if I’m wrong) and available for example from Boomkat (EU) & Forced Exposure (US). Recommended one.

Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith: The Line Across LP


If you like to listen drone,  improvised, experimental modern classic music then you can’t go wrong with this album. These two gentlemen, Davis on clarinet & Smith on guitar, manages to create fascinating soundscapes with their beloved instruments. Beautiful record, limited to 500 copies and still available from alt.vinyl

I bought my copy from Discogs seller and if you look closer the picture above, you can see why I was little disappointed when this copy arrived. Top right corner of the cover was badly damaged and it can be seen on the picture even though I tried to fix it (cover, not the picture). I should have bought this straight from the source..



Egisto Macchi: Nucleo Centrale Investigativo LP (on white vinyl + 7″)


And another awesome repress from Cinedelic, outstanding “Nucleo Centrale Investigativo” from that same gentleman, Egisto Macchi. Soundtrack from some Italian police TV series from 1974.. Hell yeah! Action music as it says on the label of that seven-inch. Experimental/abstract/classical music.. from 1974 (damn, I wasn’t even born yet). Limited to 400 numbered copies and 100 of those are pressed on white vinyl. Available from Cinedelic (quality release indeed).

p.s. Cinedelic also knows how to package records for  shipping, I really appreciate that!

Moon Ate The Dark: Moon Ate The Dark I + II 2xLP

moon ate the dark

Hey, this is a good one (if you like experimental classical stuff). Released by Sonic Pieces and on this double vinyl there actually are two different albums (I + II) combined.  This is limited to 350 copies and it seems to be sold out everywhere. I really love this series of records with handmade cardboard/textile packaging that Sonic Pieces is releasing.. beautiful records. Recommended!