hmm.. just noticed that I have started collecting items from certain record companies.. more or less

Everybody who have visited this blog knows my strange obsession for records released by Denovali. I can’t resist purchasing every single record they are putting out (well, of course there are some items I have missed..). It’s all about the quality, and services this record company provides (and awesome artists). Simple as that.

Now it seems that there are some other record companies walking this same path.

cardinal fuzz

Cardinal Fuzz, awesome label releasing psychedelic etc. stuff (missing few items, but I try to get them all, eventually)

Important Records

Important Records, hmmm.. one of my favorite labels, it’s a pity that I did not find this record company earlier.. (Impossible to get all stuff they have released but I try to get all upcoming ones)

Then there are these few other companies: Mondo, RidingEasy Records, STB Records, Facture, Fuzz Club, Blackest Rainbow, Sonic Pieces.. list is endless.

And then there is the one and the only, Denovali

denovali collection

I think that I’ll try to collect every single item Denovali has released (vinyl & colored, as limited as possible).

Now I’m going to take a week off and travel in the middle of the forest hoping that when I arrive there will be a great pile of records waiting for me at home :D


lazy cat


John Carpenter: Halloween 2xLP (translucent orange with black splatter) and once again.. with NICE seam splits!


Got this today, and now I have to say that I’m not happy at all. Some time ago I wrote here on my blog about the other version (version A) of this soundtrack and how disappointed I was when it came seam splitted.. With this version I sent email that could they remove shrink-wrap etc.. and send records taken out of the cover blah blah blah.. And this is what I got (version B).


Shrink wrapped album, once again and nice seam splits…


I’m kind of pissed of because these albums were not cheap to order here over the ocean.. Oh and just to remind, here is a pictures of version A I got earlier..